#FreeBritney Protests Erupt Outside L.A. Courthouse Calling for End to Singer’s Conservatorship

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020 by Rashad

Britney Spears fans, affectionately called the #BritneyArmy, came ready for war against proponents of the singer’s ongoing conservatorship plan.

As has been widely reported, Wednesday (July 22) marked the date the diva’s case would be reopened for review before the court.  Due to the global health crisis, she reportedly attended virtually via video conference. Her supporters, on the other hand, opted to take the live approach despite the public being barred from the courthouse.

Setting up shop in front of L.A.’s Stanley Mosk Courthouse, dozens of sign-wielding protests gathered to demand Spears be released from a court-ordered conservatorship that’s controlled everything from her personal life to her finances, medical care, and more for the last 12 years.

Footage inside:

In the past, members of the public have been allowed in the court to view similar hearings.  However, due to the high-profile nature of the case (and the ongoing global health crisis), the judge barred the media and any unnecessary spokespersons from entering.

This isn’t the first time the #BritneyArmy got in formation for their fave.

In late 2019 (as seen in footage obtained by TheBlast), the group organized a peaceful protest to call for an end to what they deemed ‘conservatorship abuse.’

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  1. Susan July 22, 2020


    • C**-ila July 22, 2020


      Her father, doctors & team need to stop being leaches and give back Britney her Freedom!
      They’re worse than KFed 😫

  2. Latinisssima July 22, 2020

    Britney’s father is a monster. She has the right to be free again. A grown woman who is successfull in her career, a great mother and good person that hasn’t commited any crimes at all. #FREEBRITNEYNOW

    • Susan July 22, 2020

      LOUser Taylor is a part of this cship too. It’s not just Colon Spears

  3. Gary July 22, 2020

    I just wish Britney was free to gain her personal life and find her passion for dance again and kill it like she used to do. She can still dance now but that fire is missing 🔥 it’s what we all don’t know we need

  4. Clarks0o0ñ July 22, 2020

    You guys took her children from her, of cause she’s going to spiral out of control and start acting out which mother wouldn’t

    Free britney.

    I hope her father goes to jail for stealing her money

  5. #TheTruth July 22, 2020

    No one knows what’s really going on with her anyway. Whether it’s her mental state or her actual freedom.

    Is there a valid reason for that conservatorship ?
    Or is she surrounded by a bunch of vampires ?

  6. Erica July 22, 2020

    All this y’all been judging her about her dance abilities, but this whole time she been fighting for freedom. I wouldn’t give a f*** about performing either. When I’m only being used for money & cant spend any of it herself. Her whole situation is tragic!

    • Susan July 22, 2020

      This ⬆️

  7. Rashad July 22, 2020

    Aside from the events from 2007 and her bizarre Instagram posts did these people forget she burnt down her gym earlier this year and didn’t see any problem with it? She’s unwell. Unless they’re doctors they should prob listen to the experts

    • Clarks0o0ñ July 22, 2020

      It was an accident

      “She accidentally burnt her gym due to a fire caused by two candles she left burning and had forgotten about.”

      Its was an accident.

      Same almost happened to me

      I was cooking on a faithful day and i mistaken fell asleep, i woke up and there was smoke everywhere, what I was cooking was burning, I quickly ran to the kitchen, turned of the gas and removed the pot from the burner. the food had turned black. I was young. It was a learning experience.

      These things happens to people

      People literally forget to unplug their pressing iron from the socket. Etc

      Britney needs to be freed from this prison NOW

      • Gworl Bye July 23, 2020

        That just means that youre as big of an idiot as britney.

    • Susan July 22, 2020

      You think serious doctors would still be trying to find the right cocktail for her after 12 years? They have an incentive to keep her in this cship so they can all line their pockets and allegedly only give her a $1500 weekly allowance! They’ve also blown her money because the latest docs show she’s only worth around 50 mill allegedly (When she should be worth 200+ given her catalog and fragrances and tours and residency). They want her to look as crazy as possible so they can keep her as their cash cow allegedly. Free Britney! She can’t even vote! And she wants to get married and have another baby. Give this woman her freedom!

  8. marilyn mon-H-o-E July 22, 2020

    I can’t stand people protesting for everything. How about just stay home or Go to work???? Please be productive and we are paying taxes for jobless people like them. It is so not fair!

  9. Dnny July 23, 2020

    Bunch of idiots who don’t know s*** about mental illnesses, and claim to be more knowledgeable that a doctor?


    • Gworl Bye July 23, 2020

      Lol exactly, these fandoms are nothing but a bunch of morons with too much time on their hands that only want to see their washed up faves performing on stage again, they could care less about her well being. Britney idiots are even more pathetic, they keep wishing for the Britney from 20 years ago and are too delusional to realize her time has passed and its not coming back lol.

  10. K.B. July 30, 2020

    People!, people! Britney Spears is in jail for life. Don’t believe me,2021 January or February all will be revealed, she had never getting out of jail.

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