Winners List: 2020 MTV #VMAs [Full]

Published: Sunday 30th Aug 2020 by Rashad

The credits have rolled on the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

The action-packed extravaganza boasted many-a-memorable moment from blazing stage performances to technical hiccups, shocking on-stage antics, and more.

But, with all eyes on who took home which honor, did your favourite win any of the coveted Moonmen?

Look inside to recap:


Billie Eilish — “everything i wanted”
Eminem ft. Juice WRLD — “Godzilla”
Future ft. Drake — “Life Is Good”
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me”
Taylor Swift — “The Man”
The Weeknd — “Blinding Lights” – WINNER


Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga – WINNER
Megan Thee Stallion
Post Malone
The Weeknd


Billie Eilish — “everything i wanted”
Doja Cat — “Say So”
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me” – WINNER
Megan Thee Stallion — “Savage”
Post Malone — “Circles”
Roddy Ricch — “The Box”


Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber — “Stuck with U”
Black Eyed Peas ft. J Balvin — “RITMO (Bad Boys For Life)”
Ed Sheeran ft. Khalid — “Beautiful People”
Future ft. Drake — “Life Is Good”
Karol G ft. Nicki Minaj — “Tusa”
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me” – WINNER


Doja Cat – WINNER
Jack Harlow
Lewis Capaldi
Roddy Ricch
Tate McRae


BTS — “On”  – WINNER
Halsey — “You should be sad”
Jonas Brothers — “What a Man Gotta Do”
Justin Bieber ft. Quavo — “Intentions”
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me”
Taylor Swift — “Lover”


DaBaby — “BOP”
Eminem ft. Juice WRLD — “Godzilla”
Future ft. Drake — “Life Is Good”
Megan Thee Stallion — “Savage” – WINNER
Roddy Ricch — “The Box”
Travis Scott — “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM”


blink-182 — “Happy Days”
Coldplay — “Orphans” – WINNER
Evanescence — “Wasted On You”
Fall Out Boy ft. Wyclef Jean — “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)”
Green Day — “Oh Yeah!”
The Killers — “Caution”


The 1975 — “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)”
All Time Low — “Some Kind Of Disaster”
FINNEAS — “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”
Lana Del Rey — “Doin’ Time”
Machine Gun Kelly — “Bloody Valentine”  – WINNER
twenty one pilots — “Level of Concern”


Anuel AA ft. Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Karol G & J Balvin — “China”
Bad Bunny — “Yo Perreo Sola”
Black Eyed Peas ft. Ozuna & J. Rey Soul — “MAMACITA”
J Balvin — “Amarillo”
Karol G ft. Nicki Minaj — “Tusa”
Maluma ft. J Balvin — “Qué Pena”  – WINNER


Alicia Keys — “Underdog”
Chloe x Halle — “Do It”
H.E.R. ft. YG — “Slide”
Khalid ft. Summer Walker — “Eleven”
Lizzo — “Cuz I Love You”
The Weeknd — “Blinding Lights”  – WINNER


(G)I-DLE — “Oh My God”
BTS — “On”  – WINNER
EXO — “Obsession”
Tomorrow X Together — “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)”
Red Velvet — “Psycho”


Anderson .Paak — “Lockdown”
Billie Eilish — “all the good girls go to hell”
Demi Lovato — “I Love Me”
H.E.R. – “I Can’t Breathe” – WINNER
Lil Baby — “The Bigger Picture”
Taylor Swift — “The Man”


5 Seconds of Summer — “Wildflower”
Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber — “Stuck with U” – WINNER
blink-182 — “Happy Days”
Drake — “Toosie Slide”
John Legend — “Bigger Love”
twenty one pilots — “Level of Concern”


5 Seconds of Summer
The 1975
Chloe x Halle
Little Mix
Now United
twenty one pilots


Chloe x Halle — “Do It” from MTV’s Prom-Athon
CNCO — MTV Unplugged At Home – WINNER
DJ D-Nice — Club MTV Presents: #DanceTogether
John Legend — #TogetherAtHome Concert Series
Lady Gaga — “Smile” from One World: Together At Home
Post Malone — Nirvana Tribute


Billie Eilish — “xanny” — Directed by Billie Eilish
Doja Cat — “Say So” — Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Dua Lipa — “Don’t Start Now” — Directed by Nabil
Harry Styles — “Adore You” — Directed by Dave Meyers
Taylor Swift — “The Man” — Directed by Taylor Swift  – WINNER
The Weeknd — “Blinding Lights” — Directed by Anton Tammi


5 Seconds of Summer — “Old Me” — Cinematography by Kieran Fowler
Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby — “My Oh My” — Cinematography by Scott Cunningham
Billie Eilish — “all the good girls go to hell” — Cinematography by Christopher Probst
Katy Perry — “Harleys In Hawaii” — Cinematography by Arnau Valls
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me” — Cinematography by Thomas Kloss – WINNER
The Weeknd — “Blinding Lights” — Cinematography by Oliver Millar


A$AP Rocky — “Babushka Boi” — Art Direction by A$AP Rocky & Nadia Lee Cohen
Dua Lipa — “Physical” — Art Direction by Anna Colomé Nogu ́
Harry Styles — “Adore You” — Art Direction by Laura Ellis Cricks
Miley Cyrus — “Mother’s Daughter” — Art Direction by Christian Stone – WINNER
Selena Gomez — “Boyfriend” — Art Direction by Tatiana Van Sauter
Taylor Swift — “Lover” — Art Direction by Ethan Tobman


Billie Eilish — “all the good girls go to hell” — Darkroom / Interscope Records — Visual Effects by Drive Studios
Demi Lovato — “I Love Me” — Island Records — Visual Effects by Hoody FX
Dua Lipa — “Physical” — Warner Records — Visual Effects by EIGHTY4 – WINNER
Harry Styles — “Adore You” — Columbia Records — Visual Effects by Mathematic
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me” — Streamline / Interscope Records — Visual Effects by Ingenuity Studios
Travis Scott — “Higest in the Room” — Epic Records / Cactus Jack — Visual Effects by ArtJail, Scissor Films & Frender


BTS — “On” — Choreography by Son Sung Deuk, Lee Ga Hun, Lee Byung Eun – WINNER
CNCO & Natti Natasha — “Honey Boo” — Choreography by Kyle Hanagami
DaBaby — “BOP” — Choreography by Dani Leigh and Cherry
Dua Lipa — “Physical” — Choreography by Charm La’Donna
Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande — “Rain On Me” — Choreography by Richy Jackson
Normani — “Motivation” — Choreography by Sean Bankhead


Halsey — “Graveyard” — Edited by Emilie Aubry, Janne Vartia & Tim Montana
James Blake — “Can’t Believe the Way We Flow” — Edited by Frank Lebon
Lizzo — “Good As Hell” — Edited by Russell Santos & Sofia Kerpan
Miley Cyrus — “Mother’s Daughter” — Edited by Alexandre Moors, Nuno Xico – WINNER
ROSALÍA — “A Palé” — Edited by Andre Jones
The Weeknd — “Blinding Lights” — Edited by Janne Vartia & Tim Montana
[main photo source: Getty Images]


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  1. #WAP August 30, 2020

    I can’t tell if Lady Gaga bought her awards, or if MTV kissed her flabby saggy a_ss to get her to perform. The first ever “tricon” award? 🙄🙄 The old lady was up there dancing like a tricycle that just had a hip replacement. A song about wanting your ex who you hate to c_um on you got 9 awards? Chiiiiile I cannot.

    • Section8DaGreat August 30, 2020

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 this took me out but you’re right. This award show is not about the talent, it is about popularity and these corny groups with their 2001 *NSYNC stunts clearly shows that.

    • C**-ila August 30, 2020

      I don’t believe she bought the awards, but if you notice the majority of the VMA’s this year went to artists who performed or were present there (deserve it or not). Sp they awarded the ones who were there (which in my opinion is ridiculous), I like Gaga and I follow her career since the beginning but this was NOT her year..
      Dababy, Roddy Ricch, The Weeknd, Meghan or even Eminem deserved more than her,but nice for her.

  2. Lmfao_Hoe August 30, 2020

    This is favoritism at its finest. No shade Rain on Me wasn’t even all that should’ve released Babylon instead of Stupid Love too smh

  3. James August 30, 2020

    Gaga won 5 the most. Congrats to The Weeknd on winning Video of The Year and Wow Dua won for visual effects along with her team for Physical. Hmm not sure what to say about Taylor winning Best Direction but Congrats. Meg won her second VMA and congrats to Doja on her first VMA. Now we need Billboard Music Awards to release the nominations.

    • Clarks0o0ñ August 30, 2020

      Dua didnt win shìt

      Best visual effects is a professional category. The award goes to the visual effects artist
      Fans can’t vote in this category.

      Dua lipa has never won a vma ever in her life
      She is a product of aggressive radio payola
      Her album sold 18k pure sales and debuted at number 4 even tho she had a top 2 song. That’s payola

      • Check Ur Lipsticks B4 U Come 4 Me! August 30, 2020

        & u a product of fail parenting…

  4. Clarks0o0ñ August 30, 2020

    Back in the day katy Perry and lady gaga were on the same level. They were each other’s competition

    But fast forward today, lady gaga is winning 4 vma awards the same week katy Perry’s album Is predicted to flop

    Damn. This life ain’t fair
    I could have sworn katy was gonna have more longevity than gaga. Sad

    Even kesha is nowhere to be found

    • POPS+MUVA August 31, 2020

      Chile. Everyone thought Katy and Gaga were on the same level but I just feel like Gaga was always the talented one. I knew somehow she will prevail and stay on top. Katy never evolved musically and stayed releasing the same material. She changed her looks and the s*x appeal was gone. Next thing you know she’s flopping back to back. Kesha disappeared a long time ago. I saw she keeps releasing music but nobody just cares. Gaga snatched a number 1 song , album and VMA’s left and right. Before Ariana grande collab, Shallow went number 1 as well. Stupid Love was top 5 hit. She keeps proving people wrong every era.

  5. Section8DaGreat August 30, 2020

    Clearly this is a fan award show now and has nothing to do with creativity and real talent. Obviously the billions of Koreans and Asians are supporting BTS and the Lady Gaga stunt was so forced and predictable. Normani was robbed for best choreography. F_U_C_K MTV

    • Clarks0o0ñ August 30, 2020

      BTS ON choreography better than f******* motivation cheetah girls choreography

      • Section8DaGreat August 30, 2020

        Well Normani is one person and she didn’t have many fans but when she dropped Motivation she was trending on YouTube and Twitter. So that says a lot

      • Clarks0o0ñ August 30, 2020

        Normani was trendy thanks to the A list celebrities who posted about the video cause they wanted to help a black girl breakthrough into the music industry.

        After all the charity these A list celebrities did, for normani, motivation debuted at number 33 and fell down to number 66 the following week. Spent only 1 week in the top 40

        Even a big vma performance couldn’t save the song.

        Normani is all twitter hype.
        Twitter doesnt buy music.

        Bts on debuted in the top 10. And the choreography in this video is so much harder and more complex than normani’s motivation which is just twèrking

  6. Clarks0o0ñ August 30, 2020

    Chloe and halle deserve best quarantine performance
    They have been serving us beautiful quarantine performances.

    Taylor swift- best director. Gurl, u paid for this shìt

  7. Keith August 30, 2020

    The travesty of all the foolishness was the Weeknd for rnb ANYTHING. What a clueless joke. He is no more rnb than BTS, LOL….

  8. Don’t touch my hair August 30, 2020

    Where’s Normani?🤣😂🤣😂

  9. 1988 August 30, 2020

    It’s like MTV read my inner most thoughts… Everything I have loved, actually purchased, voted for and co-signed in 2020 was on full display SEEN, HEARD and WINNING awards…they kept the other stuff I don’t care for somewhere in the back hidden from my sight… Thank you MTV. Congratulations to Mother Monster Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and “Papi Juancho” Maluma (wink)! 🙂 Lady Gaga even played “911” and gave shout outs to Britney and NSYNC era. The only thing I needed was Abel to play “In Your Eyes” as an encore! 🙂

  10. Doja Cat Say So August 30, 2020

    Congrats to my gurl Doja Cat😍😍😍
    Meanwhile onlyflops at home crying for his fave normanly 😂😂😂

  11. James August 30, 2020

    Yes my faves won Lady Gaga and Ari. Happy for Meg and Doja. Physical won for Visual Effects Yesss!!! Congrats to all the winners

    • Fancy BISH August 30, 2020

      This! ✅ And can we give a shout out to Keke Palmer! I think she did a wonderful job and her looks/glam was on point 🤳🏽 I liked the visuals too and I didn’t really miss the lack of an audience…MTV did a great job 💯

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

        Junkies from the hood supporting junkies from the hood. Get you some flavor, Classless BISH.

      • Fancy BISH August 31, 2020

        What are you even talking about hood booger? 😂 Reclaiming my time, go steal a TV 🤣 📺

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

        Girl you smoked the TV. Your nana’s TV 🤣🤣🤣

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

        I hope you shared some with Keke. She didn’t look well last night 🤣🤣

      • Fancy BISH August 31, 2020

        You just want someone to talk to Shayla 😂 Times is HARD for your no flavor troll ass! 🤣 Back to what I was doing, it’s like the biggest contrast EVER 😂 Even your avatar is ugly, TGJ picked the right one for ya tho 🤣

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

        You reply way too quick, you know you hanging on and living from my every word 🤣🤣 That pipe really did you dirty! 🤣🤣🤣

      • Fancy BISH August 31, 2020

        B******, I’m here, duh 😂 Anyway, I’mma cut you off one of these days and never respond to you, so soak this up 😂 This ya moment 4 life lmao….and stop using my words, damn…you have laughing emojis too like it’s the first time anyone heard that ish lol…bish, I told you that, you boring 😂 Like damn, cause I’m not taking you seriously lol….so at least say something to make me drag you 😂

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

        Girl I have a life to live so take your ashy feet and ankles in those nasty brown daddy sandles and flop off, Ashy 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Cody+s August 31, 2020

    MTV said Hey we gave y’all a black female host that’s wayyy more than enough.

    • Section8DaGreat August 31, 2020


  13. Shayla Queen 👑 August 31, 2020

    Congrats to my girl Doja! 👑

  14. Slick August 31, 2020

    You got to be blind not to see “Gaga’s ” Satanic horns on her mask. She is part of that hollywood satanic cult.
    She’s repulsive. Sorry guys I mean no hate towards anyone who supports her music.

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