Social Media Responds To August Alsina’s ‘Entanglement’ With #WillSmithDeservesBetter Hashtag

Published: Monday 20th Jul 2020 by David

Social media is weighing in August Alsina‘s ‘Entanglement’….the song in which he details his romantic relationship with Will Smith‘s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Media spectators fear the relationship, and the details surrounding it, may sully Will Smith‘s public image as a virile All-American alpha male after Alsina claimed that the actor (who is almost twice his age) gave him permission to bed his wife.

Will denies the claim…but that’s done little to stop talk that the scandal is humiliating.

Read the GP’s thoughts below….



The #WillSmithDeservesBetter hashtag was launched by those of Smith fans who feel that the outing of the relationship has turned him into a laughing stock.

Insulting, considering his position as one of the world’s most influential actors and humanitarians.



Some of the song’s lyrics read….

I’m bein’ honest baby, don’t want no strings attached (Uh-uh)
You just want a ***** that’s gon’ break your back.




Should Will respond?

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  1. Ugghh July 20, 2020

    Y’all know damn well this Jada want the first to wonder in this marriage.

    August stop ruining lives with your f**** boy or stunt.

    He literally had to go to the dictionary and look up entanglement and repeated it the whole damn song? Like is this a copying mechanism because you still can’t move on bro. SHE WAS MARRIED AND WAS NEVER LEAVING

    You hurt your own damn feelings.

    He should have just kept the little image he had of being that “Chris Brown look alike but sick” because at least we felt bad

  2. wi hate bllackk nn whhytee bitchhhezz July 20, 2020

    why does will have a stick in hands did jada take a pregnancy test?

    he is such a kool guy, philly always love Will Smith they say you are thee only good man that was here…

  3. Lmfao_Hoe July 20, 2020

    While everyone was showing sympathy to his ass I was sending mine to Will, Jaden, and Willow because this is humiliating smh. August knows damn well he could’ve answered his question differently before now he’s caused a damn mess that could’ve and been handle privately. He’s no damn victim atleast in this regards. Don’t f****** kiss or tell. Your album still tanked and so will this bs single off of hype. Will and the fam just don’t respond his ass gonna fade just like he did years ago. Another topic or social issue will overshadow this foolishness

  4. eric July 20, 2020

    Initially, he said this was about healing. Now he’s just showing machismo and being hurtful and vindictive.

  5. king c July 20, 2020

    Wow. This the first time anyone cared about him since 2014 lmaooo

  6. July 20, 2020

    Yup it is messed up, so so messed up.

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