Katy Perry Criticizes Stan Culture For Pitting Women Against Each Other

Published: Friday 21st Aug 2020 by Ryan

Katy Perry is not afraid roar about the toxicity that stan culture breeds, especially towards women in the music industry.

In anticipation of her next album, ‘Smile,’ the Pop star appeared on Zane Lowe‘s Apple Music 1 show. In the middle of talking about her depression and the pressures that come with fame, she addressed stan culture and the online treatment of female Pop stars.

Her words below:

“Somebody want to take my Twitter account and read comments? No you don’t, because it’s all about, who’s better than who? Who’s skinner than who? Who’s sold more number ones than who? Who’s doing better this year than who? Who made this much more? But it’s like, ‘Okay, well, what about just liking the music?”

When it came to how female artists are treated in the industry, she had this to say:

“I actually truly want every single female in the industry to feel supported and loved and feel like they can speak their truth and deliver their message, no matter how many of us women are in the industry. “We’re literally going through the exact same thing. There’s only five other people in the world that are going through this, and you’re in the same room. Can we please just have some fucking wine and talk about how hard this is?”

The 35-year-old will release ‘Smile’ on August 28. To check out the full interview, click below:

We have to agree, there is a lot of toxicity in stan culture and often times people forget that celebrities are people too. Good for you for speaking out, Ms. Perry.

Your thoughts?

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH August 21, 2020


  2. Clarks0o0ñ August 21, 2020

    Now she’s flopping she’s trying to act like a bigger mature person as if she didnt throw subtle shade towards Taylor swift non stop some few years ago.

    Taylor really ended her, she fell into depression immediately. It’s what she deserves

    • Fancy BISH August 21, 2020

      Pure FACTS ✅ 💯 🤣

    • Gag August 21, 2020

      So you admit you are immature ? Since she’s calling out people like you TRASH

      • Fancy BISH August 21, 2020

        @Gag, 🤣 This is the second time I’ve seen you check the checker lmao 👀

  3. Fergalicious 💅 August 21, 2020

    Yeah there’s so many toxicity here especially when they compare Normani to Latavia , Kelly Rowland to Beyoncé, Katy to Rihanna, Mariah to Madonna and so on

    It’s just toxic

    I love Katy
    She’s saying the truth
    Stream and buy “Smile” in August 28

    • fk that b!thc TRUMP & the h03 that didn’t ABORT HIM When She had the Chance! August 21, 2020

      ya’ll stay tryina make normani the icon she is not

  4. Lmfao_Hoe August 21, 2020

    Wrong messenger yet her comment holds truth. Just look at the Brandy post filled with alleged Monica stans hating yet their SUPPOSE fave showed B7 genuine love. Same with the Nicki to Cardi posts, Aaliyah to Beyoncé Or Rihanna, Whitney to Mariah, Madonna to Gaga, Camilla to Normoni etc like damn just enjoy their f****** music and keep it at that all this extra s*** serves absolutely nothing but shows how miserable some of ya lives are while these women are achieving their dreams.

  5. WHYTEE N BLLAAC August 21, 2020

    The party just don’t think Mariah or Beyonce can sing like Whitney Houston or as pretty. Thier fans was making fun of her when Whitney had sore throat
    The Verzus show should be cancelled..then

  6. Fancy BISH August 21, 2020

    @3:18, 😂
    Like I SAID yesterday, I’m from an era where artists would DISAPPEAR, and Zane asked her EXACTLY that 🤣 🤣 🤣🤳🏽

  7. #WAP August 21, 2020

    Katy, you’re a mean girl. You talked so much crap about other women, and you were rude to Ed Sheeran, made fun of Britney Spears, were terrible to the model from the teenage dream video, etc. stop trying to make us feel bad for you because you’re a fat flop now. We don’t like you. Karma is your best friend, have fun

    • Flop Queen August 22, 2020

      You are exactly describing Normani

  8. Spread legs 🦵 like C@r@na August 21, 2020

    Smile will still selling more than B7

  9. Biancacook August 21, 2020

    well she def isn’t lying. i think that plays a big part in the limited female acts. ppl so stuck on their fav they can’t enjoy what another artist has to offer, watching and comparing but not listening. they want em all to be the same which makes no sense.

  10. #TheTruth August 21, 2020

    Well didn’t she have a very publicized feud with Taylor ? She’s clearly hypocrite and she should address that upfront before going any further.

    Anyway, she’s right. Those kids, immature crazy adults and the list goes on… feel the need to tear down other artists to make the one they prefer look better. Why is that ? Are you that insecure in their talent ? It’s not like you’re getting royalties.

    I don’t think those medias are very social contrary to what they are being labeled.
    Yes, there are some good aspects to it.
    But I think in general, beyond all the stand and trolls, it has made people very lazy in terms of interaction with one another.
    People will tell you they didn’t have time to call or text you yet here they are posting like crazy online.
    People will know about each other’s lives without actually talking to one another.
    Or living their lives through their screens when they are attending a concert or travelling. In Adele’s words « it’s not a fu<king dvd ».

    • #TheTruth August 21, 2020

      Let’s not even talk about her shading Mariah and Britney.

  11. Eric August 21, 2020

    Like Monica said about her and Brandy on Instagram Live this year, it’s okay for fans to like both of them. You don’t have to choose and pit one against the other.

    • Pat August 21, 2020

      Monica fans will always be insecure that she doesn’t get the peer recognition brandy does. They’re two totally different type of artists who shouldn’t be compared. Monica gets it finally. Hope her fans do

  12. Lol August 21, 2020

    Anyone who disagrees with her is part of the problem. Music used to be about music. But now it’s about sales, streams, income and appearance. As if it’s the stan making the money. It’s a mental illness.

  13. What if Rihanna made a come back and FLOP August 21, 2020

    Cry cry baby just because you are flopping now you speaking for women. Stfu

  14. Pat August 21, 2020

    Straight Men do it all the time to with sports. . Lebron vs Kobe etc. this is just the flip side
    Quit whining it that ur flopping

  15. Misty Knight August 21, 2020


    Stevie Nicks on Katy Perry and rivalry (Rolling Stone magazine, Fuse, etc)

    STEVIE: “She said to me, ‘So when you did Bella Donna who were your rivals?’ And I was, like, speechless. I was like, ‘I didn’t have any rivals.’ And she said, ‘Really? None?’ I said, ‘No…the girls in Heart [were] friends. Pat Benatar [was a] friend.'”

    Nicks suggested Katy take the same approach when it comes to her contemporaries. “I said to her, ‘Katy, let me tell you something. You don’t have any rivals. So forget that. Never say that word again. You don’t have rivals. All of those girls? Friends. You’ll probably work with all of them at some point. Friends.'”

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