Post Malone Fans Express Worry After Rapper’s Bizarre Concert Performance in Nashville [Video]

Published: Friday 6th Mar 2020 by Rashad

Post Malone had fans saying wow for all the wrong reasons after rendering what many are deeming a bizarre performance at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday (March 4).

Hot on his ‘Runaway Tour,’ the rapper fell on stage while delivering a live rendition of his single, ‘I Fall Apart.’  Captured by several fan-recorded videos, concertgoers expressed concern as he continued to tumble throughout the night – even struggling to get up and regain his balance in instances.

As the clips made their rounds on social media, the unusual showing sparked an outcry among his legion of followers.  See what we mean inside:

Fan responses below:


[main photo source: Alan Poizner / For the Tennessean]


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  1. Clarks0o0ñ March 6, 2020

    King of saying the N word

    “Post Malone Apologizes for Saying the N-Word”

    Are we gonna cancel him too? NO
    Repeat after me, I AM A HYPOCRITE.

    According to somebody in the comment section it is okay for white people to say the N word as far as it’s not in a derogatory manner.

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 6, 2020

      After post malone issued that apology , he tweeted this

      hi Twitter. people have been trying to bring me down lately. I’m just here to say, it’s not gonna happen.

      Does this sound like somebody who is remorseful? NO

      Selective outrage is so funny.
      A full grown adult man using the N word and you guys still stan him. Okay

      • Ugghh March 6, 2020

        I don’t wish him ill will but he ain’t s*** just like Camilla. Don’t wish her ill will either, but they are both canceled in my book. Can’t speak for the masses though.

    • I’m being Honest March 6, 2020

      You are a troll. For real. I saw you on the Dua Lipa post as well. You really need to chill, all this bitterness can’t be good for your health. For real

  2. K_man March 6, 2020

    Is anyone shocked!? He looks like he sleep at the bus stop. White straight male gets money from being a culture vulture. Of course he’s going to end of on drugs. He’s probably on whips, gorilla, coke, pills and With a bud light on the side! Smh y’all gave him this platform! Now watch him fall!

  3. Only Facts March 6, 2020

    Sad. He’s clearly on drugs and it’s about to hit rock bottom. I hope his team steps in because this doesn’t look good. I like Post. Hope he gets help

  4. I love big black c** March 6, 2020

    Maybe he just need to take a s-h-I-t so bad and that’s why he collapsed. Or maybe he finally came out from closet, that’s why he was acting like Sam Smith on the stage, holding mic like stroking a d-I-c-k

  5. G-bby March 6, 2020

    I thought it was just his performance style shrugs.

  6. March 6, 2020

    Better watch him, his close friends and family needs to not take certain things lightly.

  7. Just Sayin’ March 6, 2020

    Kids this is why y’all should say NO to drugs. You end up looking like this piece of $hit.

  8. Chileplease March 6, 2020

    Let me just say this and I can’t stress it enough….oh.

  9. Kel March 6, 2020

    Oh he been high high ain’t it? ?

  10. Patthepuss March 8, 2020

    That’s what happens when you still your soul to the devil.

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