Rihanna Reveals The Making Of…Her Book

Published: Friday 14th Feb 2020 by Sam

Rihanna may have the world at large thirsting for new music, but that hasn’t halted the acceleration of her other projects.

Case in point her coffee table book.

Five years in the making, the photo focussed set was launched last October (with the most premium version of costing $2000).

Want to see how it was pieced together? RiRi has unwrapped a close-up look at the process of making ‘The Rihanna Book.’

Head below to watch…

Perhaps the album next?

Your thoughts?

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  1. No sir not today sir February 14, 2020

    I don’t know who this is going around saying camilas the new rihanna..buut don’t ever compare that crooked face flop mutt to rih
    your fave could/ wont/cant


    • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

      Camila is this generation’s Rihanna, cry about it.

      Their stories are similar.
      Both are immigrants
      Both have unique distinctive voices
      Both are exotic beauties
      Both incorporate their latino/island/raggeaton sound into their music.

      • No sir February 14, 2020

        Stfu you don’t even beileve that lie. Camilas hanging on a very thin strand and its obvious.. she cant even get a hit Without a more popular rap feature..also rih has CONSISTENT BACK TO BACK #1s Camltoe Ugly crooked horse face Ass will NEVERRR

      • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

        Never be the same say hi.
        No features.
        U are angry cause their similarities are so obvious . Immigrants, unique voices, exotic beauties, incorporate their culture into their music.

        It took Rihanna 7 whole albums to get a number 1 album.
        Camila has had back to back number 1’s summer hits
        2018- havana, never be the say
        2019- seniorita
        2020- ?

        Dont worry, with time u will eventually agree.

        Ask ur self when has Clarkson ever been wrong,
        I have predicted the outcome of several scenarios.

      • Johny5 February 15, 2020

        Delusion is so real.

    • No sir February 14, 2020

      but she DOES indeed have that to her credit…most of her other albums before her first nom1 album debuted at least top 3..along with her16#1s ( iconic music ) something
      camila will NEVER have to her credit..alsoo camila has no back to back hits just a few forgettable mediocre songs with rent a rapper features? Sure but keep it cute.. shall i remind you of how many singles the horse released that didn’t even top bb 100? Also ALL of her nom1s are features and lack any staying power to break any records/last long on the charts…
      Longevity doesn’t know this girl..
      Rihanna would NEVER flop that hard lool not even young rih so gtfo with that.
      Camila will be nothing more than a fad..give her about 3 more years??
      Rihannas an

      Camilla is NONE of the sort..gay boyfriends and all having that weird long crooked Face and alll doesn’t equal RIHANNA status success Stop being a delusional f*****

      • No sir February 14, 2020

        Also rihanna has GRAMMY’S’
        Camel has NONE lol only nominated..
        She couldn’t even win
        A green card Grammy which oesnt equal a REAL grammy but she might if been a nudge closer ???? almost never counts camila is almost

      • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

        It took Rihanna how many albums to get a grammy nomination?
        Rihanna won her first grammy on her 3rd album

        Camila got 2 grammy nominations on her first album.
        Camila second album also has 1 grammy nominations.

        I am not comparing Camila to rihanna
        I said Camila is this generation’s Rihanna.
        Their stories are similar.

        Camila is having a rocky 2nd era
        Rihanna had a rocky 2nd era also. She was nearly dropped.

        out of rihanna 16 number 1’s how many is she credited as a song writer.
        Only 3 or 4 , and she wasnt the lead song writer on the song. Lol
        She’s not getting those song writing royalty

        Unlike Camila who wrote 2 of her number 1’s
        Back to back hits
        2018- havana, never be the same
        2019- Seniorita
        2020- ?

        I am tired of repeating myself
        Many of u dont read

        Rihanna is miles ahead of Camila, as I said, I’m not comparing their achievements,
        Camila will achieve the same with time

        The similarities are there but yall are angry about it.
        Dont worry,

      • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

        Ur such a dumb àss

        The way u talk, as if Rihanna became a billionaire the 3rd year she entered the industry.
        As if she got those 16 number 1’s in her second era

        Camila is in her second era, everything ur saying is void.

  2. The f*** would whitney say February 14, 2020

    They are thirsting. For her music. Really the world didn’t know that

  3. Beylover February 14, 2020


    She giving y’all everything except an album!
    Thank god my girl gave the Hive 3 albums between 2018-2019 to keep us satisfied!

    • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 14, 2020

      Rihanna has more albums than beyonce though. Lol

    • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

      3 albums that did poorly and have been forgotten entirely by the public.

      Lion king album sold 300 copies in the uk.

      Who is listening to beyonce in 2020.

      Her songs are so dated
      Dated beats, dated video style, dated lyrics,

      None of her songs aged well.

    • Meme February 14, 2020

      And she could have kept all 3.

      • Beylover February 14, 2020

        Yet you still waiting on the album!

  4. Datred23 February 14, 2020

    International superstar! Look at the events she closes down people lining the streets to get in ! No cheap material either $2000 plus for that book wow she is getting her Fenty coin

  5. AnonymousTruth February 15, 2020

    It’s clear and has been clear Rihanna is over ‘music’ – she just into getting money in easier ways . Which is fair enough … if you’ve had 100 albums .. she most likely dreading the thought of touring too … her heart just doesn’t seem in it . So I’m predicting if a tour does come with this longgggggg awaited album , there’s going to be a lot of cancellations… Because she just doesn’t want to do it . Ya’ll our here trying to drag Beyoncé, but nobody can knock Beyoncé’s passion & work ethic . If I recall correctly Beyoncé had to encourage Rihanna to keep touring at one point when she wanted to stop … so you have Beyoncé to thank for that . Not to mention Rihanna’s whole aesthetic for her first two albums … thank you Beyoncé!

  6. BYISI February 15, 2020

    Why pay $200 for pictures you can find online and print yourself? Rihanna deserves this break she’s taking from music. Sis put out like 7 albums in 8 years! You have to be beyond delusional to compare Camilla to Rihanna. It’s crazy, TGJ deleted my comments telling the truth how Colin played the black community but continues to let that delusional troll run amok without any restraint!

  7. Deye February 15, 2020

    You can’t compare Rihanna to Camilla, Rihanna is building an Empire and you can’t stop her. Money wise and music wise even Beyonce knows this?? You can’t touch the Barbados Queen that it… Rihanna doesn’t need a man to make her money like Queen B we all know all that money is mostly made by her husband JayZ ..

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