Apollonia Slams Sheila E. Over Prince Tribute: ‘You are Desperate to be Relevant’ #ICYMI

Published: Thursday 23rd Apr 2020 by Rashad

In 2016, singer-songwriter Linda Perry – famous for songs like Christina Aguilera‘s ‘Beautiful,’ P!nk‘s ‘Get the Party Started,’ and more – got drama started when she took to press to say Sheila E. was ‘not relevant’ enough to tribute Prince at the Billboard Music Awards in place of Madonna.

Fast forward to 2020, another performer is echoing Perry’s sentiment – Apollonia Kotero.

Kotero, one of the Purple One’s most memorable female protegés, took to social media ahead of the GRAMMY’s recent CBS salute to the Pop icon to call out Sheila for milking his legacy for attention.  She even had a few choice words for the event’s organizers for not inviting his band, The Revolution, to participate in the tribute.

Did you miss her stinging set of posts?  See them inside:

Kotero took to Facebook (April 17) to say she believes Prince was killed and that Sheila E. is capitalizing from his death:

You [Sheila E.] are so desperate to be RELEVANT as the brilliant Linda Perry said. Prince refused to acknowledge you for 5 years before his death because of your lies. Your charity funds went where? Where are the music schools $$?? I was there helping you raise funds. I had your best interest at heart but later found out , the money went into your dirty pocket$. I was crestfallen. Prince scolded me! He knew better. You can’t continue to fool our Prince fans any longer. Because I AM here to tell you, it’s over. Time for the truth. My memoirs will reveal all that Prince revealed to me. Painful for me because I was your friend. I helped you raise $$$ My wealthy friends asked me : Where are the music schools?$!? None exist! FKN tragic because I believed you. Prince was so angry because of all your continuous lies. Your bio filled with lies. He sent you legal letters as you were slandering him. I have copies and will include them in my memoirs. You need to stop using Prince in death. You need to stop using Purple Rain ☔️ as a vehicle. YOU ARE NOT ON OUR CAST LIST. Prince outed you. Prince called you HeSHe. At first I thought this was not nice. But I listened to him. I listened to all of his complaints and even then , I did not want to be in between you both. It was painful for me because I loved you both. But once he was killed , you exposed your true self. It broke my heart. He was right all along. Why would you do a Purple Rain boat cruise tour $?$? in 2016? Why would you sell Prince logo tshirts $$$ ? Why did you tell The Revolution April 2016 that YOU knew how Prince died BUT you could not tell them!?! Please get over yourself: YOU ARE NOT PRINCE. You will never be. You can copy his attire , try your best, but you will NEVER be Prince ? So get over yourself sad self and face the truth. He did not want anything to do with you for 5 years. You erased all that history by being your desperate egotistical self . Egotistical empty sad desperate for money. Money will not get you to Heaven. Time to come out and tell the truth. God forgives??”


The post was triggered by E. taking to Billboard to announce the release of her new single, ‘Lemon Cake,’ in honor of Prince.  Kotero later followed with another post referencing ‘Lemon Cake’ when she commemorated the fourth anniversary of Purple One’s death.

She also slammed the Recording Academy for not inviting The Revolution to perform at his tribute special.

Click here to watch the performances from the CBS television event “Let’s Go Crazy: The Grammy Salute To Prince.”

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  1. Fancy BISH April 23, 2020

    Woo CHILE, purple shade! ☔️ ? Apollonia went all the way IN. ?

    • Javis April 24, 2020


    • Armadillo April 25, 2020

      Who knows Hapollonia ? Sheila was very popular in 80s .. and whatabout this outdated lesbo songwriter? She is very unrelevant , nobody works with her

  2. Ropeburn April 23, 2020

    It would be a lot easier to absorb what she’s saying about Sheila E if it wasn’t for the fact the SHE is coming out with her own book! Apollonia 6 was irrelevant when it came out because Apollonia couldn’t compete with Vanity, so who does she think even cares about her damn memoirs?! Who’s trying to make money off Prince’s name now?

    • Nise April 24, 2020


      • Heather Pierce January 25, 2021

        Personally, if I had to choose sides, I’d side with Sheila E. Like someone else mentioned, Apollonia seems jealous of Sheila E. not just because she wasn’t as popular or talented, but clearly also because of Sheila’s intimate relationship with Prince. Why is she so offended that Sheila E. is still coming out with songs & things to help keep Prince’s memory alive? Apollonia is being catty, petty, & acting childish & thirsty herself! Obviously it’s the other way around & Apollonia is the one who’s desperate to be relevant. There’s not many people who don’t know who Sheila E. is, but I’m sure plenty can’t tell you who Apollonia is! To be honest, this is my first time hearing of her. I doubt Prince would be too impressed if he were still here to see these two grown women fighting like this. If one chooses to do her own thing to remember Prince & dedicate songs to his memory, so be it! Apollonia is just jealous she wasn’t as popular then or now, or close to Prince as Sheila E. was. She’s so tacky for attacking Sheila E. & just making a fool of herself. Maybe if Apollonia actually did something recently aside from talk 💩, people would pay more attention to her! She’s just an immature “has been”. Grow up girl, watch & learn from Sheila E. if you ever want to be relevant! Otherwise, shut your mouth & go back to history where you belong! At least Sheila E. is still in the public eye & not for the wrong reasons. If Apollonia doesn’t like what Sheila E. is doing, she’s entitled to her opinion. What she doesn’t realise though is that nobody cares.😀

    • Loletha April 24, 2020

      Sheila E is one of the baddest female percussionist ever! Apollonia did a few movies and disappeared. Sheila has always been out there doing her thing even before she was working with Prince. Sheila E’s father played with Santana. Sheila played with Santana when she was just a kid. Never heard of Appollonia till she did the movie. So who’s irrelevant here? Sheila played with, wrote music and recorded with Prince for years, before Purple Rain and after. Prince and Sheila were once engaged to be married but he kept cheating on her so they went back to being friends.

      • Thefuckimtellnyoufor? April 25, 2020

        Did you actually read what Apple said and why she feels the way she does? Your reading comprehension is low af. With all the terrible things she’s alleging about Sheila E, all you can think to say is how irrelevant one is compared to the other? And they gave you a high school diploma but never taught you how to find the main idea of a fkn paragraph?

  3. D April 23, 2020

    Denise ‘Vanity’ Matthews would NEVER ? God rest her soul.

  4. Glenda Glover April 23, 2020

    Apollonia you are the thirsty one leave Sheila alone it’s nothing Saturday and women bashing other women seems like to me you are the one that need money

  5. Randall Jae April 23, 2020

    Now I can’t listen to the song without questioning the track’s motive ??‍♂️

  6. CozyGirl April 23, 2020

    Wow! Wow! Wow! If that isn’t calling the kettle black I don’t know what is! Apollonia has been milking Purple Rain for the past 36 years to stay relevant. Other than that movie, what else is she known for?? I’m stunned that she has the balls to say such a thing! Funny too how she bashed people for everything she has done and is now doing such as; writing a book which she said in another interview, will include her time working with Prince and that she will expose the BS with Sheila E. Isn’t that spilling private things? Isn’t she constantly saying that she would protect his privacy? Yet, here she goes jumping on the wagon. Know why she is? Now that Prince is gone, there’s no way she will work with him again. She’s losing her relevancy and attention so her she needs to do something to get back in the spotlight! I was a fan but she has turned into a hypocritical bully who’s always posting things saying to be kind, love each other, no hate, forgiveness, blah blah blah…nothing but a hypocrite! ??

  7. Bravo!! April 24, 2020

    It’s seem like she using this movement too be relevant as well. She made sure to plug in her book. So who trying to be relevant??

  8. POPS MUVA April 24, 2020

    Who the hell are these h*es ? Never heard about these b*tches in my entire life

    • my name April 24, 2020

      and their question to you would be “who are you?” you who sits behind a computer and feels they know more about the legend then the people he spent time with on and off screen, in and out the studio, in and out his bed.
      this is the moment when the youth should understand these are legends.
      you should have respect for old school will always trump new school.

      • POPS MUVA April 24, 2020

        okay grandma

      • Tedi April 24, 2020

        Definitely correct! Old school has forgotten more about life than new school will ever know!

    • Thefuckimtellnyoufor? April 25, 2020

      Then fk off and crawl tf back under your rock and hold your breath till you go blind. Problem solved.

  9. Keith April 24, 2020

    Lemon Cake is not a good song, Sheila can do better…
    Patty should check herself…
    Anyone who watched the tribute can see who the “winner” of this little tiff is..

  10. Wendy April 24, 2020

    Didn’t he make them both relevant? Neither career would exist without him. A mere case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  11. Kristie April 24, 2020

    Apollonia all I know is you were in one movie and hApollonia you’re in one film with prince maybe you had a little thing on the side but thats all I know is that from day one sheila e was always playing with prince and on the Grammys the revolution did play so why stirring up s*** when we all love Prnce just let him lie and rest in piece and I remember reports of all u were saying he wasn’t good in bed. And by the way can u even sing or play an instrument

  12. Wes “Side”” April 24, 2020

    The Revolution did perform. It was a Great Tribute. We the audience got caught up in Prince songs and our memories during those years. We knew Sheila E. Was just part of his world all of us.

  13. Ally April 24, 2020

    Ummm, she may be right about past events, but “The Revolution” DID perform so….

  14. 4U2SEE April 24, 2020

    I know she is waaaaay older but how I manage to look better than Apollonia is beyond me?? God is Good, being bitter and hating took a toll on her.

    • Demone April 24, 2020

      Bich! you should of sold your soul. I’m going to make sure I get you through these blog posts. Your God won’t save you

      • 4U2SEE April 24, 2020

        Drink Bleach!

  15. Percy Darnell Williams.jr April 24, 2020

    I Think This’ll Self Centered B**** Don’t Knows What’s The Fucxx She Talking About The Only Reason She Got The Roll N Purple Rain ☔ Was Because Denise Matthews ( Vanity) Was Caused Denise Have Changed And Have Some Serious Religious Beliefs Issued And Didn’t Fill Right 2 At the Time 2 Star ? N Purple Rain ☔ So Apollonia B4 U Question Somebody’s U Need 2 Put Ur Own Self N Check ✔ Because Prince Always Believed Helping Folks ,But 4 U 2 Come Out And Say Sheila E Is Using Prince Death 2 Gett Paid Is A Fucxxing Lie Between Ur Own Teeth U Have No Mercy Or Respect 4 Him Or Anybody’s..

    • Wendy April 24, 2020

      In English?

  16. Nise April 24, 2020

    Apollonia, shame on you! Your ENVYING Beautiful Sheila E., is showing and she is RELEVANT!!! Did you see her awesome performance? Why not support her efforts to express how she feels about the Purple Rain…..

    • Kim April 24, 2020

      Exactly…..Rotten Apples is just jealous

  17. Kelen April 24, 2020

    So we have not seen nor heard from her non-singing non-acting since 84. Sheila E. pulled off the best tribute hands down. Kick rocks

  18. Donna April 24, 2020

    She is just jealous she wasn’t invited and included. She doesn’t know anything about Lemon Cake and just repeating gossip! Prince and Sheila saw each other many times before he died and there are no legal papers. She is just trying to promote her gossip book. And slamming an artist for her being a has been and 2nd pick for Purple Rain. Not first. You can’t erase history bimbo. Go let the air out of your tits woman. What you did is wrong calling someone out publicly like that just for attention. You are an attention w**** and beg people on your page to make you popular which you will never be. How you made Prince out too be is wrong! He never harbored anger or called names as he was extremely religious with his church and God. He didn’t believe in calling names and would never call Sheila that. Prince never complained too you as he wasn’t that way for one and for two, you never saw him before he died. Oh you went to a concert, but he never even acknowledged you were there, nor did you have good seats. You were non existent to him. He wasn’t killed either. He passed of a drug overdose like addicts sometimes do. I’m sorry that happened to him, bit that is the truth. Get your own life and stop your lies. I will make sure your book is boycotted and hope the siblings and Paisley Park contest it. Also The Revolution didn’t have to fight too be there. They were asked first and foremost. Get your facts straight.

  19. clarencej. graham April 24, 2020

    Besides, I lost respect for Prince by how he left his Only Sister off of his will. Instead willing to let the State seize his millions. That his Sister still got!!

    • Sandy April 24, 2020

      I thought that prints did not have a will

  20. Nadine April 24, 2020

    She needs to be quiet….If she has a problem with Sheila, confront her on it….Say it to her face….Calling her out on Facebook is high school s***…Face her like a grown woman. Otherwise the only person I see trying to be relevant…is her.

  21. Sandy April 24, 2020

    Apollonia Is just jealous that Sheila E and Prince had a much more intimate relationship.

  22. Margie Day April 24, 2020

    Wow Apollonia I had suspicions but I had no idea this really clears up a lot I wanted to believe that you were the hater but I really believe you you have no reason to be lying. I truly loved Prince like he was a family member devastated by his death I really appreciate you bringing the truth out and I can’t wait to read your memoirs take care and stay blessed!

  23. Shazz April 24, 2020

    So Appolonia obviously didn’t watch the show because the Revolution WAS there! Also Sheila was working with him to the end- where was Appy?

  24. Misty Knight April 24, 2020

    Sheila E is one of the top percussionists in the business.

    Apollonia showed her boobs.

    Vanity is sleeping with the angels. I loved her.

  25. Walter Stegall April 24, 2020

    I enjoyed the tribute and Shelia e was great. As for MS kotero since she feels so strongly about the situation why didn’t she make an effort to be part of the tribute. Oh i forgot she only did one album.

  26. JamieStarr April 25, 2020

    I can’t imagine a more IRRELEVANT person than Apollonia. She has done pretty much NOTHING since 1984 when Purple Rain came out. Her comment is about as ridiculous and hilarious as her lack of talent. According to her, Prince wanted to work on some music with her before he died. I find that hard to believe. She couldn’t sing in the 80s. Am I supposed to believe that a 60-year old Apollonia had discovered a singing voice over 30 years after the fact? And people we have to stop being so clueless. After all these years, why would Apollonia suddenly come up with this garbage unless she wasn’t trying to promote her own book?
    Most importantly, if Sheila E. didn’t step up, we would not have had the BET Prince tribute and definitely not the fantastic Grammy tribute that we had a few nights ago. Neither Apollonia, Lisa, Wendy, or any other 80’s Prince group members stepped forward to take direction on this. Sheila E. gets MAJOR props in my book for stepping in to do that. Also, she is the only one with the industry credibility among all of Prince’s proteges who would have even been trusted with being the musical director for that show. Apollonia and people crying about how it’s all about Sheila, and how Prince was mad at her for years means nothing to me. Prince had a falling out with pretty much everyone from his past at one point. He and Morris fell out because he wasn’t paying him for shows. He didn’t always pay Sheila either. He fell out with Jill Jones over personal issues. He fell out with Wendy and Lisa and didn’t talk with them for years. Prince was a musical genius beyond what most people think a genius truly is. People like that don’t always get along well with others at times. Their life and dedication is to their music.
    Personal communications and empathy can at times be difficult. Think about Miles, James Brown, Aretha, etc..It happens…I’m sure whatever issue he had with any of them, he’s looking down now and it’s all forgiven. I think he would have been proud and honored of the Grammy tribute. And for those whining about Sheila in most of the performances…She toured with Prince up until 2011. She basically knew all of his music. So why hire someone to perform and play what she already could play without much rehearsal? I think Prince would be ashamed of Apollonia’s catty comment. She’s too old for that kind of social media Atlanta housewives foolishness any way…

    • Wendy April 25, 2020

      Well said!

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