Safaree Unleashes ‘B.A.D’ Remix Of Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’

Published: Monday 10th Aug 2020 by Sam

Safaree has put his own spin on Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s seismic smash ‘WAP.’

For, the OnlyFans performer/rapper has unleashed ‘B.A.D.’

Details below…

An acronym for ‘Big A** D**k,’ it sees the Safaree get all sorts of raunchy.

Take a listen…

Suffice to say, given the popularity of Megan and Cardi’s offering, we imagine this won’t be the last remix of the song. Especially from the male perspective.

With that, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 August 10, 2020

    I hate his fake Jamaican patois #JAFAKECAN

    • The Dreamer August 11, 2020

      But he’s Jamican

      • Shayla Queen 👑 August 11, 2020

        He’s from BROOKLYN, dumb b****. Does he sound Jamaican to you?!

  2. marilyn monh-O-E August 10, 2020

    Nice! I’m always here for 🍆🍆🍆#BBC. 10inch or above

  3. #WAP August 10, 2020

    Nicki is big mad. Sitting at home with her fat a_ss in a recliner while cardi makes history as the first female rapper to have a #1 hit in two different decades. Meanwhile “move ya hips” which her fans thought was going to hit #1 is currently #92 on iTunes 🤣😂🤣 cardi is the queen of rap. Nicki you are a HAS BEEN! Old roach!

    • marilyn monh-O-E August 10, 2020

      Hey only flop + fancy trashy bish + Tyty and 10000 of your troll accounts! We all know you are jasmine aka trashmine TROLLMINE FOH.

  4. AriRihNaj August 10, 2020

    Talk ur sheeet 😂😂 I actually like it better than the original 😅

  5. #WAP August 10, 2020

    Listening to this you can hear nickis flow from her first two albums. This confirms Safaree wrote nickis two most successful albums 🤣 Another L for old lady Nicki

  6. Biancacook August 10, 2020

    I like hiit, but umm if anybody still in denial he wrote for nicki leave em there. He spit that flow effortlessly

    • Meme August 10, 2020

      He was around Nicki for so many years, they were in a group together. Obviously they will have similarities. But Nicki is intelligent…she don’t need writers. If you listen to nickis latest album….and you’ve been riding with her from the beginning, you can tell the same person wrote everything

      • IAMME August 11, 2020

        EXACTLY MEME..

  7. DIVAlicious 👠 August 10, 2020

    🔥 Fire 🔥 that totally turning me on, I’m so 💦💦💦right now.

  8. Bey August 10, 2020

    Ok that was fire, pipe me pipe me

  9. Tori August 10, 2020

    I wanted to deny it but…THIS is “Pink Friday” and “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” realness 🤷🏾‍♂️!

  10. Robin August 10, 2020

    Beyonce Already music video from Flop is Kings is a week old on YouTube with 15 millions views. WAP by Cardi is 3 days old on YouTube with 71 million views.

    Just reporting. Beyonce fans are all loud with no action.

    • POPS+Muva August 10, 2020

      Beyonce an icon and in her own lane but I’m tired of her. her try hard visuals for every album with mediocre music. she needs to go back to normal formula of releasing a single , dropping album and making videos for 2nd and 3rd single.

    • #TheTruth August 10, 2020

      Maybe Beyoncé isn’t desperate for attention… otherwise she would go for more popular sounds and more raunchy visuals. Compare what is comparable. When these 2 ho€s will accomplish a quarter of what Beyoncé has accomplished, then maybe you can start talking.

  11. POPS+Muva August 10, 2020

    umm this turned me on lmao

  12. Blaine Kelley August 10, 2020

    People who are saying “this is Nicki’s flow from her first two albums” are failing to recognize that even if it is Nicki does that flow WAY better than him.
    Safaree may look good as hell, but based off this he’s not that good of a rapper.

    He clearly knows the best he has to offer is showcased via his only fans account…

    …and not to ramble, but people say Nicki can’t write without Safaree, but then the same people will say The Pinkprint is her best album…the first album sans Safaree…people just like to hate on Nicki yet don’t make that much sense while doing it…

  13. #TheTruth August 10, 2020

    American elegance in all its glory 🙄

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