50 Cent Files Lien Against Teairra Mari’s Assets After She Refused To Pay Lawsuit

Published: Thursday 23rd Apr 2020 by Rashad

Bad news for ‘Make Her Feel Good’ hitmaker Teairra Mari.

The singer-turned-‘Love & Hip Hop’ reality TV star has been public about her reluctancy to pay 50 Cent after he won a revenge porn lawsuit she filed in 2018.  As a result, the judge ordered Mari pay a sweet $30,000 to the ‘Candy Shop’ rapper to cover his legal bills for having to defend himself in court.

In the time since, the amount has increased to $40,000 due to other fees because the 32-year-old claims she is unable to pay the legal bill in full.  50’s not buying it, though.

To ensure he gets his money, the media mogul recently filed a lien against Mari’s assets and property in an attempt to collect.

Details inside:


“According to court documents…, 50 Cent has filed a lien against Mari’s assets and property in an attempt to collect on a judgment she refuses to pay.

The documents note Mari hasn’t paid a dime of the $30,000 plus sanctions she was ordered to cough up. He has fired off notices to companies he believes Mari works with demanding they hand over any amount owed to her.”

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  1. Only Facts April 23, 2020

    What. A. Mess. Karma is coming for him.

    • Tone April 23, 2020

      And I can’t wait! He’s beyond wack. Karma is going to get him for the way he treats his first born as well.

    • E Jai April 23, 2020

      I can’t wait for it to get him!!!!

    • Meme April 23, 2020

      I came here to make the exact same comment. Don’t worry he will get his. This is so sad.

      • thomas April 24, 2020

        Isn’t it funny that when she was trying her case against this man she wasn’t financially unstable plus it’s only $30 Grand this should be paid from her play money account.This should be resolved by now you lost your case now pay the man.

    • Javis April 24, 2020


  2. Hated4myopinion April 23, 2020

    She should file bankruptcy and counter sue for emotional distress and harassment.

  3. Clarksooon April 23, 2020

    Honey u dont have 40k after fighting and getting ur hair pulled on national tv every week.

    Damn, dropping terriara mari and focusing on rihanna was the best business decision Jay z ever made and it’s all thanks to beyonce.

    Normani is gonna be another teirrara mari in some few years. I can see it.

    • Susan April 23, 2020

      Camila will be another Katy Perry in 4 years (without the hits). Bald, pregnant, and not charting at all ?? she’ll probably be working at pink taco as well. Karma always comes back around.

      • Susan April 23, 2020

        And miserable because that’s the one thing Katy is. As nasty as she is, she’s clearly miserable with herself

    • Clarksooon April 24, 2020

      U are dumbasss as kamilla

  4. Onika The R***** Whisperer April 23, 2020

    Of course he wants his money because he won’t have a source of income for a long time. At least one thing c***** was good for.

  5. Drinkmybussyjuice April 23, 2020

    Why does she not just file for bankruptcy? 40 thousand is alot to payback if u dont have it.

    • E Jai April 24, 2020

      She might have and just not want to pay it. Just like the game and ruckbriss haven’t paid their judgements. I’m actually confused on why she owes him…. What he did was revenge p***.

      • biancacook April 24, 2020

        he shared something that was already posted plus the original no one believes it was accidental. so in short how can u sue for revenge p*** when u are the person that released the video.

  6. lucy fur April 23, 2020

    the way he treats his son tells what kind of person he is

  7. Paulo April 23, 2020

    this is proof that the justice system is far from fair. how could anyone reasonably let him win that lawsuit in the first place… Teairra I hope you stay strong regardless of what happens next. you are a talent and some day all this bullying from this idiot will come back to bite him

    • Marcel Miller April 24, 2020

      See, it doesn’t feel good when the shoe is on the other foot, huh? This is just a taste of what men BEEN going through.

      • Paulo April 24, 2020

        That doesn’t even make sense.

  8. Re April 24, 2020

    He don’t need the money.

  9. Marcel Miller April 24, 2020

    “Don’t get mad…it’s ..the law.” Nino brown voice ?

  10. I love big black c** April 24, 2020

    All I can say is Rihanna killed this b-I-t-c-h ‘s career million years ago

    • Clarksooon April 24, 2020

      Riri is pure b-i-t-c-h

  11. Can’t stand broke people April 24, 2020

    You all sound so ghetto and dumb.. This woman ain’t no Saint.. S*** happened and she lost.. My ex wife tried this on me and lost her ass to.. Just because she is a woman she shouldn’t have to pay??
    I hope 50 put her on the streets.. Maybe then some woman will learn to just shut and take and L sometimes instead of making it worse… The only people that back her are broke people who don’t get how it all works..

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