Ouch! Chaka Khan Slammed For “Butchering” U.S. National Anthem at NBA All-Star Game [Watch]

Published: Sunday 16th Feb 2020 by Rashad

Queen of Funk Chaka Khan royally showed up and out at her hometown of Chicago’s United Center when she took to the 2020 NBA All-Star Game to deliver a rousing rendition of the U.S. national anthem (February 16).

Her a capella performance, which followed the tear-jerking Kobe Bryant tribute delivered by Academy and Grammy Award-winning diva Jennifer Hudson (click here to watch), didn’t exactly score the unanimous praise of Hudson’s showing as Khan’s twist on the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ was met with mixed results.

While some took to social media to salute the legendary songstress (known for a career of flexing soaring vocals), others did not appreciate her gospel-inspired take on the historic tune.

Drawing comparisons to Pop singer Fergie‘s frightful rendition at 2018’s edition of the same event (click here to watch), see Chaka inside and weigh in:

Twitter responses below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 16, 2020

    She did great and it was sang in Chaka Fashion.

  2. Erica February 16, 2020

    It definitely was different

  3. TT February 16, 2020

    Chaka Khan can do and sing as she pleases.

  4. Chillitsjustpizza February 16, 2020

    It was Chaka. That is all

  5. Interac February 16, 2020

    There were some god moments in there.

  6. Ari February 16, 2020

    She just needed music to back her up

  7. Clarks0oñ February 16, 2020

    Did yall watch normani’s pre game performance

    They are dragging her on Twitter

    She doesnt know how to sing

  8. Steve February 16, 2020

    Chaka can sing but this wasn’t pleasant to listen to…at…all.

  9. Paulo February 16, 2020

    She toyed too much with the melody to the point it felt like a different song. I see why people are upset. Legendary vocals still there tho

  10. Sweetnothings78 February 17, 2020

    Nothing like Fergies lol
    Chaka did it and sounded beautiful.

    My all time favourite to watch if I’m having a bad day is Glen Close’s. Absolutely has me howling and crying every damn time.

    • Paulo February 17, 2020

      Had to Google it and damn Glenn! Her voice cracked BAD on the head voice note. Guess you can’t win on all fronts

    • Just Sayin’ February 17, 2020

      Lol I was wsiting for someone to mention Fergie??

  11. The f*** would whitney say February 17, 2020

    Put fantasia up……

    Chaka Khan did a song with brandy

    Gladis night did a song with brandy

    Wanye Morris did a song with brandy
    C late, queen latifa, Tony Bennett but fantasia said………. Noooooe to jasmine n brandy

    Why she a self hater…. Who are you to tell brandy no….

    • The f*** would whitney say February 17, 2020

      Chaka Khan Vs Jennifer Hudson

      why you explain it like that like Jennifer Hudson that’s the same thing you did to Whitney Houston before she died…Chaka lost her voice, Jennifer was better. Whitney had a sore throat damn…. She was Whitney Houston

  12. larry and colleen mcpolin February 18, 2020

    after hearing that wonderfull rendition of oh canada my wife and i could not believe what a horrible job shaka kahn did on our national anthem!!! next time please get someone that can sing!!!!!!

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