Watch: Destiny’s Child & 3LW Group Members Clash In Leaked Video

Published: Friday 3rd Apr 2020 by David

By the time 3LW emerged on the scene in the year 2000, Destiny’s Child had solidified its status as one of the world’s highest-selling girl groups and was gearing up to end its first run with the album ‘Survivor’ which dropped in 2001.

Alas, though the group managed to evade media tales of feuds and rivalries at the time, today brought it with footage which lifts the lid on the highly competitive nature of Pop stardom.

Hit the link below to watch what happened when a member of the ‘A Girl Can Mack’ trio came face to face with one of Destiny’s Children

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UNSEEN: Dramatic footage of a pilot starring momentary #DestinysChild member #FarrahFranklin and #3LW’s #KielyWilliams has surfaced. And the shade was real! Sadly just one ep was filmed! Ps. That acapella 🥴

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The intense scene was first uploaded on Twitter and is believed to have been prised from a TV series which was to star Farrah Franklin and Kiely Williams.

It was not green lit.

Farrah joined Destiny’s Child in the middle of the band’s ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’ campaign and supported the band as it promoted the singles ‘Jumpin Jumpin‘ and the Grammy winning ‘Say My Name.’

Kiely rose to fame as a member of the group 3LW but also performed in the semi-fictional Cheetah Girls as well as the fictional Blue Mascara…a villainous force in Nickelodeon’s ‘Taina’ tale.

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  1. Tori April 3, 2020

    Girl, just tell people you don’t sing cause….

  2. Only Facts April 3, 2020

    All this broken promithesSs.

    When I tell you Farrahs singing sent me to the moon ??? Suuuuure, you definitely sang on say my name ??

    And Farrah, you must still be drunk from your DUI, because DC wasn’t the best selling girl group. That title belongs to the legendary TLC.

    • Justme April 3, 2020

      It actually doesn’t belong to them or DC.. it actually belongs to the Spice Girls and if you wanna get really technical,it’s The Supremes, seeing that billboard and Nielsen wasn’t around when they debut. They can be #1 because people really bought albums and singles back then.

      • JUST SAYING April 3, 2020

        Actually IT IS TLC! I just looked it up! IT was first The Supreme s then TLC took their spot. Destinys Child came close but disbanded before they could eclipse TLC. NONE OF D.C. albums sold 12 mil copies. TLC was doing that each album.

      • Gworl Bye April 3, 2020

        Um, no dear, TLC is the biggest selling American female group of all time period, “technical” or otherwise. That crown indeed belongs to them. Spice Girls are the biggest selling female group worldwide. The Supremes claim the title as the female group with the most #1 singles. And Billboard was around since 1958, so you’re wrong about that too. Don’t try to erase TLC’s place in history because you CAN’T.

    • Black Ja$mine, The REAL Princess Ja$mine Okurrr. April 3, 2020

      #Only did you come up with “All this broken promithesSs” all by yourself? So original no wonder you keep getting dissed by that smelly wet back.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ April 3, 2020

    Click bait

    I was expecting to see a video of 2000’s beyonce fighting a bìtch with kelly backing her up and supporting her in the fight

    • Reader April 3, 2020

      Exactly smh

    • Gworl Bye April 3, 2020

      Lmao, you will never see beyonce’s punk ass fighting anybody, her scary ass would be too busy hiding behind her sister lol.

      • Back@ya April 3, 2020

        Eww pls. Beyonce is above that. Go back to the trash you belong in!

      • CDW April 3, 2020

        Nope. She has and always will have people to fight for her. She don’t get messy or let the public see that side of her haha

    • Charli Cheer Up April 4, 2020

      True. We got an EX/one off DC member instead.

  4. XYZ April 3, 2020

    That DC performance…Beyonce was worse than Nicole Scherzinger is with the poor dolls. And her runs were hella annoying

    • Back@ya April 3, 2020

      B**** pls STFU. Lmao. No one cares about you stupid opinion about Bey. The girl didn’t make it this far in the industry if anything you said has any logic.

      • XYZ April 3, 2020

        Grow up

      • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

        Fcuk beyawnce, she is illuminatic hoo

    • Lanafan1 April 4, 2020

      Nicole was hired to be lead. And she played her part.

  5. Paulo April 3, 2020


  6. #TheTruth April 3, 2020

    She sounds like she should be credited for these sales.
    The material was already recorded, she didn’t do anything at all. So don’t sound like those sales happened partially because of you.

    Now to defend the girl a bit, not on this topic, she was used to keep the band with a quatuor image and they got rid of her like a piece of trash.

    I don’t think we’ll ever get the whole story but I bet she didn’t go through with Matthew’s orders. And also because she wasn’t good enough vocally and realized she was not a good fit.

  7. King Khia April 3, 2020

    Non news. I expected some juicier tea.

  8. Misty Knight April 3, 2020

    Kiely Williams is not a member of two multi-platinum selling acts.

    3LW’s only has one platinum-selling album, it’s debut which was certified platinum NOT multi-plat. The Cheetah Girls movie soundtrack is double-platinum, but it consists of eight tracks (runtime of 20 minutes), only four of which are performed by The Cheetah Girls. Not a full-fledged Cheetah Girls album.

    • CDW April 3, 2020

      Splitting hairs. Just let her have that one lol

  9. #Formulation April 3, 2020

    Heck, bey did not even jump once lol

  10. biancacook April 3, 2020

    every other destiny child is cryin laughin right now especially the ones her n michelle replaced. girl how u claiming a group that was popping when u arrived and left faster than u came. not a single one of them has reunited with her. she hasnt been on a red carpet since she left. why is she even on a television.

  11. Paulo April 3, 2020

    Kiely is wroooong but I can’t lie her brand of shade had me rolling. Farrah… I still can’t get over this crazy ass snippet with her shouting the lyrics lol

  12. biancacook April 3, 2020

    when i say beyonce has def come a long way. just the growth from this to her first live performance of crazy in love is huge. she def knew she had to do something cuz watching this im thinking, at the time this was great.

  13. Kay April 3, 2020


    • Ken tucky April 5, 2020

      Who give a f*ck this callgirl?

  14. Kay April 3, 2020


  15. J April 3, 2020

    What y’all know about TAIIIINAAAA?! ???

  16. phaestion April 3, 2020

    People always dogged Michelle’s dancing but…she held her own while Farrah’s lethargic behind was definitely the weak link in every aspect.

  17. eric April 3, 2020

    That was too fake. They rehearsed it too much.

  18. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. April 4, 2020

    Were the other members of D.C. even singing the background vocals? Sounds like the girls are just background dancers on the Jay Leno performance. It was def the Beyonce show. Sad.

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