Twitter Roasts Trina For Slamming Race Riots

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jun 2020 by Sam

Trina is renowned for saying her mind. And usually, the femcee finds herself on the side of public favor.

However, that wasn’t the case after comments made on her Miami radio show about the racial tensions that have erupted in the wake of the death of unarmed Black man George Floyd. As widely reported, he lost his life after police officer Derek Floyd knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes.

Find out why Trina is trending for all the wrong reasons below…

In a fiery exchange with co-host Trick Daddy, the rapper slammed the rioting that has engulfed the US. She took particular issue with what she described as the destroying of Black businesses by Black people.

Yet, it was her coloring in of her personalized experience that seemed to irk folk the most.

Case in point her comment about not being worried about getting pulled over by the police because she has her license and registration. 


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Unsurprisingly, her words ignited flames of fury:

Not all lashed. Some rallied in support of her:

With that, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bardi+#1 June 3, 2020

    A mess!

    • Fancy BISH June 3, 2020

      That’s exactly what I was thinking 😂 ✅ I know Khia is ready to sit in front of that bookshelf right about now 🤣 📚

      • Hated for my opinion June 3, 2020

        And you know it 😂😂😂😂

      • Rebbeca June 3, 2020

        @Clarksoon 85% of white people that are killed in America each yr, are killed by other white people. Yet we never hear the phrase “white on white crime”. “Black on black crime” is a phrase that is coined specifically for black people to create a feeling of self hatred and disunity within the community.

  2. Hfh June 3, 2020

    She is right stop being fake.
    People can’t listen to other opinions they are so quick to take words out of context without getting the point.
    BLM where are the protests against black on black crimes? Why you only wake up when it’s white on black crime? And you shouldn’t ruined all your neighborhood and the black small businesses or even the small white businesses. You are starting a civil war!! There are videos of blacks forcing whites to kneel or kiss their shoes WTF?! Wake up! Old black people cant even buy food or drive to buy food cuz you looted all the shops and no bus driver will risk his life to get them to an open shop. All the young rioters acting without thinking. All the enemies of USA are happy as f***. They put adds on Facebook to brainwash more young people to join the BLM riots. Antifa is playing with the riots 2. You just enjoy looting and acting like anarchists. You forgot the meaning of the protests. And you dont care about it cuz you having fun looting gold chains and diamond earrings, and cellphones and flat TV’s and shoes and clothes. Dont be fake and how can the black community fight against racism and hate crimes when they are homophobic just like white supremacists? And when they hate jews even more than white supremacists. The black community talks about people not educating themselves about black history but are we educated about LGBTQ and jews history???

    • 32222222222222222222222222222222225 June 3, 2020

    • Pat June 3, 2020

      Whites looted this whole country and created this issue we have now. Be glad blacks only want justice and not revenge

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

        What revenge
        Because white people are not fighting back that’s why u are getting brave.

        If this escalates and turns into white vs. Black, every black person in America will be slaughtered.

      • Jean June 3, 2020

        There was no country here when whites got here, just undeveloped land. Without the white people there would be no roads, airlines, car engines, trains, and skyscrapers. There was just open land and scattered tribes of people. America is the greatest country ever established in the history of mankind. A place where you can go from poor to a rich in one generation with ingenuity and hard work. Native Americans were caught up in tribal wars with one another and the white tribe was just another war. Fortunately , unlike other tribal wars that are squandered and the spoils wasted, America emerged and has provided hitherto opportunities never imagined. Flawed but still the best for big dreamers. We go to the moon,

  3. Cody+s June 3, 2020

    I stand and rock with Trina. Not only that y’all are really about to feel it when the good cops leave because Of all this non sense. Have fun

  4. Fancy BISH June 3, 2020

    Do The Right Thing is so touches on everything! TGJ, y’all might want to do a new article about it 💯 What do people do when they don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods? Never felt safe! They invested in their neighborhoods with their hard earned money but feel like they’re constantly being disrespected and devalued? And when the cops show up they kill them instead of protect and serve? What do people do when they’ve had enough? It’s easy to criticize the looting and destroying, but there’s more than that…some call it destroying, but others might call it starting from scratch! A do over! Stop acting like the system is really working! And then there’s another thing…gentrification, ready to come and clear you out…and with ALL of that, you STILL love your neighborhood and your people…in the summer too…woo chile, Spike got it right ✅ 👊🏽 ❤️

  5. Detruth June 3, 2020

    Trick is a horrible debater someone else should have been there to educate trina. Black on black crime is something ppl that lack intelligence bring up. Black ppl are punished for their crimes white officers are not. It’s like y’all kill each other why can’t we kill y’all? Even though they kill themselves and other ppl more than anyone. You Cant make this mess up!

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

      When arr you gonna talk about the 49 shoot outs in Chicago during memorial day weekend.

      Black on black crime is REAL.

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

      In 2015, 89 percent of black murder victims where killed by black perpetrators

      Continue running away from the truth

      • Detruth June 3, 2020

        Revert to my original comment about black on black crime. You are 1 of those unintelligent people I mentioned. It’s alot of knowledge out here but you can remain uneducated if you like.

      • Rebbeca June 3, 2020

        85% of white people that are killed in America each yr, are killed by other white people. Yet we never hear the phrase “white on white crime”. “Black on black crime” is a phrase that is coined specifically for black people to create a feeling of self hatred and disunity within the community.

    • eric June 3, 2020

      “Black ppl are punished for their crimes white officers are not.” As if our communities aren’t plagued by a no snitching code that leaves a large number of crimes and black homicides unsolved.

      • Detruth June 3, 2020

        If the police know a black person did it regardless if someone “snitched” or not the black person would go to jail. You’re clearly just as uneducated as the first commenter and its probably the same person.

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

        Most of the cops who kill black people are not racially motivated
        Accidents, and unnecessary force.

        This George floyd incident was not racially motivated.
        That cop didnt set out to kill a person.

        I wasnt premeditated.
        It was an mishap.
        He was wrong for kneeling on the back of his neck.

      • eric June 3, 2020

        “If the police know a black person did it regardless if someone “snitched” or not the black person would go to jail.” Why is crime prevalent and black homicides on the rise if all known black criminals are being locked up? Just because the police know something doesn’t mean they have the evidence and witnesses needed to put the person away.

      • Detruth June 3, 2020

        Firstly we can’t completely trust the numbers of the ppl that are killing us and making us the face of violence and if we do then you can also look up the statistics of the race most exonerated for their crimes. We have been wrongly convicted plenty of times and many blk ppl still sit in prison for wrong convictions. It’s also a fact we get more time for the same crimes than other races especially whites. If a black person is caught on video committing murder they would be arrested don’t be dumb and racist your entire life its still time to change.

  6. Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

    But did she lie?

    And she never called black people animals.
    She said the thugs destroying the city are animals.

    • Pat June 3, 2020

      Yes she did. She thinks she’s safe cuz she has license and registration. In her defense She’s never been the brightest tho

      • Clarks0oñ June 3, 2020

        I’m talking about the part were she talked about blacks killing blacks.

        The statistics are alarming

        Blacks kill more black people every year
        Blacks kill more white people every year.

    • Pat June 3, 2020

      talk about everything. N get informed. People react with people in proximity to them whether that be good or bad. Whites kill mostly whites and killings in Chicago are a result of years of systemic racism, unfair housing, drug planting, under funded education systems. You enjoy being racist. That’s ur prerogative but Inform yourself

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

        All I did was talk , talk , talk, no statistical data to back ur arguments up.

        White people are in close proximity with other white people by the murder rate not high.

        Inter racial violent crime incidents 2018

        Black on white-500k +
        Black on Hispanic- 112k+

        White on black- 59k+
        White on his Hispanic-200k +

        Hispanic on white- 300k+
        Hispanic on black-44k

        Source: bureau of justice statistics, national crime victimization survey.

        Receipts dont lie.
        If white people start protesting everytime a black person killed a white person, they will be protest every day.

        BLM should protest black on black crimes also.

      • eric June 3, 2020

        @Pat. We don’t always get to choose the conditions and circumstances we live in, but we do get to choose how we respond to it. It doesn’t take fair housing and a well funded educaton system to know that cold blooded murder is wrong.

  7. Rebbeca June 3, 2020

    @Clarksoon, 85% of white people that are killed in America each yr, are killed by other white people. Yet we never hear the phrase “white on white crime”. “Black on black crime” is a phrase that is coined specifically for black people to create a feeling of self hatred and disunity within the community.

    • eric June 3, 2020

      If we’re not supposed to differentiate, why do we say “black lives matter”? There is a disparity worth noting when we argue for equality and say black lives matter but we continue to kill and steal from each other (“black on black crime”) without a single riot.

      • Pat June 3, 2020

        Quit comparing outcomes In institutionally disparaged areas to areas of privilege. Laws set up to trap blacks in the legal system and take away our rights to vote etc. crime in black neighborhoods is a multi layered situation that cannot be solved for future generations with just a koom by ya

    • Jean June 3, 2020

      No it is not he % of blacks killing blacks it is the murder ‘RATE” the per capita murder among black people is about 6x greater than whites. That means if whites kill each other at 5 per 100,000 then blacks will 30 murders per 100,000. It is the murder concentration, that is why people harp on black on black crime.

  8. eric June 3, 2020

    If stealing and tearing up businesses owned by blacks, whites, Latinos, etc. isn’t animalistic behavior, what is it? CNN interviewed multiple black business owners and investors who are cleaning up from looting and fires. Are you telling them they’re just a casualty of war? Their families and their livelihood for the last 30 years is worth less than the stolen shoes or jewelry or burned out shell left behind?

  9. Jean June 3, 2020

    To people around the world, Im black. The cops pulled me over many times, I haven’t had insurance nor registration but I had politeness, humility, and contrition for knowing I was wrong and most of the time the white cops have let me go. Its when you start selling out. People are human. Humans make mistakes. Black people by and large act up inter personally more than whites. White people almost seem sedated next to black people. We turn up all the time. You see it in the schools from elementary all the way up, the black kids act out way more in “general”. Still love em but its the truth. No one can say the truth. I love black people but , we have a lot of ADHD , and aggression in our ranks and those people have constant interaction with the police increasing the probability of a negative occurrence and if the police don’t handle these brothas, their energy is going to turn the community to a veritable jungle as you see in New York, that is what it will be. Why do you think these pejoratives exist? Concrete jungle? Black people seem like they don;t know black people Trina done seen both sides , she done traveled the world and knows the truth. These brothas need therapy or medication to calm down, remember it was the liberals, Hillary and Joe passed that crime bill to get the “super predators” under control and they did and we are going to go into another cycle again. Let them loose until we have uncontrollable crime and then even the liberals will come back with a crime bill.

  10. Brooklyn 305 June 3, 2020

    Trina needs to go she is to disrespectful she disrespected the young lady couple weeks ago . Now is she don’t go she need a time out of something

  11. Ace June 5, 2020

    Trina was right

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