Cardi B Unveiled As New Face Of Balenciaga / Launches Campaign On The Louvre

Published: Tuesday 1st Sep 2020 by Sam

‘WAP’ rapper Cardi B is continuing to make a splash and this time it’s in partnership with Balenciaga.

Full story below…

The femcee fronts the Winter 2020 campaign for the fashion house and the roll-out launched today in an epic way. Case in point a giant-sized billboard on on a prominent side of The Louvre in Paris, France.

In the stunning shot, Belcalis rocks Balenciaga’s new Neo Classic handbag.

The campaign shot by Cardi B in Los Angeles during lockdown.

She said of the news:

Ya lookin at the face of a @Balenciaga campaign! I remember how I felt seeing myself on a billboard in NYC Times Square but PARIS! Wish I was there to see it in person!

Word is that the Paris billboard will stand tall for the entire month of September; similar billboards will appear in Taiwan, China, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Go Cardi!

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  1. Dc September 1, 2020

    Queen 👏🏾

  2. Key September 1, 2020

    Trashy, no thanks

  3. Starr* September 1, 2020

    How not to get people to buy your over priced crap, she looks like a cheap back alley hooker…

  4. Cherry 🍒 September 1, 2020

    She’s giving melting blow up doll s ex doll vibes

  5. Madam X September 1, 2020

    Very low end hooker in a ball gown teas

  6. Paulo September 1, 2020

    Wap wap wap, another win for Cardi! 👏🏻

  7. Lj September 1, 2020

    Im sure thebgown is beautiful in person. The skin color editing or lighting makes her look more white. This issue is something the beauty and fashion industry has manipulated for years.

  8. #WAP September 1, 2020

    Congrats cardi! Meanwhile Nicki is at home too big to see her kitty.

    • Sherrif September 1, 2020

      The way i just hollered! You had me rolling..!

    • Gag September 1, 2020

      You dumb ass because she’s pregnant you’re claiming her fat? Stupid pathetic person you are

  9. LeLe September 1, 2020

    SMH….TRASH….. no thank you.

    • DC September 1, 2020

      Y’all to broke stop
      Hating the more y’all hate the bigger she gets keep it up 👋🏽👋🏽

  10. WRTW? September 1, 2020

    Awesome! Great way to cheapen a brand. Good job Stripper B!

  11. Fair is Fair September 1, 2020

    Congratulations Cardi. Not too many people achieved this! And your face is on the side of the Louvre. Epic!

  12. Whateverrrrr September 4, 2020

    Never wanted or will ever purchase these European pieces of trash they call fashion. All use sweat shops and exploit their workers from the ground up. I buy handcrafted goods that are made by craftsmen and woman around the world when I travel the world. The industry knows their days are number and are desperate to try anything to stay relevant. What’s the deal with the Louvre as well? Why do they keep promoting black musical artists? Surely they should be promoting black artists that are painters, designers etc. Instead they give this trash attention. They are all in the illuminati club feeding off of anything that is destructive to our very nature. WAP is proof of that. I wish they would just go ahead and reveal the truth, so know where people stand! And I will tell you now Cardi B ain’t stanning for THE MAN upstairs.

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