Nicki Minaj Announces Pregnancy

Published: Monday 20th Jul 2020 by Sam

Nicki Minaj is going to be a mom!

For, the rapper has officially announced that she is expecting a baby.

Full story below…

Taking to Instagram, Onika shared the news by posting the pic above with the caption: “preggers.”

Minaj’s incoming bundle of joy will be her first child with husband Kenneth Petty.


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  1. Clarks0o0ñ July 20, 2020

    Having a kid for a registered sèx offender.

    Gurl, do better.

    • wi hate bllackk nn whhytee bitchhhezz July 20, 2020

      atleast MRS. nicki minaj petty waited until she got married to get pregnant, unlike the rest of you single ebt foodstamps, welfare baby mamas and baby daddy

      wic check bitchess….learn something

      career 1st
      marriage 2nd …..yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nicki

      • ROCKSTAR July 20, 2020

        Lol you really thought you did something there. Onika being married isn’t a bragging point considering her mate is a p********, r*****, s** offender and murderer. She’s too old to be making such poor life choices. Jesus be a fence around her baby Bc he/she will need it. FACTS!

      • AJ July 20, 2020

        Why does it matter that she waited to get married. Abosutely shameful that she says “I’m leading the pack for women” and then having a baby with a secks offender

      • Garbaj July 20, 2020

        Ms. Garbaj will give birth a potential predator

    • Robin July 20, 2020

      Prego by a s** offender ill, gross 🤮

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      She cant do better, she is dissgusting

  2. Jackx July 20, 2020

    Congrats, now go retire with your baby and P******** husband

    • ME+YOU+US July 20, 2020

      U go not retire cause you can’t afford to retire looking ass..

      • Garbaj July 20, 2020

        Garbaj will make a Lil peddo baby. His name must be tekashi

  3. DC3 FOREVER July 20, 2020


    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      Why u congratulate her spastic? Do we need a predator’s baybee?

    • Hmmm July 20, 2020

      Good for you, Nicks! Just be sure to name the baby “ Solo # 1” so you can actually have one!

  4. Mmk July 20, 2020

    Makes sense. When the music ain’t poppin no more, pop out a baby. Good for you gurl.

    • Jammy July 20, 2020

      She got two #1 songs this year alone. What u saying?

      • Susan July 20, 2020

        She BOUGHT two #1 songs this year alone.*** Fixed it for you 😊

      • Dc July 20, 2020

        Features not her songs she flopped 100 tries could’ve got one on her own she’s washed up

      • Gag July 20, 2020

        Lol y’all were saying nobody was paying for number 1s when Nicki called it out now you believe when she gets 2 number 1s lol. CONGRATULATIONS NICKI.

      • miz123 July 20, 2020

        you celebrating those tired ass number 1s?
        you barbz will accept anything. poor things

    • Keys July 20, 2020

      The music still popping sis, she was on 2 #1 songs in the same year during a pandemic. Not everyone has that to their credit.

      • Susan July 20, 2020

        She bought those 2 #1 songs hun

      • Truth July 20, 2020

        You jelly or yes?

      • ME+YOU+US July 20, 2020

        U mean she finally was apart of what all of them do…bt when she does it ..then somehow she’s judged for it…you people make my day…I love consistentcy..🤣🤣🤣

      • Dc July 20, 2020


      • Garbaj July 20, 2020

        Fcuk off u Lil cocrache.. people need cure, not a baby from ugly s****

      • AJ July 20, 2020

        Who cares if she has 2 number ones? She giving birth to a predator’s baby and her brother is a convicted predator too. Predator sympathiser

      • miz123 July 20, 2020

        the fact you use a mariah carey reference. someone who has had a number last more than 16 weeks on the chart. meanwhile these numbers you are soooo proud of had ONE week and a HUGE drop the second week. why do y’all find this something to be proud of. y’all really settle and that’s sad. oh well that’s y’all shhhhh

    • Gag July 20, 2020

      Hahahahahha Nicki has 2 tired numbers 1s 2 bought number 1s…in y’all famous word A Number 1 is A Number 1 lmaooooo y’all so pressed haaaaaaaa nothing you can do about it but hate in the comment section on a blog

  5. xYZ July 20, 2020

    Congrats. That pic with her man though. He really looks like some low class wannabe thug.

  6. Ugghh July 20, 2020


    The pics could have been less costume/ more natural but it’s not my pregnancy so who cares what I think

    • July 20, 2020

      She is being Nicki, isn’t everybody doing the all-natural look thing already.

  7. Kitty July 20, 2020

    Congrats queen that glow is everything. ♥️

    • Karma July 20, 2020

      It’s called photoshop 🤡

      • XYZ July 20, 2020

        And botox

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      A Lil peddo baby will come earth . What news!

  8. RIH 9 July 20, 2020

    Giving me pink Friday teas. Congratulations mamas!!

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      U like To eat every pinksh*t

  9. Section8DaGreat July 20, 2020

    Now she can officially leave Cardi B alone.

    • Game July 20, 2020

      Who? Nobody even remembers her Chile…

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH July 20, 2020


      • Section8DaGreat July 20, 2020

        You will when she drops that fire first single and erase Nicki’s whole career 🤣🤣🤣

      • Dc July 20, 2020

        Ascap just awarded cardi second songwriting award of the year they know her y’all presssed plus her album bout to break nicki record for longest billboard 200 female rap album they also know cardi 😂😂😂😂

    • Susan July 20, 2020

      She won’t leave cardi alone until she wins a Grammy of her own.

      • Rektum July 20, 2020

        Nicki isn’t a scam artist like ratti b so she may never get a Grammy.. and if she does it will be on her own merit.

  10. Susan July 20, 2020

    Congrats, but I still don’t like this h_oe. And can her husband even be around the baby? At least she knows she’ll get full custody when they get divorced

  11. Susan July 20, 2020

    Cardi did elegant photos and revealed her pregnancy in a gown on SNL. Nicki reveals her pregnancy on Instagram wearing stripper heels. This is epitome of growing up on TLC v growing up on destiny’s child 🤣

    • Star July 20, 2020

      Carlos b did all that on the wrist selling issue of Vogue ever and don’t nobody even remember him..

    • Dc July 20, 2020

      Exactly so trashy for a 40 year old washed up rapper

    • Karma July 20, 2020

      OMG!!! 😂😂😂😂

  12. Ms Ling Ling July 20, 2020

    🤮🤢🤢 everyday is national pregnancy day now??? All they do is just f:u:c:k:I:ng each other’s during quarantine…

    • Gag July 20, 2020

      Lol seethe hater

      • Garbaj July 20, 2020

        Seethe fa*ggot barb

      • Gag July 20, 2020

        Hahahaah that’s the best you could do…lmao seeeeeeethe

  13. wi hate bllackk nn whhytee bitchhhezz July 20, 2020

    its a girl nicki, 2 of us say girl 1 say boy. i say girl

    we cant waaaaaaiiittt what will you name her

    • Lick July 20, 2020

      Dj should name her after her 1 st unruly daughter kardi c

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      Her name will be “Lil predator”

  14. Naïme July 20, 2020

    Her brother will be happy as hell.

    Welcome to your crazy family unborn and future psycho child.

  15. Tyler+(We+are+the+grandchildren+of+the+slaves+you+couldn’t+kill) July 20, 2020

    She’s having a child with a child m******* 🤦‍♀️

    • Gag July 20, 2020

      Y’all don’t even know what happens with that court case..that man is 42 years old and was tried for sexual assault when he was 16 and the girl was like 15…how can y’all be this pressed? We all know how fair the govt treats black men and y’all yell BLM but carry on chile

      • Garbaj July 20, 2020

        Shut up imbecile. R u lawyer of this creepy family?

    • Gag July 20, 2020

      Heeeeeyyyyy you still lurking on Nicki posts huh? You’re a f****** fan

      • Tyler+(We+are+the+grandchildren+of+the+slaves+you+couldn’t+kill) July 20, 2020

        Guess who supports a child m*******? NICKI MINAJ.

  16. G-bby July 20, 2020

    Babies are innocent, so congrats to her. I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy. Her choices in men are barbaric, especially the one she settled down and procreated with. Disgusting. God bless this baby.

  17. ROCKSTAR July 20, 2020

    Damn Nicki you’re going out bad sis. Like frfr. I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.

  18. Star July 20, 2020


  19. Kylie July 20, 2020

    Poor baby mom is a washed up mental case & p*** apologist and daddy a jailed registered s** offender

  20. Mayaloni July 20, 2020

    For starters, I am a Nikki fan since day1.. She has shown us a lot of great entertainment n music.. Her style is awesome#sheisabadbitch💞🍒I’m very happy for her. I just really hope he is a gentleman and respects her.. 🙏go out to you and the new fam❤❤❤🙋 your #1 fan😘

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      you are tasteless piece of sh*ts like her

      • Gag July 20, 2020

        What country do you live in ? 🤨

  21. Urg July 20, 2020

    Well congrats to her and her new venture in life.
    U hating a** hoës are so bitter u will find any and anything to hate on the woman about.

    • ClarkSUN July 20, 2020

      Hating on her getting knocked up by a s** offender? Weird flex but OK!!!!

      • Gag July 20, 2020

        You are cause that’s all y’all can say is s** offender when you don’t even know the court case from 1995 when he was you literally know nothing about the case but what you read on Instagram but you hate her so much that you just run with it.

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      U are damn f*ggots and she is not woman, she is female rhino that thinks she is queen

      • July 20, 2020

        Why is this site giving negative energy like you so much free rain?

      • Gag July 20, 2020

        You’re a F** too lmao

  22. Hated for my opinion July 20, 2020

    Congrats to Nicki Minaj! She deserves all of the happy moments in life. She worked hard this last decade and will be settling down enjoying married life and her child. Excuse me, I’m gonna go cry because I’m happy for her and I know she will slowly start to step down from making music and everything else.

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      Cry for your stupid Asss, not for a peddo’s wife

    • WRTW? July 20, 2020

      Yalll maddddt *laughs in Nicki minaj*

  23. Queen Missy July 20, 2020

    Congrats Nicki, you are with child!!!!!! Now I hope you will stop acting like one. Again congrats mama!

  24. July 20, 2020

    Congratz to her.

  25. tyty July 20, 2020

    Preggers with a jobless murderer and s** offender? Just how she likes them emasculated. I hope she really don’t think ole dude don’t have a plan for her ass. I don’t trust a street dude with no means of income, who relays on his superstar wife to provide for the family and has a serious criminal history and his short (Napoleon complex)…. chile GOOD LUCK!!

    • Gag July 20, 2020

      Giiiirrrlll that’s all y’all can say is s** offender when you don’t even know the court case from 1995 when he was you literally know nothing about the case but what you read on Instagram but you hate her so much that you just run with it.

      • tyty July 20, 2020

        I also called him a murder ain’t he convicted of killing someone? 🥴🥴

      • Summer Rayne July 20, 2020

        Hun stop it. What about his other laundry list of crimes and offenses? Remember he was committing statutory r*** when he first started dating and f****** Nicki. She was a minor but y’all ignore that fact. I see why the Barbarians are scrambling to save face. Nicki is looking grotesque right now. Ew.

      • Garbaj July 20, 2020

        Are you lawyer of this peddo u skunk?

  26. Misty Knight July 20, 2020

    It’s NOT a baby. It’s all the built up Jeezz…

  27. Bish From Da Souf July 20, 2020

    WOW!!! The bar is low for Nicki! Sis doesn’t practice what she preaches! Was it impossible for her to find a more suitable mate? Preferably one who isn’t a broke bum LEVEL 2 s** offender murderer with 6 kids, and a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt?

    Baaaaby the bar isn’t just low, it’s in HELL!!!!

    HOWEVER, I wish her a healthy and happy pregnancy. Babies are gifts from God. I’ll leave it there.


    • G-bby July 20, 2020

      LMAO!! Not a CVS receipt!!!

  28. ForTheSlowOnes July 20, 2020

    Some of ya’ll are high key miserable. Like ya’ll really on here hating on the pregnancy of someone you’ve never met. 😳 yikes.

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      Gtfo rat, why we have to like this colourful reptile ?

  29. Summer Rayne July 20, 2020

    Nicki stay losing. First she marries an unemployed bum who also happens to be a registered s** offender & r*****. Not only that, she choose to procreate with said bum. Very low brow of someone of her caliber, but not unexpected. You know what they say …. Water seeks its own level.

  30. Megaflop July 20, 2020

    With a s** offender ???
    Icki garbage is literally the most desperate person.. so pathetic. Gross just gross,
    #twisted family reunion ft p*** husband and p*** brother 🤮🤮🤮

  31. Uh July 20, 2020

    Ames’s, just like her entire career. I see now why drake and rih unfollowed and paid this low self esteem desperate old flop..she’s truly embarrassing
    We all know her s** offending hubby and p******** brother are happier than her rn smdh..disgusting

    • Uh July 20, 2020

      Both drake and rih aka REAL ARTIST NOT FEATURED ARTISTS paid this silicone abc bar having flop DUST..just like we all did after sheather

  32. Keyword July 20, 2020

    Poor thing, baby sheather has a p*** supporting desperate old h** of a mother, whom which probably can’t even breast feed her child due to all the plastic injected..

    A father who’s a s** offender and preys on young children, and an uncle who does the exact same smh 🤢🤢
    I hate them all, god will make sure she flops even harder now..

    • Garbaj July 20, 2020

      Ha ha ha, she cant breast feed because of plastic :)))

      • Keyword July 20, 2020

        Not healthy for the baby..Poor thing

  33. kiki July 20, 2020

    Finally something good from this woman! lets hope she keep this good energy cu she been the Devil for the last 3 years!

    keep smiling

  34. Beam Me Up Scotty July 20, 2020

    All you sloppy bottoms on here, wish you could get pregnanted by a s** offender.

  35. Tyler July 20, 2020

    I thought he was a level 3 s** offender? And can he even be around his own kids or their friends considering that he’s registered?

  36. Fly on the wall July 20, 2020

    Nickis just an idiot at this point!
    Your chicken wing chain ass really got knocked up by a lvl 3 s** offender bum!?
    Nickis been doing every and anything to f** up her career

  37. Mezzo July 20, 2020


  38. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez July 20, 2020

    All these hateful comments you should all be ashamed!

    Congrats to Nicki especially for being married and having kids the right way.

    You haters are mad at everything this woman does.

    Live Queen Nicki. You are winning and shall always be.

  39. ERIC July 20, 2020

    This is not something to celebrate.

  40. Tyler+(We+are+the+grandchildren+of+the+slaves+you+couldn’t+kill) July 20, 2020

    I’m listening to Sheether right now 🤣

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