Megan Thee Stallion’s Label CEO Slams Claims He Blocked Her From Releasing Music: ‘Nothing is True That She Said’

Published: Tuesday 3rd Mar 2020 by Rashad

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Just a day after reports surfaced a Texas federal judge granted rapper Megan Thee Stallion a temporary restraining order against her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, and its CEO, Carl Crawford (as we reported here), the former is speaking out against the criticism he is receiving as a result of the hoopla.

See inside:

Per our previous report, the controversy began when Stallion took to social media to announce she was not only locked in an unfair recording contract but that her label was halting the release of new music – namely her long-awaited debut album, ‘Suga.’ 

After suing her label home, a judge ordered the imprint (1501 Entertainment) to “do nothing to prevent the release, distribution, and sale of Megan’s new records.”  The judge further forbade “any interference with her or her career over social media or through her collaborators or associates.”

The move, hailed a victory for Stallion (born Megan Pete), was branded unjust by Crawford.  Taking to our friends at Billboard, he said:

“It’s a whole lie. Nothing is true that she said. Me being greedy and taking money from her, that’s crazy. I never tried to take nothing from her. The only thing we ever did was give, give, give.”


That’s not all.  See highlights below:

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Via Billboard:

BB:  What was your initial reaction with Megan going on Instagram Live and accusing your label of preventing her from dropping new music?

CC:  My initial reaction was, “Man, I can’t believe this is serious.” She just has so many holes in her story, and it’s almost on some delusional type stuff. The bubble of Hollywood and her eight million followers has really clouded her head, because the stuff that she’s saying is not true. 

Everybody in the industry knows this is what Jay-Z and Roc Nation do: They come in, the find the smallest things wrong with the problem — because there weren’t any problems before she left — and then she says that I didn’t want to negotiate? Ok, tell everybody your definition of negotiating. Your definition is, “OK. I’m going to send Suge Knight’s old lawyers to come in, and it’s a stick-up…'” Of course, I’m like, “This isn’t a negotiation. This is a robbery.”  


BB:  When Megan announced her management deal with Roc Nation, from my understanding, you found out of the news the same time as everyone else, correct? 

When I found out like everybody else, I got emotional and made one comment. They took that and ran with it like, “Oh, he’s bitter, he’s mad'” Look, I’m just trying to see what’s up. I thought they had enough respect for me to at least tell me something. But it’s cool. She don’t have to tell me about that. That’s fine.

But at the end of the day, tell them what their real plan was. Their real plan was to get you out of my contract so they can sign you to Roc Nation. That’s all they want to do. We gave this girl a 60-40 split. Now go ask the artist about that. She got parts of her masters [the] first time. You think Jay-Z would have gave her part of her masters on her first deal with Roc Nation? F–k no. Then, she’s getting $100,000 a show and she don’t want to pay up. That’s what the issue was about. She signed with Roc Nation in August and decided she didn’t wanna pay me no more. They’re using that as a strong-arm tactic so that I can renegotiate the contract. They’re holding the money, and they haven’t paid me since August. She done over 15 shows. Y’all do the math. She gets $100,000 a show. She owe me, and I haven’t recouped almost $2 million that we spent on her, building her up so that Roc Nation would wanna come [around]. Where was Roc Nation at when we was grinding and riding around on them backstreets? Roc Nation was nowhere to be found.

BB:  On her Instagram Live, she repeatedly explained how she viewed her relationship with 1501 as “family.” You’re also speaking on that family bond that you once shared with her. Where did that dynamic get lost in the midst of everything?

CC: Everything was cool until her lawyers came in and told me that it was pretty much a stick-up. Unfortunately, when her mother died, the snake was able to come in and crawl in position to influence her head and tell her stuff. If her mother would have been here, we wouldn’t even be going through none of this stuff. Once her mother died, things changed a little bit. Everybody that wanted in, all the bloodsuckers were able to jump in. That’s what happened.

She got the dude [T. Farris] right up under her. He’s the snake. He did the contract. They had the lawyers. How didn’t you read your contract? She signed two contacts. You signed one with me and 300 [Entertainment]. You mean to tell me, you, your mama and your lawyer didn’t read over that stuff every time? Stop lying. You wasn’t 20, you were 23 years old. You was a grown up. You’re just a liar.


BB:What about her claiming that she’s only been paid $15,000 by the label?

CC: “How she been paid $15,000? As soon as we signed to 300, I wrote her a check for $50,000, and it’s signed with her name on the check. We can show you the proof. That’s another thing — I got all my receipts. They know it. I got all the receipts. We gave her a $10,000 advance when we first signed her and gave it to her mother. I don’t know what happened [with that]. 300 gave us a $200,000 check when we first signed. I gave her $50,000 of it.”


BB:  Let’s run through the numbers that Megan is claiming in her lawsuit against 1501. She says that 1501 gets 60% of her recording income

CC:  Right, and she gets the 40%.

BB:  But she’s claiming that chunks of the 40% is being given to third party people like producers, mixers, featured artists, etc. Is that true?

CC:  Nah, I don’t think that’s true either… It’s a great deal. She wants to talk about a bad deal — she’s disrespecting her mother by saying that, because her mother and T. Farris are the ones who did it. Those two worked out the deal with the lawyer. I didn’t even have nothing to do with it.

BB: And you guys supposedly get 30% of all her touring money and 30% of all her merch, as well?

CC:  Well, we did a 360 deal where it was a 70-30. The reason why it was a 70-30 was because we gave up so much. We gave up part of her masters right now, we gave her a 60-40 split. That’s why we got so much on that side. We knew we did some stuff that people don’t do.



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  1. Only Facts March 3, 2020

    I hate to say this, but Megan should’ve let this play out in court instead of letting us know all of this. They could sue her for defamation, slander, etc. Meg, you’re f*cked. They will do to you what Blackground did to JoJo. Sigh. Megan, you have some growing up to do.

  2. Jaquala Fletcher March 3, 2020

    He just confirmed everything she said y’all gave her a shotty deal. Why take that much from an artist for their work

    • Only Facts March 3, 2020

      Of course the label is going to try to take as much money as possible, since they’re investing into her. It’s HER responsibility to read the contract and negotiate! But her dumba*s thought $10k was a lot for an advance? Meg, are you DUMB? She shouldn’t have signed. She got herself into this ? and she shouldn’t have gone on Instagram live. She’s made this significantly worse for herself

      • Jaquala Fletcher March 3, 2020

        He gave her 10k she getting 100k a show.

      • Only Facts March 3, 2020

        Her signing advance was 10k. Most signing bonuses are 6 figures. If you’re a big star, they sometimes 7 figures. A 60/40 split and her 40 covers producers, travel, makeup, mixers, etc etc. Her first check was probably $5.00

      • Jaquala Fletcher March 4, 2020

        Exactly these the deals diddy use to give out

    • Cüümila Cebolla March 3, 2020

      Are you crazy? Any artist would K I L L to own his/her masters starting at their very first contract on a label.

      Bless her heart if she really thinks she will get that freedom ever again.

      Also, how can you base your career on being this college girl yet supposedly you can’t even read your own contract?! ?

  3. POPS Muva March 3, 2020

    It was a publicity stunt. she’s still a flop tho. nothing can save her career. she’s nowhere to be found on billboard

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

      I have a feeling is a publicity stunt, to hype up her new single dropping friday but it can backfire, people may say , if I stream her music and support her the money isnt going to megan but this man, so they may refuse to stream or buy the song and it will flop.

      This is a risky publicity stunt.

      • POPS Muva March 3, 2020

        it’s not like she’s bringing in Taylor Swift numbers for her to do something this shady but either way people only support her on twitter and instagram

      • ummmm… yeah, no. March 4, 2020

        he said he hasn’t been paid since august. believe he’s telling the truth.i do not think he pressed for money its the principal.

    • Only Facts March 3, 2020

      Unfortunately it’s not a publicity stunt. I saw an article that they lawsuit was filed along with a signed verification from her attesting that the claims are true. You can’t file fake lawsuits. That would be perjury

  4. Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

    He sounds like a crook .
    He sounds angry and mean.

    What he is doing is unethical and wicked but business is business. Megan signed that contract
    He invested in her

    Hair, makeup, wardrobe, blogs writing about her, flight tickets, hotel, award show appearances, back up dancers etc, he paid for all this for her and made her a house hold name.

    He invested in her and now he has to recoup his investment. It’s sad but it is what it is.

    • Dc March 3, 2020

      Like Carl said her mom looked over the contract with lawyers so how he a crook ???

  5. Clarks0o0ñ March 3, 2020

    My comment about normani being exposed as a racist and hypocrite was deleted

    @onlyflops, you’ve refused to comment, pretending not to see it.
    A rat

  6. Dc March 3, 2020

    I believe Carl he signed a 147 million contract meg the pony thirsty for that cash ????

  7. The f*** would whitney say March 3, 2020

    Its quiet ain’t no back talk

  8. biancacook March 3, 2020

    i believe him. and that comment about roc nation. think about tinashe, she complained about her contract next thing u know she’s out of it and roc nation manages her. i think meg got excited about jay z and rubbing elbows with bey and let him influence her to go against the person that made her. it happens all the time thats why most managers are very particular bout the company their artists keep

  9. Fancy BISH March 4, 2020

    The real tea is she was 23 when she said she was 20 ☕️ Come thru, math ?

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