Little Mix End ‘LM5’ Era With Surprise ‘Wasabi’ Video / Tease New Album

Published: Thursday 12th Mar 2020 by Sam

Little Mix are closing their ‘LM5’ album campaign with a bang.

For, moments ago, the British Pop quad unleashed the video for ‘Wasabi.’

A major fan-favorite, the track has racked up millions of plays – tallying more than most of the era’s official singles. Renewed buzz about the cut also came when it went viral on TikTok recently.

Now, as the ladies look to their next LP, they’ve obliged requests to give ‘Wasabi’ the shine it deserves. They said of its arrival:

SURPRISEEEE ? You didn’t think we’d leave you without a Wasabi video, right?! Filmed during #LM5TheTour last year…finishing the LM5 era the right way ? Watch! What’s that at the end though… ?⏰ #justice4wasabi

Check it out….


We’re not as taken by the song as the group’s fans, but we’re totally here for their hustle and collective commitment to delivering what their fans want. Even in the face of adversity.

As widely reported, the group has a much-publicised split from their label on the eve of the ‘LM5’ release – thus making for a “unique” era to say the least.

With that all in rearview, it looks like they are strutting on full stream to their next project. This is what flashed at the end of the vid above:

We’re buzzed? Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. I love big black c** March 12, 2020

    Sorry but PCD is back so y’all b-I-t-c-h-e-s can go hide for one more year. They are so lame and never made it to US.

    • Abel March 12, 2020

      Trump mandei it though…so who cares about USA? You can keep those 50 y.o s**** from PCD.

      • I love big black c** March 13, 2020

        Little losers can’t sing and can’t dance. Weak vocals!!! Just like c-u-m-I-la and normanly. PCD experienced huge success for just 2 albums which sold 54 millions.

    • Ugghh March 12, 2020

      Don’t nobody care about the PCD

    • C**-ila March 12, 2020

      F*ck U! PCD ARE GREAT!
      Little Mix respect them a lot, why are you two attacking a legendary band?
      That’s sad! Not many artists on their 40’s do what PCD can…

  2. PinotNoir March 12, 2020

    Globalism aka differentiation eradication aka cultural vulturism at its best. Black ballroom queens and sassy hood gurls can’t play your jolly ole white English selves for profit. So, why usurp their styles and mannerisms? Is it to borrow an “it” factor you lack, in hopes you’ll sell your way to maintaining white financial supremacy? Heck, even the song title is foreign to the monarchy. The most important question remains: since no chart will notice this band’s existence or split – why bother, girls? Hang it up!

    • Only Facts March 12, 2020

      LOL. You didn’t have to do my girls like that Pinot. I love you, and respect your opinion. I didn’t come to appreciate Little Mix until a year ago…now I love them. They’re seriously underrated. I agree they are lacking something to become mainstream, but they have a loyal fanbase. I think this album would’ve done better if they didn’t have the label drama. But will they ever crack the US? I doubt it..

      • PinotNoir March 13, 2020

        @ My Fax: you know I appreciate you big time. I have one visible ab and it’s courtesy of how you keep me loling here. ? Lil Mix need clothes for their message to be taken seriously, a British identity à la Spice Girls vs. a collage of Bey-Minaj sass, and a more Euro Dance-ish sound. Also, downsize the band into a trio so each girl gets more money … like Destiny’s Child. Bey may have a 5th grader’s vocabulary (per Wendy), but that stingy Virgo didn’t have the other girls fired to achieve tighter melodies. ? What make you of my lil mix pointers?

    • D March 12, 2020

      Mind BLOWN ? When you contextualise them like that…YIKES! Taking from the impoverished / underrepresented communities and profiting the white / Jewish label owners. Damn.

  3. Only Facts March 12, 2020

    If they were going to give us a video for this bop, they should have GIVEN US LIFE! This is low budget, lacks creativity, etc. I’m disappointed. This could’ve been their big hit in the US with it gaining traction on tik tok

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

      When would w******** get a big hit anywhere

      No number one in the UK
      No number one in the US

      Normani was the opening act for megan thee stallion at that NBA all star show.

      Normani has been out longer than megan but she’s the opening act for megan thee stallion.


      Normani has 2 whole top 10s but the bìtch is still opening for megan thee stallion who doesnt even have a top 10.

      Remember that time she performed love lies at a run down McDonald’s.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        Even ally brooke got a solo head lining tour before f*******

  4. 2bad2bme March 12, 2020

    We still don’t care for them.

  5. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez March 13, 2020

    Their hustle is cute and they always have bops on all their albums. I’m here for them x

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