Megan Thee Stallion Previews New Single ‘B.I.T.C.H’ [Listen]

Published: Thursday 16th Jan 2020 by Sam

Megan Thee Stallion is wasting no time driving the boat of buzz for new single ‘B.I.T.C.H.’

For, fresh from announcing the single, the rising Rap star has shared a lengthy snippet of what fans can expect when the song drops on January 24th. 

Take a listen after the jump…

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B.I.T.C.H 1/24 🐾

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Tis sounding like a whole bop!

Is Hot Girl Meg bringing the heat? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chyle of Destiny! January 16, 2020

    All her stuff is starting to sound the same…she is coming off very 1 dimensional now…

  2. Meme January 16, 2020

    I’m over her. I’m sure there are plenty out there that will love this. For me, there’s no artistry there in nothing she does.

    • Are You Kidding Me? January 16, 2020

      Rihanna would song fire on Megan’s Good At. She does switch up her style and has 2 distinct styles of rapping.

  3. Fancy BISH January 16, 2020

    She about to rap, “I’d rather be your B.I.T.C.H.” just like Pac on All Eyez On Me! This is already better than Cold Girl Summer lol

  4. You Tried January 16, 2020

    She posted this so long ago….

  5. AriRihNaj January 16, 2020

    She is the female Juicy J

    • Tori January 16, 2020

      Nah. I wouldn’t put her in that category, Juicy J has to be one of the absolute worst rappers to ever get behind a mic! At least she ride a beat, he always rapped like a 5 year old who didn’t know too many words! I hated him so much ?????

  6. Drinkmybussyjuice January 16, 2020

    I love her but this will ho nowhere

  7. Paulo January 16, 2020

    I like Megan but I’m not that impressed by this snippet. *plays Jamelia’s B.I.T.C.H.*

  8. Clarks0oñ January 16, 2020

    Just like diamonds with normani, this will flop.

    She is not a musician, she’s a personality.

    • A&R January 16, 2020

      Eek. This was harsh but has validity. I think it’s in her but she has to work and be open minded to evolving her style.

      • Jam January 17, 2020

        this annoying FlopMila stan just is excited for an excuse to s*** on Normani. he or she doesn’t really care about Megan, but just threw in this shade about Diamonds to dig at Normani. It’s really pathetic.

  9. WokeWoke January 16, 2020

    Trash. This is a disgrace to feminism. Shake your ass, rap about p**** and you can be a star. Unfortunately, today’s youth thinks this is art….

    • You Tried January 17, 2020

      Art is subjective

  10. High Price January 16, 2020

    Uuh… idk… I’m not sure.. I got to hear the whole thing.

  11. Dc January 16, 2020

    Her flabby ass ???

    • Lanafan1 January 17, 2020

      And still looks better than you lol

  12. Always January 16, 2020

    I like it, can’t wait to hear the full song.

  13. Dc January 16, 2020

    Y’all gotta realize she’s signed to a small no name record label that probably has small budget her songs sound like cheap generic crap

    • JAY BEE January 17, 2020

      She signed to roc nation

    • jan January 17, 2020


  14. Sean January 16, 2020

    Megan Thee Stallion? More like One Trick Pony

    • Only Facts January 16, 2020


  15. Only Facts January 16, 2020

    I kinda like it…but I don’t see it flying up the charts. This is like summer cookout music that’s playing while everyone is eating but not paying attention. I can bust a twerk to this from what I hear

  16. funty January 16, 2020

    girl didnt even make an album or a hit and her flow still the same……i feel bad for her cause this aint workin in her favor….

  17. A&R January 16, 2020

    I think we also have to consider that we really haven’t had a mainstream Deep South female rapper. She legit sound totally different from any major female rapper out and has been out. That scene has been dominated by the East coast. The Deep South female rappers that did glazed mainstream didn’t sound like Megan. That’s Trina, The Bray and…..??‍♂️ The rest were one hit wonders. Shawna had promise. Rasheda somewhat did too… but Megan is the first with this sound that is breaking into A-List status. No lie, it’s hard for me to digest and I’m from the Deep South. I just hope she plays with her flow And tone more.

    • Dc January 17, 2020

      Who says Megan is mainstream with no top ten hits she’s not crossover at all

  18. Are You Kidding Me? January 16, 2020

    I like it. I hate the trap sound and she has a fun summer vibe that I love.

    Say what you want, but she knows how to flow with a beat. This does not sound like a Cardi, Nicki or even Lil Kim song.

    It’s 90s and I am here for it. Nobody cares what you autotuned-poptart stanning queens who are tonedeaf stream.

    • Dc January 17, 2020

      U here for it but will flop like Diamonds ????

  19. Ropeburn January 17, 2020

    Phew! This video smell like a dingy strip club!

  20. SNF January 17, 2020

    The same song over and over again…

  21. Dc January 17, 2020

    Diamonds number 152 iTunes dammmmmmmmm it flopped

  22. Sweetnothings78 January 18, 2020

    She reminds me of Khia….

  23. PinotNoir January 18, 2020

    Wanna stand out?

    Bring vulnerability to rap!

    Hardcore femrap is so wack, only Remy pulls it off credibly.

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