Live Nation To Pause All Tours During Coronavirus Pandemic

Published: Thursday 12th Mar 2020 by David

Live Nation is doing its part to tackle the deadly Coronavirus.

Find out now below…

The live music giant has announced plans to pause each and every single one of the tours it has lined up until April to protect potential victims from contracting the illness at concerts.


The company has also advised its staff to work from home.


Billboard reports:

On a call, company executive told employees that March is generally a slow month and that Live Nation will re-evaluate the situation at the beginning of April with the goal of resuming touring in May or June.

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  1. Only Facts March 12, 2020

    I’m sure Canola Cabullshit is thrilled about this news seeing as her tour wa a FLOP!

    • ??? March 12, 2020

      lmaooooo i said the same thing, camiltoe is thanking the gods that c********** is covering up her megaflop tour lmfaoooooo

      • Nicky March 12, 2020


        MOM also falling down the charts

        Poor thing!

        Karma Karma Karma ?????

        We definitely love to see it. She really thought she would have a hit after that string of solo flops and flop album

        Normani. Brit Nomination. Rolling Stone Cover , no album out.

        Doja Cat. Effortless top Hit SOLO style

        Success with no Payola ??????

      • Only Facts March 12, 2020

        The girl has taken so many L’s this week. “My Oh My” being removed from some stations due to DaBaby’s alleged slapping incident, “My Oh My” falling down the charts, now her tour most likely being canceled (But, we all knew this would eventually happen…HitsDailyDouble exposed the tour as a flop last December). And she doesn’t even have her looks to fall back on.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

    A headliner of an arena tour, something slutmani will never have.

    Normani will always be an opening act

    If the tour is flopping, why did they announce 3 whole opening acts for the romance tour?

    .@Camila_Cabello has revealed that @PRETTYMUCH, @IAmTrevorDaniel & @AntKSaunders will join her as the opening acts of the North American leg of #TheRomanceTour. ?

    Damn, Camila carrying everybody along.

    Camila =headliner .
    This is her second head lining tour.
    Her first tour was sold out.

    Normani =opening act. She will continue to be the opening act for Arianna. Lol

    • Nicky March 12, 2020

      Opening Acts are used to sell tickets. Especially for those artists who are a struggle.

      3 opening acts?! ???????

      Artists like Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, etc don’t need opening acts


      • Nicky March 12, 2020

        Awwwww it’s so sad that Camicky can NEVER stand on her own two feet

        One opening act. I could understand.

        3 opening acts. ????

        Camickys Tour will likely be cancelled unless she gives away tickets. ????

        HDD says she’s a struggle.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        “Opening Acts are used to sell tickets.”

        Lol. U are dumber than @onlyflops.

        Yes people are gonna buy tickets because of an opening act who will perform on stage for only 5 minutes.

        Who is trevor daniel?
        When is pretty much?
        Who is ant Sanders?

        I cant even argue with u, ur dumber than @onlyflops. ????

        Normani will always be an opening act for Arianna Grande
        Even ally brooke got a head lining tour before slùtmani
        The jokes write them selves.

        Ally brooke dud better than normani on dancing with the stars

        Now ally brooke got a head lining tour before f*******


      • Nicky March 12, 2020

        Awwwww you did your homework

        I said artists don’t NEED not use.

        Just because they’ve used them doesn’t mean they need them.

        Camicky CLEARLY needs them. Her album has Flopped , her singles have flopped, and HDD says she’s a flop, and she was dropped from her label.

        Beyonce , Rihanna and Madonna have sold millions, multiple #1s. So yes. They don’t NEED opening acts.

        So so sorry. Take the L. Dummie. Learn to read.

        Now go track MOM fall on the charts.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

        Gurl just shut up and take ur L .

        “Artists like Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, etc don’t need opening acts”

        The clownery jumped out.
        Hold the L

        you are dumber than @onlyshìts

        Madoona rebel heart tour opening acts
        Idris Elba
        Amy Schumer

        MDMA tour opening acts

        Gurl take the L

        Camila is a big superstar that’s why she has opening acts on her arena tour, 90 percent sold out.

        normani can only dream of head lining an arena tour.

        Even ally brooke head lined a tour before normani.

        Hold the L

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

      Rihanna diamonds tour opening acts.
      2 chains
      Asap rocky
      David guetta

      Rihanna anti tour , opening acts
      Travis scott
      DJ mustard
      Big sean

      Beyonce mrs Carter show tour opening acts
      Luke’s james
      Iggy azealia
      Melania fione

      The formation tour, opening act
      DJ khaled
      Anderson paak
      Chloe and Halle
      Vic mensa
      DJ drama
      Jermain Dupree
      Rea srummerd

      I am… world tour
      P**** cat dolls
      Flo ride
      Nelly furtado
      Rich girl



      U are dumber than @onlyflops.
      Hold the L

  3. Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

    Normani was the opening act for megan thee stallion at that NBA all star show.

    Normani has been out longer than megan but she’s the opening act for megan thee stallion.


    Normani has 2 whole top 10s but the bìtch is still opening for megan thee stallion who doesnt even have a top 10.

    Remember that time she performed love lies at a run down McDonald’s.

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

      Even ally brooke got a solo head lining tour before f*******.

      Ally brooke has never charted of the billboard hot 100 but she got a solo head lining tour before slutmani. Lol

      The joke of the year= normani.
      And they said she was the new beyonce. Lol
      I have to laugh

  4. Olusheyi Banjo March 12, 2020

    C***** is getting everyone together

  5. Ari March 12, 2020

    Well janet sales were already low

    • ERIC March 12, 2020

      Not true at all. And the tour doesn’t begin until June 24.

  6. Clarks0o0ñ March 12, 2020

    Comment section real quiet

    Where are the rats that were getting bold.

    Romance tour is flopping but she’s announcing opening acts

    Kim Petras is opening for Camila on the European leg of the romance tour

    The romance tour is Camila’s second head lining tour

    Her first tour was almost sold out. It was a theatre tour.
    And she had opening acts also
    Alec Benjamin

    Camila is not on the same level with that ugly rat called slutmani.
    Normani will never have an arena tour

    Normani may never even have a debut album.
    A complete flop

    Even ally brooke got a headlining tour before ratmani. Kiii

  7. Nicky March 12, 2020


    Good luck Camicky with that tour you speak of

    I see cancellations on the horizon.

    Another L for Camicky The L Cabell

    Normani > Camicky. Looks, Talent, acclaim , Body, Dancing, Singing , industry respect

    ???? Take the L

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