Lil Wayne Roasted for Controversial Comments About #GeorgeFloyd’s Death

Published: Friday 29th May 2020 by Rashad

Four years after inciting fury for his controversial comments on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement (click here to revisit that), Lil Wayne is pissing off the group and its supporters once more after weighing in on the death of unarmed Minneapolis Black man George Floyd.

As has dominated headlines all week, Floyd died after an altercation with police when the arresting offer – Derek Chauvin – pinned his knee on the man’s neck for several minutes (as we reported here).

Taking to Instagram Live with fellow rapper Fat Joe recently, Wayne reflected on the incident by saying the hoopla that surrounds it may be misguided.

“I think when we see these situations, I think we also have to understand that we have to get very specific,” said Wayne. “We have to get so specific and what I mean by that, we have to stop viewing it from such a broad view, meaning we have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody of a certain race or everybody with a badge. We have to get into who that person is. If we want to place the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for not doing more than what we think we’re doing.”

From there, his commentary veered way left.

Later in the interview, Wayne reveals he usually opts out of sharing his opinion on these hot topics because he ponders the value of simply inciting conversations alone.

“The reason people always ask me why you don’t say this, why you don’t do that, what else am I gonna do after that? Some people put a tweet out and they think they did something. Some people wear a shirt, they think they did something,” he said. “I mean, what you gon’ do after that? Did you actually help the person? Did you actually help the family? Did you actually go out and do something? If I ain’t about to do all that, then I ain’t about to do nothing. I pray for them.”

To conclude, he suggested protestors arm themselves with facts before taking to the streets.

“What we need to do, we need to learn about it more. If we want to scream about something, know what we’re screaming about. You wanna protest about something, know what we protesting about. It’s a bunch of facts that we think we know that we don’t know. If we want to get into it, know what we talkin’ about before we talk about it.”


Needless to say, his words didn’t go over well.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts May 29, 2020

    Some artists just need to STFU about anything other than their music. Stupid fool

    • Jigglypuff May 30, 2020

      A crackhead who discover freaky minaj

  2. Paulo May 29, 2020

    *sigh* why don’t YOU go out of your way to help the family for instance since you clearly have resources that all of us ~just tweeting do not have? I don’t even dispute that argument cause it is true that Internet engagement does not equal change but HE is clearly in a privileged position to do something and he is doing nothing, apparently.

    it IS the badge when the institution of the Police lets people get away with murder time and time again, in the US and here in Brazil too. when something happens the same in different parts of the country, and even in multiple countries, time and time again it’s not an exception, it’s a standard.

  3. War May 29, 2020

    This is coming..from an idiot..whose fried his brain 🤯 with drugs..he, can’t see his own self affections..🤕

  4. May 29, 2020

    Do people try to understand what he is saying? he isn’t wrong not all cops are bad and a lot of people who are saying something about George Floyds death are just speaking for cloth and isn’t doing anything. not because Wayne’s view of the situation doesn’t go with some doesn’t mean he is wrong.

    • Ropeburn May 29, 2020

      I didn’t mind that. The problem is where he said we should blame ourselves! Funny how you just skipped over that part!

      • May 29, 2020

        What I got from that part is, that specific issue keeps happening over and over again and people is just be talking then the issue gets swept under the rug, nothing is being done. This wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last until something of a pivotal magnitude is done to break the cycle.

    • 32222222222222222222222222222222225 May 29, 2020


  5. Perfection is so…mhph 💅🏾 May 29, 2020

    Is it me or does lil Wayne look just like the rat from the ninja turtles?

    • Oliver May 29, 2020

      In another you mean he looks gross and dirty and I agree

  6. biancacook May 29, 2020

    ppl being mad at him for his statement and proving a part of it and dont even know it. like ppl dont think they go straight to outrage and this is the slavery kanye was talking about but yall wasn’t listening and therefore couldn’t comprehend. he is correct when he says u can’t blame all cops. when liam neilson or whatever, talked about wanting to cause harm to any black man for the assault on his friend ppl almost busted a vessel, why cuz not all black ppl are bad one specific black male assaulted her and this is no different.

    • Tino May 29, 2020

      Its the blame ourselves part you dumb asssss.

      • TyTy May 30, 2020

        Yeah…Blame yourselves for being hot AF and keeping them on that a$$! Where is this outrage when we do harm to ourselves, within our communities. Your stupid ass wasn’t listening and reading for understanding.

  7. tyty May 29, 2020

    You can blame all cops, they might not be all murdering racists but they all participate in upholding a system that hides and allows murdering racists to flourish so therefore they are all to blame 🤷🏽‍♀️. Otherwise cops would be out there campaigning for a revamped system.

    • TyTy May 30, 2020

      Ok…That’s a cute thought but where do you live? How will that help when there is a shooting in progress Chicago? Or pursuing fleeing suspects from shooting a 71 yo grandma in the head DC? Are you going to do it??

  8. Bardi bang May 29, 2020

    What did he say wrong?

    • Dear Black People May 29, 2020

      He said absolutely nothing wrong at all but certain people needs someone to blame instead of looking at them selfs first. What a bunch of sympathy wh()res, crying for nothing.

      • Truth May 29, 2020

        Soooo we should blame ourselves for them holding a knee on that mans neck? I had nothing to do with that. People are tired of having to protest just to get someone arrested that is on film. Not all police and whites are racist, but the silence is deafening. I personally would go on strike if I were an officer if I saw one of my colleagues on tape doing this with no action being taking against him.

  9. Bravo!! May 29, 2020

    I said this before, African Americans run the economy. We have the power to change and move the government in other ways. We all know why Kaepernick kneeled but we were too scared to kneel with him. Football, basketball, baseball, entertainment, black Americans run the town. A lot of them are uncle toms. They have the power to change the outcome. Just think if, Lebron, curry, and all-black basketball players say they will boycott games until this matter is addressed. The same with all-black football players. The same with movie stars, rappers, musicians can be the change. But we have Too many Uncle toms. I also said when Trump took office that there will be a war in America. This is just the beginning of the storm.

  10. Ebonee May 30, 2020

    Just a waste of talent no intellect whatsoever. If you don’t know s*** keep your hand in the sand and STFU. If you can’t speak are no don’t know s*** get your publicist to do your talking. Too many drugs is his problem and he really don’t want to be black or associated with his on kind damn fool

  11. TyTy May 30, 2020

    THAT OFFICER and the officers WHO HAVE BEEN RECKLESS in their use of force tactics ARE WRONG!

    These “protestors” who have destroyed their own communities, looted and used this to act out violence, are FKN STUPID AND WRONG!




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