Naturi Naughton Talks 3LW Ousting & Upcoming Album / Kiely Williams Responds?

Published: Thursday 10th Sep 2020 by TGJ Team

More power to Naturi Naughton! Sitting down with People magazine, the singer turned actress discusses Power, her upcoming album, and 3LW!

Full story below…

After joining 3LW and churning out R&B hits such as ‘No More‘, ‘I Do‘, and ‘Playas Gon Play‘, Naughton was ‘devastatingly’ ousted from the group, and has since made allegations of favoritism, colorism, and catfights.
Now, speaking out about her experience of her girl group days, she states that her upcoming album will embrace some of the feelings’ she ‘had after being ousted’ from the group
She shared:
“It was a tumultuous breakup. However, I do look back and remember, ‘Oh, I was on the TRL tour, opening up for Destiny’s Child.” 
Going on, she adds: 
“I think a lot of people that know me now, who even watch Power, don’t realize how long my journey has been. This has been since I was 15 and I’ve been in the business for 20 years. I look back at that experience of being in a girl group, although it had some learning experiences that were growing pains, it just showed me what it takes to make it in this industry.
Trust is a huge part of it and I think in that group things just didn’t go right.”
Speaking of her upcoming album, which she is presently working on, the singer declares it an R&B album ‘fused with a little bit of that Hip-Hop’.
“I want to bring back that ’90s era vibe with people really singing, I’m excited to just tell my story through song because a lot the songs I d talk about feelings I had after being ousted from 3LW.”
One producer the singer/actress says she’s working with is ‘Mayor of R&B’, Troy Taylor. Taylor has been credited as working with the likes of K. MichelleKeyshia Cole and Whitney Houston among many others.
Potentially bothered by Naturi’s interview, ex-3LW group member Kiely Williams took to Instagram to share the following post yesterday:


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ISWIS 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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In any case, it’s an exciting time for Naturi! Since her departure from 3LW, the star has gone on to become a huge success as Tasha St. Patrick in the hit-show ‘Power‘ and new spin off ‘Power Book 2: Ghost’ which airs Sundays at 9pm on the Starz network.

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  1. Gyro September 10, 2020

    She’s so pressed. 3LW had two hits 20 years ago. You have a bigger career than both of the other members combined. Move forward and try to finally heal sis. Not a good look!!!

    • Dee September 10, 2020

      So true…Its time to let go of the past.

    • Creed September 10, 2020

      UR pressed… and ugly!!! Naturi doesn’t go around talking about 3LW voluntarily. That’s where she got her start so of course interviewers will mention it. She didn’t shade or bash anyone if you paid attention before making this dumb ass comment. Letoya Luckett has her own career and still asked about Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. It is what it is dummy.

      • dee September 10, 2020

        What’s press is your diction. Someone needs Grammerly!

      • Creed September 10, 2020

        Take your own advice b****. “Press” that!

    • Miss slat Gawl September 10, 2020

      She was silent for years. Talking about it helps her heal. It happened to her, she has the right to talk about it all she wants.

    • kiki September 10, 2020

      um Adrienne has a great career also, she been on a national show for 5 years and other talent shows. not sure why she can’t get over 3lw

      • #WAP September 10, 2020

        The real is a flop and is rumored to not get renewed after this season.

  2. eric September 10, 2020

    The topic is going to come up for people to know Naturi isn’t new to music. She’s handling it well speaking in a matter-of-fact way without complaining and being bitter. Kiely tells on herself everytime she responds to Naturi.

  3. tyty September 10, 2020

    Hit dog will holla nothing negative was said but this lady was mighty quick to defend herself. It’s Naturi truth she can talk about her experiences till she is blue in the face.

  4. Cutie September 10, 2020

    They shoulda threw the entire kfc meal at her bitter ass. She has so much going on in her career yet she’s still worried about Adrienne and Kiely. Hate to see it.

    • #WAP September 10, 2020

      She didn’t mention their names. She clearly mentioned it so people knew she wasn’t knew to music when she drops her solo music. Now go eat your KFC loser

  5. #WAP September 10, 2020

    Kiely is such a loser! She married a grocery store bagger and now lives in a double wide and her gap returned. Like girl, YOU are bitter. Naturi stays winning and you stay losing.

  6. Exlurker September 10, 2020

    I like Naturi and so glad she is doing well. It’s typical that the bully mean girl would want her victim to shut up.

    I say keep talking about it….. that’s your story and it gives hope to the younger generation who are currently being bullied that there is hope if you persevere.

    Adrienne is nice as she accepted her part, went on to have success with the Cheetah band, apologised publicly and used the format on her show the Real. That’s growth.

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