Nicki Minaj’s Barbz Trend #ASAPFergIsOverParty After Mistake Sees Sales Of ‘Move Ya Hips’ Not Counted

Published: Monday 10th Aug 2020 by Sam

Nicki Minaj‘s fans are furious and ASAP Ferg is their firing line.

Full story below…

Onika recently teamed with the rapper, guesting on his new single ‘Move Ya Hips.’

Following its July 30 release, Minaj’s Barbz mobilized in their thousands so as to help the track make a splash on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fuelled by colossal sales from Ferg’s web-store, chart analysts had ‘Hips’ on-course to open within the top 5 of the tally (with estimated sales of 80k). This would have seen the song serve as Ferg’s first top 10.

However, when the final numbers were tallied, only 37k were counted. As such, ‘Hips’ missed the top 10 entirely. Instead, it charted at #19.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the reason is due to Ferg’s team not submitting the web sales data to the relevant parties. We must stress that this is not confirmed.

Still, it was enough to send the Barbz into a heated frenzy.

Angry tweets were hashtagged with #ASAPFergIsOverParty, which is trending as at writing.

Here are just a few:

No word from ASAP Ferg’s team.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 August 10, 2020

    So this is they excuse. Chile I cannot 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    • POPS+Muva August 10, 2020

      Queen Cardi

    • i hate bllaa n whyyt August 10, 2020

      megan needs to send cardi some fresh flowers her career was sooo dead w/o megan. 8 months that b**** had no fresh music…like nicki minaj

  2. Lmfao_Hoe August 10, 2020

    Okay no lie the Proud Family reference is hilarious but damn smh just enjoy the song.

  3. #WAP August 10, 2020

    I think they mean #NickiMinajIsOverParty 🤣 They’re mad WAP is going to DEMOLISH this song. Cardi is making history as the first female rapper to have a #1 hit in two different decades. Nicki is a fat a_ss old flop who’s married to a man that had to ask permission to be present at her birth. A flop if I’ve ever seen one. Stupid ho shoulda befriended cardi then maybe she coulda come back. Funny how nickis words can now be used against her 🤣😂🤣

    • FAF August 10, 2020



      LATER !!!!!!!



      IN !!!! Winning!!!! 😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂

      Don’t cry when u type them essays on every post

      Cardi got her whole face done and still ugly

      • #WAP August 10, 2020

        And nicki has 112 songs on the hot 100 and still no Grammy. Cardi has you h_oes shook! Nicki is nothing but a has been

    • Vics George August 11, 2020

      Somebody body get him a ticket he a fan

    • MYH August 11, 2020

      MYH is at #19 and Wap is not even on the Hot 100. Get the facts right. Cardi is simply just a clout chaser, that’s why she put Kylie in her video. She needed other people’s fans to help her career. Sad.

  4. Kyle August 10, 2020

    I’m 50/50 on this. That’s is a dumb mistake to make lol. But I’m pretty sure the fans care more than artists about chart placement. That just means aim for next week guys relax lol..

    • #WAP August 10, 2020

      Aim for next week? They spent all their money last week and the song is #92 on iTunes currently. And most of their 30 day free trials for Spotify and tidal expired already. Sad 😔

      LMAO! We love to see it! You never win when you play dirty Nicki!!!!

    • Nicki flop August 10, 2020


  5. Shayla Queen 👑 August 10, 2020

    #MAN: Now that’s a MAD ASS NICKI!! 🤣🤣🤣

  6. menudi August 10, 2020

    Well at least it won’t crash as far down the charts as we predicted lol.

    I swear the Barbz would make me not want to work with Nicki Minaj ever if I was an artist. They are so toxic!

  7. #WAP August 10, 2020

    Nicki Minaj and her fans are the BIGGEST losers in the world!!!! Nicki isn’t 💩 and they refuse to see it. The ONLY reason nicki had success between 2009-2013 is because she was the only relevant female rapper. The second competition came, and we had people to compare her to, it became clear that Nicki wasn’t s_hit. Safaree wrote her first two albums. There are 30 songwriters credited on her albums, yet y’all think she writes by herself? 🙄 GRAMMY AWARD WINNER CARDI B IS SET TO MAKE HISTORY AS THE FIRST FEMALE RAPPER TO HAVE A #1 HIT IN TWO DIFFERENT DECADES! THAT is why they’re mad

    • #WAP August 10, 2020

      Old fake a_ss ho_e!! We love to see it! Cardi is the queen of rap! It’s 2017/2018 all over again for Nicki…but worse 🤣😂🤣

  8. #WAP August 10, 2020

    Nicki has been real quiet since WAP came out. Is she embarrassed? I guess she’s done promoting this flop song. Must be Deja Vu for Nicki. This is 2018 all over for this old washed up hag 🤣😂🤣 but worse because cardi is set to become to first female rapper to have a #1 hit in TWO different decades 😂🤣 GRAMMY AWARD WINNER CARDI B IS THE QUEEN OF RAP!

  9. tyty August 10, 2020

    Why would Billboard need an artist to submit their own numbers unless I’m missing something? Doesn’t matter anyway cardi will hit number 1 and garbz will have epic meltdowns.

    • Koollaid August 10, 2020

      Ye what?? I was wondering the same thing

    • FAF August 10, 2020

      Cardi sophomore album is shelved

      This is album 3 for her

      NO MONEY ON THAT 360!!!!

  10. chilepleaseee August 10, 2020

    The Barbz need to get a life. This is embarrassing

  11. ForTheSlowOnes August 10, 2020

    So debuting in top 20 with roughly 30% of sales missing is a flop now? 🤔 half of your faves can’t even debut in the top 50 anymore but ya’ll aren’t ready for that conversation. And I love how when Nicki is featured on a song and it does well, haters say she’s only a featured artist. But if the song “under performs” its Nicki’s song? Its her fault? Make that make sense. The double standards are insane.

    At the end of the day Nicki did her job, collected another check and is living her best life as the highest selling female rapper of all time.

    • #WAP August 10, 2020

      Since you’re clearly one of the slow ones judging from your screen name, let me spell it out for you. The only reason this makes Nicki and her fans look like a joke is because they were online saying it would debut at #1 and demolish cardis single. 🤣 An absolute embarrassment for Nicki

      • ForTheSlowOnes August 10, 2020

        #WAP you come off as a bit psychotic tbh. Who spends this much time praying for another person’s downfall? & what part of roughly 30% of missing sales did you not understand? Slow one.

    • A$AP DELUSION August 10, 2020

      Living her best life with an old ass wanna be gangster p***, r***** and murderer. Get the f*** ASAP. Nicki has ZERO solo #1 hits or as lead artist. She a joke. Her biggest hits are pop fluff. No classic songs or albums are in her catalogue. She has no stage presence and her videography is underwhelming too. She hasn’t gone platinum pure sales in a decade. Hang it up flat screen bad body.

      • ForTheSlowOnes August 10, 2020

        @A$ap Delusion you have a cute lil opinion, I can dig it. But its just that. & How many people in the industry today are actually going platinum with pure sales alone? The double standards are tired af. You don’t like Nicki, therefore anything she does will be trash to you and that’s ok but let’s not alter the facts; she’s still leagues ahead of most her peers, male or female, both success and talent wise.

  12. Tori August 10, 2020

    And these are grown ass people thats are supposedly capable of making intelligent decisions on their own. And this site has been calling “Move Ya Hips” Nickie’s song since its been released but now that it’s flopped and s*** has hit the fan, it’s ASAP Fergs song…! The Barbz and Thatgrapejuice are so stuck on Nicki being the greatest female rapper of all time that they’re blind to see that the s*** ain’t happening! After Cardi succeeded and it became clear that we didn’t have to have just Nicki, the smoke cleared. Nicki released some of her worst songs, a B.I.G./Lil’ Kim remake, did a sympathy campaign against Cardi, Apologized to Cardi, started beefing with Cardi, and then started her desperate attempt for female rap inclusion after an entire decade of being shady to other female rappers. Once it was pretty clear she was never s***, instead of trying to get the public on her side, Nicki started a radio show to talk s***, married a p********/murderer, did multiple collaborations with a p********, continued to release subpar solomusic and now she resulted to promising a filth album thats not coming anytime soon and clingy to features with male rappers again to claim chart success because shes not charting.

    • #WAP August 10, 2020

      Facts on facts on FACTS!!!! The jig is up! Nicki ain’t 💩

    • ForTheSlowOnes August 10, 2020

      What you’re saying in factually inaccurate af tho. Its clear that your disdain for Nicki clouds your judgment though & there’s nothing that can be said or done to change this. Just say you hate Nicki and keep it moving sis…

      • Tori August 10, 2020

        “f0R+hÊ$ł0e0ńE$” I’ve never hated Nicki. Me and Nicki were cool until right after “The Pinkprint”, her best album, era finished. When Cardi and Remy Ma stepped on the scene thanks to L&HH, Nicki was very supportive of both but her fans dragged both ladies for absolutely existing and after they defended themselves to her fans, she started being shady as well creating the idea that what they were doing and still are doing is okay in her book. Thats when I fell out with Nicki. Doesn’t mean at all that I’m a hater because I don’t support the most childish behavior and trash ass music. She has more misses than hits these days, and thats very telling since she considers herself better than male and female rapper these days yet cling to both just to chart. Remember, it was her fams that made fun of Lil Kim for being #1 on as a featured artist yet Nicki has been #1 as a featured artist TWICE and their standards were immediately lowered once they realized this was the closes she’ll ever get! Now they’re crying because she won’t #1 as a featured artist FOR THE THIRD TIME!

      • A$AP DELUSION. August 10, 2020


      • ForTheSlowOnes August 10, 2020

        @Tori no one dragged Cardi or Remy until they came for Nicki. Remy (who by the way, I was a huuuge fan of) had every intention of coming for Nicki even prior to being released from prison. Remy even said it during her ‘worldstar’ prison interview/freestyle back in like 2011/2012. Remy spent two years sneak dissing Nicki & even then, Nicki kept it cordial and still wanted to do a track with her. Remy was WAITING for Nicki to take the bait so she could release shether. & as for Cardi, she came out during the height of the Nicki hate train (which was spearheaded by Remy) and she was cool with Remy so therefore of course she was on Remy’s side from the gate. Everyone wanted to replace Nicki with Remy after shether (especially Charlemagne, funk flex, etc) but it didn’t work, Remy wasn’t marketable, so they pushed for Cardi instead and the rest was history. But back to today, Nicki puts out more features than most artists and not everything is meant to be a mega hit. Most artists have more misses then hits (especially rappers), its the name of the game. However, RELATIVELY she is still among the best and producing some of the highest numbers 11+ years in the game. Who else is doing that? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of all Nicki’s releases ie; nice to meet ya, trollz, but I will NEVER downplay Nicki’s talent & impact. At the end of the day she’s still here, still charting & still among the best in her league. People love to use the word flop so loosely but if Nicki is a flop then what does that make all of the other girls? If you don’t like Nicki’s fans then thats cool, some of them get on my nerves as well, but don’t try to use that as justification for spewing hatred.

      • Tori August 10, 2020

        You are still choosing to not get it. No one is spreading hatred because of Nicki’s fans, its the subpar music. I doesnt matter what the other girls are doing, Nicki is a flop because the music shes putting out 11 years into her career is trash and doesn’t hold up to the music she was putting out at the beginning or even the damn middle of her career. And she still holds herself higher than artist who putting out HEAT and charting while she cant hold on to a Bubbling under placement. As for Remy, Remy has ALWAYS made it clear that her “coming for Nicki” was NEVER PERSONAL BUT STRICTLY BUSINESS and Nicki understood that on the surface, claim she was cool with that . The problem came when Nicki started to take business jabs personal and started doing shady s*** behind the scene as well as condoning her fans behavior. And Remy even stated she was never waiting for Nicki to diss her to release “Shether”, it just happen and it was just better than Nickis commercial “come back” with an expensive video that went absolutely no where. Nicki even got the song pulled because she thought she was superior and was clearly a sor loser. And Carri was never just on Remy side, she rocked with both and worked with both, she just was able to connect with Remy more due to their extensive filming together. When she finally got close to Nicki and worked with her, it was literally shade for the start. And soon after, Nicki was crying on the radio about Cardi for a situation Cardi learned about the same time we did, trying to make her look bad and that didn’t work. Even when they worked together, the barbz dragged Cardi for the “Motorsport” for simply being asked to record with Nicki, and soon after Nicki did the same. Lets not play like we all haven’t been watching Nicki for the last few years. No one is downplaying Nickis talent when we haven’t been seeing as much of it lately, if Nicki felt like she was being replaced the smart thing to do would have been to step up to the plate and show why she considered herself superior. Instead, she showed her true colors by being shady, problematic, lackluster and uninterested to promote her own album or tour. She really, truly is flopping, no one is making this up, its in writing. Atleast when Bey flops on the charts, she can back it up in touring and merchandise to show its radio simply not playing her music but people are still interested for example. Nicki is just flopping period and its sad to see.

      • ForTheSlowOnes August 11, 2020

        @Tori, trust me, i get it. However, Nicki could legitimately release the dopest rap record of all time tomorrow and some people still wouldn’t openly give her the props she deserves commercially or critically because they don’t like her personally. When she drops a sick verse or record its “oh she didn’t write it” or when it doesn’t do well “oh she’s a flop”. Taste in music is fully subjective and its clear that you feel some type of way about her personally, so her new music will never meet your standard and that’s totally fine. You may not have liked the queen era and thats okay, it wasn’t my favorite either, but we both know the talent is still there & she’s still able to adapt to the ever changing landscape that is the music industry.

        We have to remain within context, rap in general isn’t what it used to be, i think we could both agree that 95% of the songs charting are trash, let’s be honest here. There’s a complete lack of substance, lyrical talent and oringality within today’s popular music. But everyone else is allowed to have fun and make trashy meaningless records but when Nicki puts out a subpar track, “its a huge problem, she’s falling off, she’s flopping”. The other girls put out records that are just as stale or even worse (in manny cases) but for them its “yass, she’s serving, she’s the new queen” lol. Implying the rhetoric that “because she’s been in the game for a 11+ years her music should always be better then theirs” is null because even if she does step back completely and just hone in to deliver a complete masterpiece, people will call her a flop in the interim, for not being on the scene. You might say that Nicki proclaims she is the best, therefore she has to always be the best well; for the most part she has lived up to that standard, her cadence & flows are still among the best of all time, her metaphors & wordplay are still miles ahead of most her competition and her versatility is out of this world. She hasn’t even dropped her album yet and you’re already writing her off based on the last era, and singles you didn’t like. I’ll be honest, Megan doesn’t do it for me, like at all. But I’d never go to her posts and bash her nor would i ever write her off, same with Cardi. Everyone is going to have good eras and not so good eras, we’re not going to like everyone’s music but let’s not be so quick to label people as flops just because they’re facing turbulence. Especially when they’re still relatively doing better then everyone else.

    • POPS+Muva August 10, 2020

      @ Tori Speak da mf truth!! everything you said is exactly the downfall of Nicki. she was having some cute little 5 mins while cardi took a break now that she’s back we don’t need her

  13. Dc August 10, 2020

    The lil barbs having a tough week they ain’t think top ten they thought it would debut at number 1 now number 19 debut them lil b****** crazy 😂😂😂😂

  14. August 10, 2020

    Someone messed up big time, someone will pay the piper.

  15. Pat August 10, 2020

    That’s the problem w fake hits

    • Fancy BISH August 10, 2020

      ✅ 💯 🤣

    • #WAP August 10, 2020

      🤣😂 fake hits, fake t_its, and fake a_ss

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 10, 2020


  16. Justmeeeee August 11, 2020

    42 cimments about someone who y’all claim is irrelevant???
    # Queen Nicki

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