Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, & Demi Lovato Dazzle At ‘Disney Family Singalong’

Published: Friday 17th Apr 2020 by Sam

Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, and Demi Lovato were just a few of the major names who participated in ‘The Disney Family Singalong.’

The ABC special, which opened with a surprise performance from Beyonce, was aimed at lifting spirits during this testing time.

During the broadcast, stars shared stirring renditions of Disney classics. Their showings were interspliced with PSAs designed to raise awareness and funds for those whose finances and well-being have been affected by the global health crisis.

Grande wowed with ‘Hercules’ anthem ‘I Won’t Say I’m In Love,’ while Xtina gave a rousing roar with ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ from ‘The Lion King.’ Elsewhere, Demi Lovato and Michael Bublé performed ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’ from ‘Cinderella.’

All the action after the jump…

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[Photo Credit: ABC]

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  1. Never Be The Same April 17, 2020

    Christina is slaying it as always!!! Kudos to her!
    Ariana is getting there tho, like her too

    • Whip My Hair April 17, 2020

      Yesss Sir

    • Clarkson April 17, 2020

      Christeena is shitting it as always

  2. Burlesque April 17, 2020

    Christina is a songbird, Queen ?

  3. Bionic April 17, 2020

    Wow, Christina has a sweet and soulful version❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hologram April 17, 2020

    Britney can never sing that song without auto tune and struggle lol??

    • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita April 17, 2020

      Lol agreed

    • Clarkson April 17, 2020

      Who givez a f*ck Chris teena? Brit has more listeners than her

  5. Only Fads April 17, 2020

    I love their rendition of their respective songs, Xtina is a great singer, Beyonce is second, third is Demi and then Ariana

    • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita April 17, 2020

      Camila should be there but she’s too busy

      • Gworl Bye April 17, 2020

        Who??? ???????

      • B’Day April 17, 2020

        Flopmanly who!?! ???

  6. Wow April 17, 2020

    Omg!!!!!! Can’t You Feel the Love Tonight is so epic!!!

  7. Sam Smith April 17, 2020

    Team #Xtina here
    Demi = Ariana

    • Clarkson April 17, 2020

      Demi= 2nd hand Christina
      ariana = donoughtlicker

  8. ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita April 17, 2020

    Normani is a flop gurl
    I felt sorry for her

    • ??? April 17, 2020

      Lmaoooo is NOmance certified wood yet gurl? Lmaoooo ???

    • B’Day April 17, 2020

      Yes Flopmanly is flopping more lmfaooooo

  9. ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita April 17, 2020

    Camila and Ariana collaborations is in the works??? Hopefully Camila team turns it down

    • ??? April 17, 2020

      As much as flopmila has been flopping all over the place she better BEG ariana for that collabo lmfaoooooooo ???

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita April 17, 2020

        Camila don’t need Ariana. Ariana can’t even save herself from her floor single “Don’t Call Me Normani” ? ??

      • B’Day April 17, 2020

        Flopmanly who!?!

      • Whip My Hair April 17, 2020

        U call Camila flop when Normani is the one flipping while the first is successfully killing the music game right now lol

  10. Re April 17, 2020

    F*** these sing along from super rich celebs. We out here dying

  11. Ms lingling April 17, 2020

    Mulan ain’t coming and Diva getting no coins????

  12. ??? April 17, 2020

    Lmaoooo too bad flopmila and her floperella movie will never be seen lmfaoooooooo ???

    • B’Day April 17, 2020

      Beyoncé slayed your faves in singing and sales lmfaooooo

      • Clarkson April 17, 2020

        Crying at the club = flopp

  13. James April 17, 2020

    Beautiful renditions from both Christina and Ariana. Demi and Beyonce were also great. Loved it!!

    • B’Day April 17, 2020

      What do you think of Normani’s version?

      • Whip My Hair April 17, 2020

        Boring and flop

  14. B’Day April 17, 2020

    Christina gurl we knew you can sing , but stop screaming like we did something bad or Beyoncé did something bad at you lmfaooooo

    • Rich86 April 17, 2020

      Awww b*** hurt she sang it much better than basic voice Beyonce? Probably really pissed as well that Elton praised Christina’s version as the best rendition as well her? Lol

  15. B’Day April 17, 2020

    NeverMind I actually liked Xtina’s version here, I’m a fan now too?

  16. Whip My Hair April 17, 2020

    All this Camila vs fifth harmony brouhaha are getting tiring, not funny anymore

  17. Whip My Hair April 17, 2020

    Christina slayed the song! Well done Queen QuarantTina

    • Clarkson April 17, 2020

      She is whack as camilla

  18. #justice4bionic April 17, 2020

    Queen Xtina… sitting there comfy… singing live… and slaying others songs… thank you, next!

  19. PinotNoir April 18, 2020

    Is Ari eyeing the Pocahontas role? Looking a lot like the character now. At least she took off that red bracelet. Musta found out it’s one more money-grabbing cult.

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