Katy Perry’s #Smile: That Grape Juice’s Top 5 Tracks

Published: Monday 31st Aug 2020 by Ryan

Katy Perry has finally made her long-awaited return.

The Pop singer has unleashed her sixth studio album, led by ‘Daisies.’ It continues the singer’s exploration into a more mature image that she began to explore on ‘Witness.’

That Grape Juice has been spinning it since it dropped on August 28. Join us below to find out which tracks are essential on ‘Smile’:

Never Really Over

For fans who miss the days of ‘Teenage Dream,’ well then, this is the closest Perry has come in years.

Featuring production from Zedd, she delivers a maximalist electro-pop effort that stands among her best. Not to mention the song also features one of her most emotive and belt-worthy choruses to date.

While it was a released over a year ago, the track still stands as testament that Perry’s hit-making is never really over.



Perry’s strengths as a Pop artist are on full display on ‘Daises.’

Acting as a spiritual sequel to ‘Firework,’ ‘Daises’ boasts a similar inspirational message, while featuring more mature lyrics.

It’s a wonder as to why this never made waves at Pop radio considering its linage and some of the most full-bodied guitars to appear on a song of hers in years.


Cry About It Later

A hypnotic thump paves the way for this avoidance jam.

Rather than confronting her issues, Perry finds solace in alcohol and flirting.

While this is generally standard, it especially rings true given the landscape of 2020 and the taxing effect it has had on people’s mental health.


Champagne Problems

In a year when disco has retaken the charts (see ‘Say So’ by Doja Cat and ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd) this song is destined to be a single.

While the hook is simple, it works in her favor and creates one of her most sing-along choruses in recent memory.

If promoted properly, it could lead Perry back to the top of the charts where she belongs.


Not The End Of The World

Easily the darkest song on ‘Smile,’ ‘Not the End of the World’ sees the 35-year-old dive headfirst into trap music.

Featuring the most memorable lyrics on the album, this ‘Game of Thrones’-esque ballad proves that there is always a way out of the darkness.

A sentiment that echoes across the rest of the album.


Do you agree with our picks?

Your thoughts?

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  1. musixxman96 August 31, 2020

    Top 5:

    1. NRO
    2. Daisies
    3. Harleys in hawaii
    4. Tucked
    5. Teary Eyes

    Smile is average/good – the rest is not great/bad.

  2. Carlitos August 31, 2020

    My Top 5
    Cry about it later
    Not the end of the world
    Champagne problems

    And this is actually a pretty solid album. Any song on this album except “what makes a women” are single worthy.

    • Carlitos August 31, 2020

      What makes a woman*

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

    Tucked is a pop banger

  4. Tyty August 31, 2020

    The songs are not as bad people where making out I like daisies and end of the world. I’m surprised people are shitting on this album, the problem might be her image and less to do with the music. Shame.

  5. Clarks0o0ñ August 31, 2020

    She should have done a surprise release for this album together with her pregnancy announcement
    Infact she should have made this album into a visual album

    Katy is known for her colourful music video that would have helped her atleast sell 120k first week giving her a number one album

  6. Don’t touch my hair August 31, 2020

    My Top 5 Fave Tracks in Smile:
    1. Champagne Problems
    2. Tucked
    3. Smile
    4. Daisies/ Never Really Over
    5. Harleys in Hawaii

  7. Cadeography August 31, 2020

    Top 5.

    1.) Cry About It Later
    2.) Only Love
    3.) Champagne Problems
    4.) Daisies
    5.) Never Really Over

    This album is fantastic. It really tells a story from start to finish and I have had it on repeat since it’s come out. Given the restrictions of 2020, I appreciate that she continues to drop unique visuals for all the singles.

  8. Ace Blanks August 31, 2020

    I think Katy Perry is dope and this is still a solid body of work and I’m here for it! The problem is 1) This “clown” trajectory is not helping (even if she is a gorgeous clown) because ppl sort of already see her as a clown as far as her antics and how goofy she always is (no disrespect) so it’s not exciting or new although the cover where she had the pink hair would’ve SLAYED as the real cover! 2) The album doesn’t really represent sonic and artistic growth. Kind of heard it already just a new project! And 3) THE BLONDE!!!! No one wants a blonde Katy Perry and as soon as she realizes being a non-blonde is what made her stand out the sooner she can get herself back up! Even the red hair in “Champagne Problems” was a better look than the blonde! Anything BUT BLONDE!

    My top 5 though in my order:
    1) Not The End of the World
    2) Harleys in Hawaii
    3) Teary Eyes
    4) Cry About It Later
    5) Daisies

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