Nicki Minaj Thanks Doja Cat & Fans For First Number One Single

Nicki Minaj has thanked Doja Cat and her fan base for taking her remix of the smash hit single ‘Say So‘ to number one.

Read her statement below…

Nicki and Doja aren’t the only ladies making major moves on the world stage.

Tap this button to discover how Megan thee Stallion and Beyoncé are soaring in the United Kingdom and here to find out how Rihanna is fighting COVID-19.

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ May 11, 2020

    Only queens have number 1’s

    Congratulations to doja
    RCA records was never the problem
    RCA records is a credible record label.
    Talent will always win

    No amount of Twitter hype or celebrity endorsement can help ur career when u have zero talent.
    Normani what’s good?

  2. ??? May 11, 2020

    lmaoooo the roaches and the retardi rats are FUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGG today! lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooo I live to see it lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    • C******* UNBOTHERED May 11, 2020

      Funny u slam Bey for getting a #1 with PERFECT (after already seeing #1 nine other times) But when Nikki after 9,999 Attempts pours her poor rapping abilities onto a song that was going to hit #1 or #2 anyway (Without her HITLESS name attached)…

      The difference is Meagan NEEDED Bey and Doja needed noone because she’s LIGHT SKIN and not a darkie like u or Nikki.

      I personally find Nikkis rhymes and her music to be the LEAST likable out of ALL the hot female rappers since 2014 till present (Beyonce included lol)

      7/11 and Savage goes harder than Nikkis entire discography

      • C******* UNBOTHERED May 11, 2020

        … Which is why Nikki has ZERO hits Solo. Cardi has 3 if I’m not mistaken 😂

  3. ??? May 11, 2020

    lmaoooooo the roaches and the retardi rats are FUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIING today!! lmfaooooo i live to see it!!

    • Bogus May 11, 2020

      You are so
      Pressed by Beyoncé still went number 2 and you said she couldn’t get a top 10 hit 🤭 glad to see Bey is still
      On your mind after so many years of you spamming comment section with your hate wow her impact she f***** your life up lmao well welcome back

      • ??? May 11, 2020

        lmaooo blah blah stfu and seethe and suffer bug, roach will never see #1 again, she’s a senior citizen in the music biz now lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂

    • Bogus May 11, 2020

      Only person that’s SEETHING IS YOU SCUM BUCKET! I live for every single lady in the top 2 spots on billboard 🤭🤭🤭

  4. Meme May 11, 2020

    I am happy for them. They really did what they had to do. Can’t say the same for beyonce who didn’t even bother promoting the remix. Even if she don’t care, she could have atleast posted it for Meg.

    • I can’t May 11, 2020

      Girl boo. Beyoncé doesn’t even promote her own music, and everybody, including Megan, knew this BEFORE she did the Savage remix. She’s not obligated to do anything beyond sing, because she’s a SINGER, not a public relations manager. Beyoncé’s approach to music is simply different, and if you want to work with her because you believe your talent combined with hers will create something special, i.e., being about the MUSIC, then you shouldn’t have a problem with that. Otherwise, call somebody else. If the charts is what you want, Call Lil Nas X and do a million remixes or better yet, have Samsung pay for them and then give it away for free.

      • tyty May 11, 2020

        Girl bye I love Beyoncé but this was pure arrogance and a mishap on her behalf there is no reason she couldn’t have promoted that song, a lil tik tok challenge on Instagram or even a 5 min live with meg singing the song live would have been bare minimum. Beyoncé fumbled and I’m sure meg was hoping Bey would do a little more.

      • my+name May 11, 2020

        yes because no matter what’s number one, the fact is savage remix is of better quality than Say So. period

      • I Can’t May 11, 2020

        Honestly, the reason for her not promoting the song is because she didn’t and doesn’t want to, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you wanted to strategically shoot for a specific goal, especially one that’s going viral on a social platform dominated by 15 year olds, relying on someone who never does any promo at all, to be the difference between you being #2 and #1, wasn’t a good idea. This has been her way for the last decade. I don’t know why you, Megan, or anybody else thought this was the exception. Beyoncé has consistently made it clear that she doesn’t care about anything beyond making the songs and dropping the songs, and when she does, y’all are standing here with the Pikachu face wondering why THIS time wasn’t different. And generally, for everybody, please calm down. Megan is not flopping. She’s at #2 and Beyoncé was a dream collaboration. She should still be elated. She’s probably happy for Doja, Nicki, and her own accomplishments. 🙄 You do not need to be validated by the hot 100.

      • I Can’t May 11, 2020

        @my+name Thats my point exactly, I personally think the Savage remix is waaaayyy better than Say So. That is why collaborations happen. To elevate. Some of y’all have it so twisted. Every collaboration does not have to be an elaborate scheme to top the charts. Chill out. The barbz didn’t even really care about the song. They were dragging Doja just a month before. It was aalll about the #1. That’s not as desperate a priority for some people…

      • Meme May 11, 2020

        Lololol you was onto something with this read until you tried to drag Rihanna into this with that Samsung comment.

        I think it’s quite laughable when beyonce fans claim beyonce don’t do promo. Sweetie, do you even know what promo is?

        1. Shooting a whole special and documentary
        2. Premiering an album on HBO
        3. A surprise release in itself is a promo tactic
        4. Shooting videos for everything track
        5. Release multiple single at once
        6. Performing your entire album at an award show.

        This my friend is promo on steroids. Lolol how dare you sit there and say beyonce don’t do promo. Real 🤡

      • Meme May 11, 2020

        @tyty I agree. That’s what’s said, she literally only had to do a lil 1 min tik tok dance and even just put it on her story and that alone could have push the song performance some more. I understand her not wanting to promote her music, but atleast do it for meg. That’s all I’m saying.

      • I Can’t May 11, 2020

        @meme 😭😭 Sweetie, you sound stupid. I think you’re confusing the product for the promo sis. Her docu-concert, music videos, visual albums, other performances, etc. ARE the product. That’s what she’s selling? Performances? Visuals? Her literal ALBUM? Lmao. That’s her product you dunce. Hence why people pay to watch, listen, and attend to access it. HBO and Netflix are platforms, paid platforms at that. That’s not the promo for the product. That’s the medium by which the product is being released? Because, I’m order for the public to see it, you have to… release it? And as you and I both know, as you’ve thoughtfully stated, Beyoncé is a special example of someone who’s product sells it’s one damn self. That’s an self-sustaining environment of productivity she cultivated for years, not a tactic she pulled out of her back pocket. Please have a seat.

        And furthermore, I am dead at you admitting that any mention of Rihanna’s desperate measure, is enough to trigger you into being an irrational retainer. 😭😭😭

      • Meme May 11, 2020

        @I can’t, you are really showing your lack of comprehension. The product is the actual music dumbo, and the music alone. Videos, documentaries, specials are all ways she promos her product (the music). When Beyonce puts her product on HBO, Netflix, perform the entire album in VMA’s…it reaches a much wider audience, HENCE PROMOTION. A 5th grader can figure that out.

    • May 11, 2020

      She won’t, she is full of her self like that.

    • G-bby May 11, 2020

      Beyonce barely promotes ANYTHING. After 23 years, she doesn’t have to. Her name is enough promotion in itself.

    • Tori May 11, 2020

      Meme, I’m sorry sis, you’re right up there with Clarsoon and Only Factz with being irritating as f#ck. The entire point of the remix was to give all the proceeds towards helping their hometown, NEITHER ONE OF THEM GAVE A F*** ABOUT A NUMBER ONE. Megan was going to be pleased with whatever position she got because its was already heading to be her highest with Bey and Bey actually likes the damn girl outside of the public and was just happy to help. There was no need to promote, it was already big and they’re not getting paid for it. Go sit your flip flopping azs in a dark corner and wait for Rihanna to feel like you lazy azs, unsupporting azs navy members are good enough for even a snippet of a 2 year old song with her struggles to carry the simplest lyrics and basic beats. You are always go back and forward with your loose booty opinion of Bey when shes achieve what your fav struggles to do more times than once, as a matter of fact, shes the reason Rihanna was even signed remember, she gave the opinion to sign her so your fav could do nothing more than sell $0.99 singles and make up because she damn sure ain’t selling albums or tickets with them half filled stadiums. Stay in your lane, if you have nothing nice to say, go harrass your favorite on Instagram where shes telling yall to leave her the fucknalone about an album.

      • Meme May 11, 2020

        Lol you sure told me. Sorry you think I’m annoying. I continue to remain one of the only truth tellers on the blog, along with Only factz. Cuz we tell it how it is. Y’all just fake.

      • Tori May 11, 2020

        Meme you tell nothing like it its, you tell it how you’re feeling at the moment, that’s the damn problem. And now you’re trying to cling to only facts when they’re one of the ones to tell you that you flip flop BECAUSE YOU DO! You’ll praise bey one moments and the very next comment try to discredit her. Then to try and discredit her in favor of Rihanna, off all artist you could put her against. Take your opinion, sot on it and ride because obviously you need some d***. You are one of the darkest pieces of s*** on here and you constantly show us but think you’re being real 🤦‍♂️.

      • Meme May 11, 2020

        @tori, I’m dead. Sweetie I don’t flip flop. See, the difference me and y’all…I am honest with how I feel. It doesn’t matter if I’m a fan of you or not. When you work is good, I’ll applaud you…but if you do something I don’t like, I’ll call you out. Y’all have stans and 1 opinion. No matter how p*** poor y’all fav work is, y’all still praise them. Not me.

        And yes, my feelings do change. I may start off hating an album or a single but grow to like it. That’s normal. It’s not flip flopping.

      • Tori May 11, 2020

        Sweetheart, we have watched you flip flop in the same damn post. What are you talking about? Even if the work is good, you’ll still find something to be on the fence about. You keep saying yall, when have I ever said I scanned for anyone beyoncé or any damn one? NEVER! that the difference between me and the rest of you chart hoppers. I actually care about the music, the instrumentation, the artist development, the creating of the brand, the ins and outs of the music industry, the way certain genres and subgenres work, vocal placements, production, writing…all yall care about is chart placement and cheating with streams because your favs can’t sell even though you’re not buying. You’re a Rihanna stan, that says it all. You’re not st all honest with how you feel if you can dive right into the comments with b******* and negative when you couldve easily pass up a post of artist you don’t like. As much as you try to play like you ‘care’ for Beyoncé, you take every chance to say what you didn’t like. So since you don’t like her so much, show how you really feel by NOT f****** commenting, ITS THAT SIMPLE. You and your ‘1opinion’ and one track ass mind aren’t needed. How are you going to say somebody fav is pics poor with the track record Rihanna has? Girl, go sit the f*** down and be humble.

      • Meme May 12, 2020

        @tori I’m not about to go back and forth about Rihanna music with you. Rihanna has consistently made superb music. Opinions vary but numbers don’t lie darling.

        And you are right, I speak negatively about beyonce a lot but it’s because my expectations for her is extremely. I’m not going to let anyone tell me how I feel about beyonce because I’ve been a fan of hers for 20 years. I’m just not going to sit here and praise her trap rapping and making garbage music giving the talent she has. To be the most talented living artist her music simply does not match her talent. It’s crazy how Rihanna doesn’t have half her talent but makes music that 20x better. Go figure.

      • Tori May 12, 2020

        B**** go to bbeeeeedddddd. You’re NOT a fan of Beyoncé, shes passed her peak and dgaf so f*** your expectations. You’re only a fan of the wind because you go where ever it blows you. Dont dont lie, that’s why Riri had to down size her tour and ultimately moved on from music right! Live performances dont lie either, that’s why nobody’s going to see half English speaking azs!

      • Bogus May 13, 2020

        Tori!!! Why did you drag Meme like that lmao!!!! You need to drag Clarkson next please and Alternative Facts

  5. Justme May 11, 2020

    She needs to keep pushing the song because its free falling on iTunes and the streaming numbers for it aren’t that good😳😳😳

    • NawNaw May 11, 2020

      The free fall on iTunes is a kiiii. Nicki will be done with Doja after this. Watch

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 11, 2020

      It doesn’t matter
      It has hit number one and that’s all that matters.

  6. NawNaw May 11, 2020

    🤣 this is the equivalent of when Trina did a performance to honor Nicki Minaj in 2011. The desperation. Thank dona for giving you your first #1 hit and only one you’ll ever get. You couldn’t get it with any of your other billion trillion singles. This is such a kii

    • May 11, 2020

      Dude wtf is wrong with you, I wish they had a protection for trolls.

    • Hmmm… May 11, 2020

      Lol, it took the barbz 10 years to save up $1.29.

      • Onika+The+R*****+Whisperer May 11, 2020

        That’s what happens when you spend all your money on drugs and abortions

  7. ME+YOU+US May 11, 2020

    Queen Tingz👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  8. High Price May 11, 2020

    Wow! I thought the numbers were coming tomorrow…. Well, a Congratulations is definitely due! Although #Sayso is just a natural hit! Both fan bases, ESPECIALLY those crazy ass barbs WORKED this past week. I saw the same thing Doja and Nicki saw and it was quite astounding to watch.

    Congratulations to you too Meg and Bey! You ladies MADE HISTORY! This moment will never be forgotten and will be always talked about. So even though there were other releases such as 6ix9ine, Meg can still work up the chart. At this point, the #1 spot can be easily up for grabs next week by anyone.

  9. Lucy May 11, 2020

    After how many failed attempts? Lmaoo where was all this energy for all her other flops ??
    The GARBZ are as stupid and Pathedic as their fave…*plays sheather* F** NICKI MINAJR U DUMB¿

    • Bogus May 11, 2020

      She had number 1s on the hip hop chart her actual genre but y’all didn’t care..and your playing shether after Remy regrets doing that song and had defended Nicki against losers such as yourself lol.

  10. Only Facts May 11, 2020

    Im sorry but if this was anyone except Nicki Minaj, this website and everyone on it would be dragging the artist. If Cardi B, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Normani, Demi Lovato, The Jonas Brothers, Oggy Azalea, Trina, or damn near ANYONE else did this, y’all would be DRAGGING them TGJ! I can’t with the double standards y’all give nicki. 🤣🙄😂😂 Good luck with that next album Nicki. I’m sure say so will be listed as your lead single right?

    • Bogus May 11, 2020

      Why are you so mad ? You’re not a fan of hers so why are you wasting your tine being upset that she hit a featured number 1? She’s had number 1s on billboards other charts such as Hip hop but you don’t care about that you’re upset she has one as a feature..we’re you gonna get upset if she got number 1 with Hot Girl Summer?

      • Only Facts May 11, 2020

        I said what I said. If any other artist pulled a stunt like this, ya would be dragging her. If this was Taylor SWOFT – whew chiillle. She would be demolished on this blog. The double standards are disgusting. But this won’t end well once it’s said and done. So congrats 🍾 enjoy this one and only number 1.

      • Bogus May 11, 2020

        How will it not end well? I like all the ladies in the top 2 spots on billboard how will this not end well? Just say you hate nicki Minaj because she truly was a trailblazer and you like Cardi only

  11. Bogus May 11, 2020

    Now a Nicki has a number one on each billboard chart..y’all only cared about the top 100 billboard chart but now she has that too congratulations Doja Nicki and Meg and Beyoncé

  12. Brandon32 May 11, 2020

    Finally after 11 years but She didn’t do it by herself she’s …….Behind😂😂😂😂

    • Only Facts May 11, 2020

      Exactly. The other female rappers with numbers ones weren’t added to the song after it was already a hit, they were on the ORIGINAL version. Nicki is always behind and she won’t be getting another #1. This generation doesn’t care about Nicki

      • Bogus May 11, 2020

        So Alternative Facts, wouldn’t the original Say So be number 1 if Nicki wasn’t needed?? 🤔 and with Tekashi dropping a song after having 2 million people on his live he’s probably gonna be number 1 next week.

      • Only Facts May 11, 2020

        The song was steadily climbing the charts without Nicki Gabaj. It would’ve reached number one without Nicki eventually. So, stop ✋🏽

      • Queen Nicki Minaj May 12, 2020

        You are certified doja and nicki hater while your fave normanly is a flop bish😂😂😂😂

  13. Ratexxx May 11, 2020

    Beyondfake doesn’t promote herself?

    Get the fugg out of here…Beyondfake promotes every dang thing she does…

    She cannot sell on her name alone anymore….hence jumping on a crappy remix…

    How much did her last album sell?

    And for the cardi b stans talking shyt….when was the last time she had a hit?

    Every songs after bodack orange…flopped…

    At least she has a grammy…bish please nobody checking for her a** anymore….she’s afraid to release her second album

  14. Ratexxx May 11, 2020

    Didn’t Beyondfake jumped on savage after Megan released the song before the remix…

    The Beyondfake stans are the stupidest stans base out there….

    Cardi b stans ….your bish has a grammy…so why the fugg tall on here getting excited over a bish that’s supposed to be over?

    • Queen Nicki Minaj May 12, 2020

      The arrogance of beyonce fans 😂

  15. Tori May 11, 2020

    Isn’t it complete ironic that for the la zdx t decade, the Barbz have been making fun of Lil Kim for her #1 single being featured but are now celebrating Nicki for be featured on a #1? WHY YALL CANT KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY NOW THAT IT APPLYS? Why didnt yall give her solo efforts the same time of day since being the solo act was so important when it came to Kim? Yall are riding the coat tail of Doja, who yall were so upset with just a few weeks ago, sf o you’re face could have a number one…as a feature…which you made fun of?

  16. Pinkypubic May 11, 2020

    They look like dolls…Congratulations. Beyonce and Meg look worn and torn out. Sorry not Sorry……

  17. PinotNoir May 11, 2020

    Watch her announce pregnancy.

  18. Queen Nicki Minaj. May 12, 2020

    Congrats Queen Nicki and Doja for hitting the #1 spot!!!! Im crying😭
    Thats why Never say Never!
    That Grape Juice, Christina Aguilera is #1 in itunes right now in MV category

  19. Charli+Cheer+Up May 12, 2020

    Still tearing up after the news. Nicki Minaj is a Generous Queen that influenced Doja Cat. Now she got her first #1 with someone she inspired. Well deserved.

  20. Lolhah May 12, 2020

    As someone said, I’d be funny if they won a Grammy for best Rap Sung collaboration by a duo! Talk about salt in the wound.🤣🤣.

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