RIAA: Alicia Keys Blasts Past Beyoncé To Become Most Certified Female R&B Act of the Millennium

Published: Tuesday 25th Aug 2020 by Rashad

As we reported here, two weeks ago Alicia Keys saw some of the most prized entries from her award-winning catalog have their certifications updated with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Now, as fans anxiously await official news regarding her forthcoming self-titled seventh studio album, more of its predecessors are seeing their official U.S. sales tallies refreshed.

The new count pushes Keys ahead of all other female R&B acts who debuted in the 2000s, including the former leader Beyoncé.

Details inside:

Although Keys trumpeted the arrival of the first set of re-certifications (as we reported here), the RIAA quietly updated the second set late last week.  The refreshed count shows the following:

  • ‘Songs in A Minor’ – 7x Platinum (Album)
  • ‘No One’ – 7x Platinum (Single)
  • ‘Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)’ – 2x Platinum (Single)
  • ‘A Woman’s Worth’ – Gold (Single)
  • ‘Superwoman’ – Gold (Single)

With the additional numbers, Keys – now at 27.5 million certified digital singles sold – edges past her ‘Put It in a Love Song’ co-star’s 26 million to claim the title of ‘most-certified female R&B act of the millennium.’

On the album sales front, Keys’ updates now put her at 20 million while Bey sits at second place with 15 million [source].

[main photo source: Getty Images]

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  1. Erica August 25, 2020

    You mean to tell me Beyonce only has sold 15 albums with 6 different albums 😧😩 something seems off.

    I guess people just like to see her perform because she doesn’t really sell albums like some people claim she does but no shade I’m just shock

    • Erica August 25, 2020

      *15 million albums

    • Justme August 25, 2020

      Thats because beyoncè doesn’t do recertification of her albums.. she is probably at the point passed rihanna but, you have to pay money for that and bey aint wasting none on that.

      • Karma August 25, 2020

        Lmao!! She is not passed Rihanna, gtfoh!!! 😂😂😂😂

  2. Oops she did it again August 25, 2020

    Yet Britney’s first album alone sold 30 million worldwide Lmao

    Bests both of theirs

    • Erica August 25, 2020

      Sips tea 😬 but I hope that’s not worldwide sells they talking about I’m assuming it’s just U.S stats if it’s worldwide than that’s tragic

      • Gworl Bye August 25, 2020

        It’s her U.S. stats, which means her WW stats can’t be that big either. It proves that she’s been driven by hype all along, 6 albums in 17 years as a solo artist and only 15 million total album sales? The numbers speak for themselves.

      • In The Zone August 25, 2020

        Even if you threw in 10 million extra WW, it won’t even pass Brit’s.

        America is the breadwinner as far as sales go so if you ain’t selling like hot cakes in America, you ain’t sellin anywhere lol.

        Chiiiiiile let me get this tea and sip away!!

      • Gag August 25, 2020

        Hey the tea? Lmao what will you do with this “tea” ? Tell people Beyonce only sold 15 million albums? I don’t get what this tea does for you?

    • Oh plz August 25, 2020

      And your point is? Britney has sold over 100 million records WW but only has 1 Grammy. Beyoncé has sold 15 million as a solo artist but has 24 grammys. BritBrit is worth $60 million, Bey is worth $500 million. The shade writes itself. I needn’t say anymore.

      • Karma August 25, 2020

        And how much are you worth while you’re on here talking about someone else’s money who doesn’t even k ow or care to I ow that you exist! Beyoncé has some of the dumbest fans of all time. I bet you would take up for her before you take up for your on momma! 😂😂😂😂

      • Oh plz August 25, 2020

        @karma…don’t worry about my net worth, h**….that’s irrelevant. Kinda like you and the garbage shade you just tried throwing. I’m simply adding empirical data aka hard facts to the Bey vs. BritBrit comparisons raised by the persons above 👍🏽

      • Gworl Bye August 25, 2020

        Rihanna is worth $600 million, since we’re placing net worth with relevance, so what does that say about beyonce or britney…

      • Gworl Bye August 25, 2020

        Well Rihanna is worth $600 million, so what does that say about beyonce or britney, since we’re judging relevance by net worth…

  3. Biancacook August 25, 2020

    imma assume beyonce’s hasn’t been updated because if this is final, beyonce is all hype

  4. tyty August 25, 2020

    Beyoncé doesn’t update her certifications that’s a fact.

  5. Clarks0o0ñ August 25, 2020

    Beyonce is not an rnb musician

    • #6kyonce August 25, 2020

      lmaooooo still no excuse for her pitiful album sales lmaooooo

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 25, 2020

        Bey grossed nearly $3 BILLION in her Acting Career making het one of the Highest Grossing Actors of ALL TIME and Halo now has over 1 Billion views on YouTube

      • #6kyonce August 25, 2020

        Lmaooo and still FLOPPING harder than ciara with only 15 million sold in 20 years lmaooo nice try fatso lmaooo 😂😂😂

    • Dc August 25, 2020

      Stfu she’s not pop

  6. #6kyonce August 25, 2020

    Lmaooooo guuuuurllll 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 25, 2020

      Rih scheduled only sold 10-11 mill with 8 Albums. Beys 2nd Album THE WRITING ON THE WALL sold 8 Million and beys 4th Album DIL sold 5 Mill. Bey may be a FLOP but she’s also a successful one. The Formation Tour for instance is Highest Grossing Tour by black Female and Lion Ling is Highest Grossing Film ALLTIME by Musicians

      • Karma August 25, 2020

        And Rihanna is still worth more, so you said all that to say nothing! 😂😂😂😂😂

      • #6kyonce August 25, 2020

        lmaoooo these dumb roaches forever clinging to rihanna, who has sold 20 million albums in LESS time, and has 14 number one singles, while this overrated FLOP cant even sell more records than jessica simpson, i have to laugh at these silly bugs lmfaoooo

  7. #6kyonce August 25, 2020

    Lmaooo xtina sits at 50 million we sales and the roaches have THE NERVE?!?!? lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂😂

    • #6kyonce August 25, 2020


      • Don’t touch my hair August 25, 2020

        Xtina earlier album are multi platinum sellers
        Christina Aguilera 9 million in US , 18 million worldwide
        Stripped 4 million in US, 12 million worldwide
        Back to Basics. 1.7 million in US, 6 million ww

      • Don’t touch my hair August 25, 2020

        And Christina hasn’t updated her sales either

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 25, 2020

      Bey won over 20 grammys to make up for all her Flops. #UNBOTHERED

      • Truthtella August 25, 2020

        Proving she’s just hyped. Hollywood gave her those Grammys. It’s nothing to really be proud of . Sales show that the masses think.

      • Divab August 25, 2020

        Also take into count money wise, Beyoncé gross was so much higher but don’t forget her dad was stealing money to pay his baby mothers and whatever else he stole money 💴💰💵from her for how many ever years until it was brought to her attention that’s why he was fired as her manager

    • Gag August 25, 2020

      Gworl you don’t support Christina lmao the numbers show that. Beyoncé doesn’t even submit for recertification lmao guess you thought you did something. You’re still broke and under every Beyoncé post…guess your life
      Is a flop

      • #6kyonce August 25, 2020

        lmaoooo gurl, xtina’s numbers are BIGGER than floproachhyonce’s always has been bishhhh go cry to your fellow roaches about that and leave queentina’s name out cho mouf lmfaooooo

      • Gag August 26, 2020

        Best cone back you have??? You silly little toad…I like Christina I’m not about to Hobbs i and forth on who sold how many millions….you’ll never in your life achieve an inkling if what Beyoncé it Xtina have so….lol!

  8. Biancacook August 25, 2020

    thats because the RIAA does

  9. Danny Bey August 25, 2020

    Beyoncé don’t update her sh*t so STOP THE BS.

    Alicia hasn’t sold like that since 2008 so y’all really expect her to genuinely had sold more than Beyoncé? You’re a whole idiot if you believe so

    • #6kyonce August 25, 2020

      lmaooooo boo hoo roach, even soundscan has receipts that alicia sold more than this flopped roach. deal with it gurl lmfaooooo

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED August 25, 2020

        The Queen still sold 70-80 Million albums since 98 WORLDWIDE. Who needs soundscan. Bey out of ALL her peers is still MOST RELEVANT by far.

        A. Keys career and Xtinas career and Britneys career is all but DEAD in 2020 lol

      • Danny Bey August 26, 2020

        And where’s the soundscan report dummy? I’ll wait.

  10. Slick August 25, 2020


  11. Anthony August 25, 2020

    So we’re gonna pretend like Beyoncé hasn’t updated most of her certifications in over a decade. Hell, Crazy In Love is still listed as Gold…

  12. Joel4Realll August 26, 2020

    Why do ya’ll have to put someone down to lift someone up?! 2020 already coming through with the b******* you online trolls gotta do better! RIAA Certifications have to be bought Halo has already sold more than 15million alone it’s just certifications not every artist or label wants them or needs them

  13. Lewey August 26, 2020

    Just like ALICIA UPDATED HER CERTS… BEYONCE still hasn’t done hers. MAybe she will soon because Destiny’s Child just did thiers a couple months ago. Y’all haters will not be able to deal with it. I can’t wait.

  14. BM August 26, 2020

    Were some of you sleeping under a rock or something? Sales are practically dead for at least 10 years, and prior to that, in the late 2000s, with exception to digital singles, they were pretty low. How did you expect Beyoncé to sell tens of millions albums in the US? It’s all about streams today, and Beyoncé is holding up very well. She has 37 million monthly listeners, which is fantastic for someone who started a career in the 1990s.

  15. Kelvin August 28, 2020

    Congrats Alicia! And just so you guys know this is only US stats, Alicia has sold much more world wide. Lol, sleep on that.

  16. Carole A Brown August 30, 2020

    I love Alicia Keys is and remains my
    # 1 Female singer 🙌🏽

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