Tory Lanez Apology To Megan Thee Stallion Over Alleged Shooting Revealed: “I Was Too Drunk”

Published: Wednesday 9th Sep 2020 by Sam

Tory Lanez has remained mum since being arrested for gun possession and accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot.

And while his silence persists, new details have emerged that are putting the pieces of the puzzle together in way that does not bode well for the Canadian star.

Full story below…

TMZ has obtained text messages Tory sent to Megan in the hours following the July 12 incident and they paint a compelling picture.

Per the report, Lanez began his exchange apologetically:

“I know u prolly never gone talk to me again, but I genuinely want u to know I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.”

As for his rationale for the shooting? He added:

“I was just too drunk.”

While not explicitly referencing shooting, Lanez is quoted as saying:

“None the less s**t should have never happened and I can’t change what did. I just feel horrible.”

He continued:

“Cuz I genuinely just got too drunk.”

The text have surfaced in the wake of Megan stressing that she’s traumatized by the incident and her injuries, the latter of which required surgery. She also, after initially talking around the topic, specifically named Lanez as her attacker.

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  1. BuzzOff September 9, 2020

    Why didn’t he this to her a Long time ago? You done shot her? And after all these months, you didn’t spoke to her in private and apologized?
    Nah .. This ain’t it ..

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭 September 9, 2020

    👎👎👎wow! This ghetto human turd 💩 is full of s-h-I-t! Excuses….

  3. AriRihNaj September 9, 2020

    Lock him up 😒

  4. Latinisssima September 9, 2020

    when is he going to jail? We want locked up and never ever again in music. I hope he won’t get the same fortune as Chris Brown, who almost killed Rihanna and people is still buying his music like nothing happened. It’s sad how Rihanna didn’t persue justice and it’s even sadder that Megan seems to be on the same path! For God sake, this rat SHOOT HER TWICE. This is murderer attempt and everybody is cool with it? The heck?!

    • Meme September 9, 2020

      Not almost killed lol

    • Tori September 9, 2020

      Almost killed? REALLY?

  5. Dee September 9, 2020

    He better be glad it wasn’t me. I would be pressings charges and cooperating with them to the fullest.

    • Meme September 9, 2020

      Lmfaoooooo I’m crying.

  6. Clarks0o0ñ September 9, 2020

    Short men have issues

  7. Mandy Mulatto September 9, 2020

    Soooo you get drunk and shoot people???? How wild is that!!! Deport his ass.

  8. Shayla Queen 👑 September 9, 2020



    If that’s what happens when you drink, you’re not fit or stable enough to be a part of SOCIETY!

  9. Fancy BISH September 9, 2020

    He made a mistake get over it people. Most of you are just horrible because he is a strong black male.

  10. Misty Knight September 9, 2020

    He’ll have to shoot a white girl to get jail time.

  11. J September 9, 2020

    In other words he had a ‘N*gga Moment’

  12. bbygurllexx September 10, 2020


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