‘Dance’: Toni Braxton’s Next Single Revealed

Published: Friday 17th Jul 2020 by Rashad

In April (as we reported here), Toni Braxton announced her yet-titled ninth studio album – the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Sex & Cigarettes’ – would be unveiled in August.

Although she’s not confirmed if that is still the case, what is for sure is she’s moving forward with teasing content from the forthcoming project.

After making Urban Adult Contemporary history with the radio spins from set’s first single, the slow jam ‘Do It’ (which was later revamped by Missy Elliott as we reported here), the tune’s producer, Antonio Dixon, is lifting the lid on what her fans – affectionately called #ToniTigers – can expect next.

More inside:

Dixon (pictured above) has collaborated with Braxton on a number of tunes including work found aboard her 2006 album ‘Libra,’ 2014 Babyface-duet album ‘Love, Marriage, & Divorce,‘ 2018 album ‘Sex & Cigarettes,’ and more.

After garnering critical acclaim for their reunion R&B hit, ‘Do It,’ the duo are set to follow with a 70’s-inspired new song as revealed by the songwriter-producer in a recent interview.

Taking to our friends at YouKnowIGotSoul recently, he announced:

“Q: Talk about what you and Babyface are doing with Toni Braxton right now and of course she just put out the single ‘Do It”.

A: That was one I did for her. I had the music prepared already. We worked on some ideas in the studio. I sent Toni just the music and she called me right away and she was like “I think I know what the song is going to be about”. She came back into the studio when she came in town and we cut it right away. I’ve worked with Toni since her “Libra” album so I look at her as my big sister. We just try to figure out what she wants to do and we listen to a lot of records. We just catch her in the moment of what she’s loving and try to come up with some things. We’re still in the process of working on that one.

The next record coming out is “Dance” which is for those that want to go rollerskating. It has some 70’s disco to it. That’s going to be the next single coming out. I’m finishing up on that project.” [source]


As of time reported, there is no tentative release date for ‘Dance.’  Until then, enjoy this remixed version heard below:

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  1. Susan July 17, 2020

    Uh…Toni isn’t your sister in the hospital? Let’s focus on that. Wishing Tamar a speedy recovery

    • marilyn monh-O-E July 17, 2020

      So what? Hunny she’s not a Dr. Can’t help her anyway, instead of wasting time on some fake family business

    • Haterz+Gon‘+Hate July 17, 2020

      Do you know how long it takes to record an album? The PR takes a long time to coordinate IN ADVANCE – Tamar done gon in hospital only yesterday and THIS GUY gave an interview NOT TONI – you know nothing about the turmoil this family is going behind closed doors. Sit 👉🏾💺💺💺💺 because yo ass ain’t streamin or buying Toni’s material anyway.

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