Mary J. Blige Reminisces on 1999 VMAs: I Was ‘Pissed’ at Diana Ross for Lil Kim Boob Jiggle!

Published: Thursday 10th Sep 2020 by Rashad

‘Reminisce’ singer Mary J. Blige took to ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen‘ recently to stroll down memory lane for the BRAVO talk show’s segment, ‘Reminisce on Your Sis.’

The GRAMMY-winning diva – hot on the promo trail for her new hit STARZ series ‘Power Book II’ – reflected on her experiences with everyone from Beyonce and Whitney Houston to Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, and more.

When quizzed on her longtime friend Lil Kim, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul launched into a royal praise session – referring to the Queen Bee as a ‘trailblazer.’  Randomly, Cohen took his line of questioning a bit further to ask how Blige felt about Diana Ross jiggling the rapper’s boob at the 1999 MTV VMAs.

Look inside to hear just how Mary sounded off:

 “I was embarrassed for Kim and I was really pissed when that happened ’cause that’s my little sister and my friend,” said Blige of the incident.

Relive the moment below:

Kim was a bit more forgiving, as evidenced by an interview at the 2019 Essence Festival.

“Now that’s legendary. The boss. I love Diana Ross,” the Queen Bee said at the 2019 Essence Festival.  “I always said if I did a movie about my life, she would play my mom. And I told her that.”

See it below (start at the 2:50 mark).

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  1. Nicky September 10, 2020

    Dear Dummy Cohen

    You can ask black artists about white artists and vice versa

    A black artist doesn’t only have to talk about other black artists

    • JUST SAYING September 10, 2020

      Amen! I hate those memes on facebook when they say “one has to go” its like why can you like more than one black person at a time.

      • Cas September 10, 2020

        Black ppl are conditioned to only have one person of color on top. It has to be Brandy vs. Monica, Lil Kim vs Nicki, Mariah vs Whitney, Beyonce vs Rihanna as the main stream media will only allow one black/person of color on top. It’s sad that black people and ppl of color accept this mindset and perpetuate it. Division has been engrained, smh.

    • Chilepleassee September 10, 2020

      Well she’s worked with all those people, that’s why he asked about them. DUMMY

    • C**-ila September 10, 2020

      I love Diana She’s Legendary and in my opinion She did not disrespect anyone. She was just joking and according to Kim She felt flattered and understood Diana’s joke.
      If Miss Blige felt disrespect that was only in her head…

  2. Your Name September 10, 2020

    Mary looks stunning. 49 where????

  3. #WAP September 10, 2020

    But it was an iconic moment. I love Mary, but she comes off as very homophobic. Remember her face of disgust after the Madonna Britney kiss at the VMA’s? Yeah, Mary, just sing and act and take a note for Bey and stop doing interviews.

    • Tito September 10, 2020

      Not homophobic she was probably disgusted at the desperate reach for attention from the two of them

      • Anne September 10, 2020

        That’s not what she said. She said she felt bad for Kim, she’s acting as if Diana had molested Kim or something. I think Mary was probably really mad because no one even remembers her being up there

  4. whyyte n bllackk bitchess September 10, 2020

    the party has put mary j blige on the list for whitney houstons new movie we would say who should play whitney but

  5. #WAP September 10, 2020

    Also, I wish Mary would get a better stylist. She’s constantly dressed like cookie from season 1 of empire. Like girl, you have money, get a better stylist.

    • DC September 10, 2020

      Mary’s style was the inspiration for cookie she actually took Mary’s style the ghetto fabulous look FYI

      • Interac September 10, 2020

        Taraji has always credited lil’ Kim as inspiration for cookie’s style.

    • Monica4Life September 10, 2020

      That is her style b****. It’s iconic.

      Meanwhile, your murderess fave is wearing quilts, drapes and JNCO jeans. Worry about that.

  6. Tanyad September 10, 2020

    But Mary is always pissed about something. 🤔

    • #WAP September 10, 2020

      Chiiiile, she has to have a reason to be in pain…that’s all she makes music about

  7. Pat September 10, 2020

    Calm down Auntie Mary. Even kin knows it was iconic

  8. JUST SAYING September 10, 2020

    interesting because lil kim said that she loved it and was honored and Diana clearly didnt mean anything by it.

  9. Rashad September 10, 2020

    I like Mary but Miss Ross is a legend and every black female artist in the business owes her a debt of gratitude and I don’t think she gets the respect she deserves. Mary ain’t got no business dragging uo sh%* from 21 years ago when she wasn’t in Kim’s shoes.

    Looks petty and sad just like when Gladys and Patti still shade Miss Ross…jealousy

  10. eric September 10, 2020

    All these years I never paid attention to Mary’s reaction. Lol. She was definitely not happy.

  11. Danny Bey September 10, 2020

    Mary. It wasn’t that deep. You weird for being “PiSsEd” About something like that that AINT even happens to you.

    Plus it was a different time, there ya as many Cardi’s and Megan’s while you using the reach ass comparison. Calm down.

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