Diane Warren Weighs In On Cardi B’s ‘WAP’

Diane Warren may not be the biggest fan of Cardi B’s brand new single ‘WAP’.

Find out what the songwriter, who has created legacy-shaping hits for the likes of Celine Dion, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton & Aerosmith, had to say about Cardi’s pen below…



Warren published the tweet after spinning the explicit track and seems, at least if its message is anything to by, unimpressed by its lyrical content.

‘WAP‘ features Megan thee Stallion and comes armed with a video which stars Normani, Kylie Jenner, Rosalia and ‘Only Fans‘ superstar SukiHana.


Make it cream, make me scream
Out in public, make a scene
I don’t cook, I don’t clean
But let me tell you how I got this ring

18 or older?

Watch ‘WAP’ here.

Like Cardi, Diane is a Grammy award winning songwriter.

Learn more about her here.

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  1. Gey August 7, 2020

    I agree it was a bit much

  2. Bebo August 7, 2020

    Love Cardi but that song is to much need to grow in me

  3. eric August 7, 2020

    She’s getting at Cardi twice being named ASCAP Songwriter of the Year. It’s ridiculous, like I said here when she won last year. ASCAP is no longer a respectable organization.

    • Dc August 7, 2020

      To u who gives af bout u the industry respects ascap so

      • eric August 7, 2020

        @Dc. As though the industry has high standards.

  4. Naïme August 7, 2020

    Trash and vulgarity are the new black…

    They call it female empowerment when it gives women a bad image. By bad I mean sexual objects.

    • Pat August 7, 2020

      I hate to say it but ur right. It’s almost all mainstream gives attention to from black female artists these days

      • Naïme August 8, 2020

        What scares me the most is that 90% of the industry is run by males…

        They are in charge of everything and especially of the image they so want to brainwash people ´s with.

        Cardi, Megan are just puppets and yet they think they are so powerful by rapping about not having a ring but they are the real slaves of this industry. I am disgusted.

      • FAF August 8, 2020

        This is me being unbiased

        I don’t think Cardi b has musical talent she has a “do anything “ bold personality which makes her likeable because her success is attainable to regular people watching her

        But the problem with the overkill of sexuality is you can’t grow in it. Kim’s career ended Bc she went to prison, changed her image and gained weight . After 35,36 a Black woman who uses s** no longer Has the same appeal she has to explore other things

        Nicki came in the game silly and tacky She now is known for lyricism
        Beyonce has now transitioned To Black power movement . There has to be something other than asspussyass

  5. Petty Pendergast August 7, 2020

    I love cardi but this song wasn’t it.

  6. #WAP August 7, 2020

    🤣 I love Diane. not forget Mariah shoved her on the red carpet. Diane loves WAP. Free the WAP!

    • Tamin August 12, 2020

      Shutup ameba. She is right

  7. Unnatural August 7, 2020

    Love the shade😂😂😂😂😂😂which goes to show how far down in value Grammys have gotten. The song is trash. The shores in the video are deplorables. No wonder beyonce didnt promotes that Meghan song. I know she really regret now even of beyonce did eat the savage track.

  8. Meme August 7, 2020

    Lol. Sis mad press. The song simply isn’t for her. I’m sorry but every song doesn’t need to be full of love and substance. Who the song was made for appreciates it.

    • Tori August 7, 2020

      For once, I agree with you. If she didn’t gravitate to the song, it wasn’t her place to try and put it down. Especially when no one her about her opinion. The song fits Cardi and Megs fan base and thats all that matters!

      • Tamin August 12, 2020

        Creepy fanbase

    • Fancy BISH August 8, 2020

      Love Diane, but she must not have a WAP 🤣 💦 I agree Meme 💯 This was the song that shocked me back in the day lol…after THIS, nothing shocks me 😂 🤳🏽

  9. DIVAlicious 👠 August 7, 2020

    If U guys listenIng to CUPCAKKE’s song, WAP is nothing compare to all her s:e:x:u:al songs. Her songs are way more extreme and contain hyped Explicit contents.

    • FAF August 8, 2020

      Cupcake isn’t a mainstream artist her single that finally went #1 wasnt about s** at all

      This was sukihana level trash. Just drivel

      There’s no replay value or musicality involved the chart position will be driven by the success of the video

      • DIVAlicious 👠 August 8, 2020

        FU clarkson

  10. Hated August 8, 2020

    I just came to write Suuck my puusssy for a pork chop dinner

  11. Mr. RCW August 8, 2020

    Cardi sounds awful…Megan saved them song, but it won’t be added to my playlist

  12. Haterz Fuh August 9, 2020

    Hip hop music sucks. This s*** proves it.

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