Tamar Braxton Previews New Song; Reveals It Made Her Fall In Love With Music Again

Published: Thursday 5th Mar 2020 by Sam

Tamar Braxton has been relatively quiet on the music front in recent years. However, she’s set to turn the volume all the way up tomorrow with the release of new song ‘Crazy Kind Of Love.’

The soulful track is lifted from the soundtrack for movie ‘True To The Game 2,’ which the singer makes a cameo in alongside Rotimi and Vivica A. Fox.

Prior to its premiere, a snippet has surfaced. Check it out below, where word from Braxton about her revived passion for music also awaits…

Speaking to Billboard about her involvement with the film and its music, she said:

“I’m just really excited about this project. This song and this whole project really got me into recording again and wanting to be an artist. And I never thought that I wanted to have a record or to even have that kind of passion, and because of this film and because of this particular record has made me fall in love with music again.”

When asked squarely about whether this spells a broader return with new music, she was more coy. She replied:

“Well, I don’t want to say yes or no. [Laughs] But the interest is definitely there. The spark has definitely been fired up. So we’ll see.”

Comments like this make it unfortunate that Tamar hasn’t got a TV show on-air at present to fully provide context about what looks to be disillusionment with music and the industry at large.

She hasn’t dropped an album since 2017’s ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ and, truth be told, hasn’t released a well-executed campaign since the ‘Love & War’ LP way back in 2013.

In the time since, it’s been one mishap or the other. A lot of which seemed to be attributed to dramas in her personal life that flowed into the professional.

With much of that in rearview, it’d be great to see her get her musical train back on the track.

Time will tell if ‘Crazy Kind Of Love’ kickstarts that process.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Nicki Minaj March 5, 2020

    Sam you are a better writer than David. Keep it up boo! I applaud u.

  2. Missy March 5, 2020

    clearly inspired by whitney houston “saving all my love”

    • citygirl March 5, 2020

      sweetie it’s clearly a sample. why by negative?

      • Missy March 5, 2020

        the question is why you read that as negative. do not project your insecurities onto me. be well

    • Normani is Racist March 5, 2020

      Normani is Racist c*** flop

    • Only Facts March 5, 2020

      The audio is clearly doctored. Hence why this isn’t picking up traction. Try again. Also, her face isn’t in the video. Camila is the only racist in this scenario. Try again losers

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 5, 2020

        It is there
        She posted it on her Instagram story
        It is her voice

        Lauren is the person nails she’s doing
        Lauren does sound like that

        Normani is over
        Asians are tearing her apart on Twitter.

        She had the nerve to look down on Camila , when she herself has a racist past
        Hypocrite and ra

      • Only Facts March 5, 2020

        I work in the legal field. The audio was doctored. Just like the audio in the video of Britney “breaking her foot” dancing was doctored. Once again, nice try loser

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 5, 2020

        Gurl, I thought u said u work in the music industry

        U work in the legal field, so?
        That is an unedited video of her being racist to Asians.

        Keep telling ur self this lie to sleep well at night

        Normani is also xenophobic. Making fin of an indian cab driver. The video is spreading.

        Normani is racist, xenophobic and a hypocrite and a flop also.

        Asain people are dragging her very well on Twitter and it’s only gonna get worse.

    • Normani is Racist March 5, 2020

      Whöremani is a racist ccunttt. She needs to disappear now to the music scene. I no longer support artist like her. Not a fan anymore.

      • Only Facts March 5, 2020

        A doctored video that doesn’t even show the girls face VS a full tumblr Camila ran for years posting racist memes, using racial slurs, mocking domestic violence survivors, etc etc. which is worse? Nice try loser. Last comment you’re getting from me.

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 5, 2020

        Normani loves Chris brown also

        “Does change a thing, I love him and his personal life has nothing to do with how tented he is” #teambreezy #hòesaintloyal

        This is normani praising violent fist brown.
        This is normani praising the man that beat Rihanna,
        Rihanna should drop her as a fenty ambassador

        Camila has apologized, normani has not

        Normani is a racist, xenophobic, hypocritical idiot behooves violent men.
        Let’s not forget she’s also a flop.

    • Bogus March 5, 2020

      Cliched the link and there’s no video….just talk mean whine Camila has evidence of her being racist

  3. Normani is Racist March 5, 2020

    I love her

  4. Only Facts March 5, 2020

    It’s Thursday and nobody cares about her music, or this movie. NEXT

  5. Beyonce Knows March 5, 2020

    Go TayTay

  6. what would whitney houston say March 5, 2020

    tamar wanna be brownskin like whitney houston all of a sudden

  7. IAMME March 5, 2020

    Can’t Wait.

  8. G-bby March 5, 2020

    Tamar makes beautiful music. I’ll be supporting tomorrow.

  9. FELICIA March 5, 2020

    Not an original song obviously, it sounds too much like Whitney Houston’s Saving All My Love For You. The writer could end up in court for this!!!

    • Around the way filet March 5, 2020

      ummm you think tamars team is stupid? I am certain they received the proper clearance for the SAMLFY interpolation.

  10. Happy n Rich March 5, 2020

    I’m disappointed. I tried submitting songs to Tamar for MONTHS w/o success, and both songs are fire. I finally had to let it go in order to redirect my efforts. Then she comes out with this derivative mess. Oh well . . .

  11. Keith March 5, 2020

    Gonna listen (and purchase) the song. I like Tamar’s music. I was just thinking about how the Braxton sisters should make more music. Glad she could be inspired again…

  12. J March 5, 2020

    This sounds good!! Girl we know you was lying anyway ? you good we forgive you

  13. Valarie Housley March 6, 2020

    I am saving all my love for you!!!
    That’s the name of the song, old song.

  14. PinotNoir March 7, 2020

    LOVE relaxed Tamar vocals!! But, my live, are you becoming Lil Kim in the face? That (contoured?) nose is sharper than your whistle notes. ?

  15. Angel March 20, 2020

    Song sounds very similar to Whitney Houston’s saving all my love for you!

    Just saying

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