Rihanna: “I’m Saving The World…Unlike Y’all President”

Published: Saturday 11th Apr 2020 by David

Rihanna wants fans to know that doing what she can to solve problems caused by COVID-19 is her biggest priority at the moment.

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The musician has launched a number of initiatives to combat the disease and the havoc it is wreaking globally and recently saved her own father from the illness by using her resources to find him a ventilator when he contracted it.

Last night she stepped into Instagram Live’s arena to get in on some quarantine action and teased fans who asked her to deliver a new album by pointing out that she, unlike Donald Trump, was too busy saving the world to worry about trivial issues.

Watch below…


Hit this link to find out how she is doing it.

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  1. I love big black c** April 11, 2020

    Totally feeling her C-O-C-K-I-n-e-s-s! (hate it)!!! Just put out R9 already. She is doing too much and saying too much!!!!!

  2. Remey April 11, 2020

    I love this woman. She’s like, “look…I’m trying to do some good for this world and y’all talking about a reggae album…while people are dying and being laid off? Whew….”

    This is a queen!

  3. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 11, 2020

    She has a point. Y’all out here pointing fingers at celebrities who are coming out with well wishes videos and artists who are signing at home and donating and here is Rihanna putting her money wheee her mouth is and you wanna turn around and ask for R9 when the world is going to Shîît. Some ppl are still in DENIAL about the impacts this will have on people for years to come SMH ??‍♂️

    • Xyz April 13, 2020

      Shutup d**** eater… she is richest mistress ever

      • Xyz April 13, 2020

        İ meant dil do eater

  4. tyty April 11, 2020

    Poor navy. She hasn’t made music in so long and with the excitement and success of numerous business ventures and philanthropy… somewhere along the line she lost motivation for music. Plus she actually can enjoy fame, fortune and a private life now without music. She will release music just don’t expect it to be a priority or her number 1 love anymore.

    • PinotNoir April 11, 2020

      Her hits can carry us into 2021.

      • Xyz April 13, 2020

        Fcuk her hits she iz underwear seller

  5. Lol April 11, 2020

    Why are people even asking her that? All that’s going on and her weak ass fan base is still begging her for an album?

  6. Fancy BISH April 11, 2020

    Yaaas! ?

  7. Only Facts April 11, 2020

    I can’t spot a single lie. Rihanna is Queen. And why has Beyonce been so silent? I love Bey and Rih, but why hasn’t Beyonce said or done anything??

    • Jes April 11, 2020

      Because she doesn’t have to, that’s why.

    • Onika The R***** Whisperer April 12, 2020

      Because she doesn’t care about y’all. How many times to we have to say she only cares for your coins?

    • XYZ April 12, 2020

      She never says or does anything. Unless it’s for promo

    • Xyz April 13, 2020

      Queen mistress

  8. Unnatural April 11, 2020

    Rhi better chill before her fans and this govt has her deported. She already know that man dont like Caribbeans or women.

  9. eric April 11, 2020

    Trump is not my favorite, but people are putting this all on him as though he had complete and total control over when and where the virus would emerge. He’s being told not to open the economy back up while people suffer out of work, and he’s being told to immediately fill every hospital with more ventilators and staff and provide protective measures for all essential businesses that remain open. How does Rihanna suggest he do all of that since she has the answers to save the world?

    • Jes April 11, 2020

      FYI,..Trump did have complete control. Trump was WARNED in the beginning, even by his own administration. And what did he do, ignored and down played it for a month. Yes a mouth. Even calling it a Democratic hoax. So please inform yourself on the timeline on his response to this epidemic. Btw, he dismantled Obama’s pandemic team, a team that would have helped with this virus. So yeah, this is all his fault.

      • Are You Kidding Me? April 11, 2020

        Thank you. He put Pence who is an anti-vaxer and had an H** pandemic in his homestate in charge of C*******. He got rid of the Global Health Security team, This is how Obama contained ZIka/Ebola. Trump is arrogant beyond compare, thinking he knows better than doctors.

        He went from saying it’s a hoax to if only 100,000 people die, he did a “very good job”. The man is mad and anyone defending him has mental issues.

  10. Carlitos April 11, 2020

    Not only does she have a big forehead, but that head of hers is getting way too big for her britches.

  11. John Q Public April 11, 2020

    Damn you people are truly sorry. This forehead with a weave is irrelevant. Are you people so shallow and useless that you care one way or the other when her album is released. And she’s trying to save the world? Really? Really? This is the problem with the world today. I’m not saying you people should worship Jesus, but look at the people you choose to worship instead. And yes, you assclowns worship the likes of Rhianna, Bey (glorified pole dancer) and Bey’s husband, the African camel that glorifies drug dealing, violence and conspicuous consumption.

    • I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte bitchezz April 12, 2020

      Rihanna is beautiful short or long hair…
      Stop taking what she said so seriously, she also said Beyonce was her favorite artist when it is Mariah Carey…

    • XYZ April 12, 2020

      Rihanna donated millions and does something to protect people living in a domestic relationship. What are you doing?

  12. I Hate Blllacck n Whyyyte bitchezz April 12, 2020

    So now she wants Daddy to breathe

  13. Oh na na April 26, 2020

    Girl shut up u don’t have the hit song and u hiding behind saving the world Trump and c****. No one need u to save the world & u can’t. Such a stupid thing to say. If she had her global hit she would’ve dropped the song and been typically cocky self on IG. U better find that hit Becuz that reign will let up and the hating the public gives everyone will finally begin on u. U like a year away from has been territory.

  14. Oh na na April 26, 2020

    Bad gal Riri if u so damn bad say something about China who started this mess. Nah too scared. Trump will score u some more points cause u been fading for a while.

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