Christina Aguilera Soars With Emotional ‘Ave Maria’ Performance At Kobe Bryant Memorial [Video]

Published: Monday 24th Feb 2020 by Sam

Christina Aguilera was one of many in the building at the Staples Center who paid tribute to Kobe Bryant at his memorial.

The songbird’s offering came in the form of song, when she took vocal flight with a touching performance of ‘Ave Maria.’

Her rendition was was performed in Italian and was watched by Bryant’s family, colleagues, friends, and fans. As well as millions watching live online.

Re-live her emotional salute to Kobe and his daughter Gianna below…

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  1. Pu$$YPopstress February 24, 2020

    i just knew this was gonna be a screamfest but i was pleasantly surprised. thank you xtina for showing restraint and respect for the viewers and audience members.

    • Gworl Bye February 24, 2020

      Clearly you know absolutely nothing about singing or vocals. Xtina never puts on a “screaming match”, she has a naturally powerful voice. So STFU.

      • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 24, 2020

        No girl. She screams outside her natural range and damages, strains and dries out her vocal chords. She screams.

    • LoveNation February 24, 2020

      Xtina can sing. Love her

    • BadgalRiri February 24, 2020

      She sings it from the heart, beautiful voice

    • G-Mm February 25, 2020

      Christina can still sing mellow. For example, her song with “A Great Big World” entitled “Say Something” a top charting single where Xtina doesn’t really belt high notes. Just soft, beautiful and mellow tone.

    • HavanaONana February 25, 2020


  2. Jeans February 24, 2020

    Why did the camera man pan to Beyonce once xtina started singing? Ugh. People can be so messy.

    • Pu$$yPopstress February 24, 2020

      I totally agree

      I guess maybe because she had a cover of the song

      Still wack of him to do so

    • Gworl Bye February 24, 2020

      So you conveniently forgot that beyonce has thrown shade at Xtina’s singing in the past, the cameraman was only acknowledging beyonce’s messiness and insecurlty.

      • Gworl Bye February 24, 2020


      • ChristinasVocalChords February 24, 2020

        What did Beyonce say about Xtina? Never knew this.

      • BeyhiveUnlimited February 24, 2020

        This was some unnecessary shade and nonsensical at that. Beyoncé has had an Opera singer for a vocal coach for years and she obviously knows very well how to sing. I will leave it at that.

    • only facts February 24, 2020

      Agreed. That was Wendy Williams cameramen messy.

      • LoveNation February 24, 2020

        Lol @onlyfacts. Damn Wendy Williams cameraman ???

    • lxo February 24, 2020

      Well Beyonce is a Christina fan and she opened for her tour back in the day. They like each other.

      • LoveNation February 24, 2020

        Yeah i think so, that was during destiny child days and Christina Aguilera was one her peak like Ariana Grande now lol

    • I love big black c** February 24, 2020

      It’s not always bout Beyoncé!!! No shade but Xtina’s vocal outshines her anytime anyday! U sensitive b-I-t-c-h

      • He Took Me Back to East Atlanta Nanana February 24, 2020

        I agree on this one

    • LoveNation February 24, 2020

      I was also thinking about that. They make it very shady like they have beef to each other or something.

    • BadgalRiri February 24, 2020

      Very shady
      Beyonce and Xtina are ♥️♥️

  3. Cûûmila Cebolla February 24, 2020

    Hope Beyoncé takes notes on how to be a real vocalist

    • Gworl Bye February 24, 2020

      Lol she won’t. Her roaches have her thinking that her vocals are on level with Whitney’s when in reality she can barely keep up with Xtina. LMFAO.

    • LoveNation February 24, 2020

      Omg lol. The beyhive are going to be mad at your comment.

    • Taryn February 25, 2020


  4. IG: mixedboy February 24, 2020

    Sounds beautiful ?

  5. Pat February 24, 2020

    She killed it. Great placements and belts

  6. lxo February 24, 2020

    Christina Aguilera is really a good singer. She sang so beautifully that touched me to the heart. I cried.

    • BadgalRiri February 24, 2020


  7. village people February 24, 2020

    I saw Xtina way back in 2003 on her Dirrty tour, and between her tacky costumes and white girl dreds, stripper-style dance moves and hand painted sets, I can’t, with integrity, say the show was better than On The Run. On The Run is by far the sleekest, most professional and engaging show I’ve ever seen. But Xtina, bless her assless chaps, managed to do something Beyoncé can’t: she connected.

    • 012Online February 24, 2020

      Her Experience Tour in Vegas is good. I watched it few months ago. She’s a good singer.

      • Demi Lovato February 24, 2020


  8. joint888 February 24, 2020

    Christina is awesome. Good performance. That’s dope feel the energy super strong.

  9. JS February 24, 2020

    Beyoncé listening carefully and taking singing lessons lol but Xtina should do Lift Me Up, her best rendition

    • BeyhiveUnlimited February 24, 2020

      Lol beyonce probably listening to see if there is any problem with pitch or tone

    • Candyman February 24, 2020

      Lift Me Up would been perfect!!!! That song fit her voice perfectly

      • Demi Lovato February 24, 2020

        I love that song. #Bionic #LiftMeUp

  10. Candyman February 24, 2020

    The Queen ? The Voice ?hands down one of the greatest singer of our generation, our time, our ears will ever have the pleasure of hearing?

    • BadgalRiri February 24, 2020

      Yassss, talk that talk to me

  11. isabella February 24, 2020

    She was amazing!! RIP Kobe, Gianna and everyone who lost their lives <3

  12. Susie S February 24, 2020

    The orchestra is drowning her out a bit. Still a touching moment though.

    • 012Online February 24, 2020

      Susie, I thought so too.. I thought it was a little loud, especially with the choir for Beyoncé’s performances too.

    • Klara N February 24, 2020

      Yeah I noticed it too

  13. 012Online February 24, 2020

    The first note in the orchestry sound like “beautiful”!! Love xtina ?

  14. Brianna February 24, 2020

    chills everywhere . beautiful ?

  15. Sierra mist February 24, 2020

    Ommg i cryyyyyy with her performance
    RIP Kobe and to others that passed away on that accident.

  16. Klara N February 24, 2020

    She sounded like an angel. Just perfection ?

  17. Alexi February 24, 2020

    She’s all about big and strong vocals , that’s what she loves to do. However , I appreciate the soothing and warm vocals approach she took on this performance.

  18. LoveNation February 24, 2020

    2:00 ?❤❤

  19. LalaLove February 24, 2020

    Great performance ?

  20. LalaLove February 24, 2020

    How come in this site that there’s always a lot of comments and pings when the topic is all about Camila, Taylor, Nicki, Normani and Cardi B
    I’m not used to it. This used to be Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, Xtina or Pink site. Lol
    Lots have changed

    • Shayla Queen ? February 24, 2020

      Because they are some old broads now, sweetie. Times change.

      • LalaLove February 24, 2020

        Looks to me ThatgrapeJuice became Camila Cabello fansite. Look at comments on article about her. They should change the name to or That lol

  21. LalaLove February 24, 2020

    You guys tried it but Xtina and Aguilera like each other.

    • Break Free February 24, 2020

      You mean Xtina and yonce? Lol

  22. xoxoAlexi February 24, 2020

    Xtina is the voice of our generation

    • Break Free February 24, 2020

      I love her new album Liberation. It’s under rated but good quality.?

  23. Liberation February 24, 2020

    She performed latin version, not Spanish. She gave a simple but wonderful performance.

    • Break Free February 24, 2020

      Yes it’s latin. They confirmed it in foxnews

  24. Break Free February 24, 2020

    I miss the Genie in A Bottle, Come on over/ What a girl Wanted ,I turned to you era of Christina Aguilera. I’m streaming it still?

  25. Taryn February 24, 2020

    The best rendition of Ave Maria I’ve heard from a pop star. She sounds so angelic and has the incredible and one of a kind ability to tell a story through song. Bravo!

    • Demi Lovato February 24, 2020

      Yes I agree with that

  26. Kiki February 24, 2020

    Very well done Xtina!
    Nothing extra just extraordinary vocals and teqnick

  27. BadgalRiri February 24, 2020

    I’m living for Xtina. She looks good for her age, very youthful. She is genuinely happy in her life. She might not be on her prim e or peak bit hey you k ow she already rich and has iconic mega hits on her catalogue..

  28. Demi Lovato February 24, 2020


  29. Demi Lovato February 24, 2020

    Simply amazingly beautiful our Queen Christina Aguilera ❤❤❤?????????

  30. He Took Me Back to East Atlanta Nanana February 24, 2020

    Nice performance ??????

  31. HavanaONana February 25, 2020

    on this week’s #Hot100:

    #25, My Oh My ft.
    (new peak)
    #32, Señorita w/

    #59, South of the Border w/

  32. HavanaONana February 25, 2020

    Congrats Christina Aguilera ??????


    ‘Romance’ has now over 2 billion streams on Spotify. This is
    @Camila_Cabello’s 2nd album to do so.

  33. Taryn February 25, 2020

    What an amazing performance, Christina.

    • G-Mm February 25, 2020

      Her voice is out of this world

  34. Trè February 25, 2020

    woooow im very impressed that she didn’t do the most like she normally does this was great

  35. Kimberly March 5, 2020

    First of all praises to the good Lord. Rest in Peace Kobe Bean Bryant and those who lost their lives. Christina did an excellent performance and justice to Ava Maria.Thank You Lakers Nation I am beyond amazing by how organized Kobe’s memorial was. God Bless and don’t forget Team USA 2020

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