Beyonce Re-Affirms Support For Nigeria & African Continent: “I Hear You & I See You”

Published: Saturday 31st Oct 2020 by Sam

Beyonce has long expressed her love for Africa and continues to lend her voice and platform to bringing about positive change on the continent.

As reported, the superstar singer spoke up and out in alignment with the #EndSARS campaign in Nigeria – a movement mounted to stop police brutality and corruption.

With the Africa at large battling similar issues across various countries, Bey has penned an impassioned letter detailing the measures her BeyGood charity has been taking and encouraging others to do the same.

Her words below…

She went on to add:

I’d also like to bring attention to critical issues that the Continent is facing right now.

Cameroon #AnglophoneCrisis
Congo #CongoIsBleeding
Liberia #RapeNationalEmeregncy
Namibia #ShutItAllDown
Nigeria #EndSARS
South Africa #AmINext
Ivory Coast and Ghana #ChildTrafficking
Zimbabwe #ZimbabweanLivesMatter

I listened to the voices of some young people from all parts of Africa and they are asking to be heard. They have seen too much that is wrong and they are crying out for the world to listen through our actions.

I am calling on my peers, friends and EVERYONE to join me. If you are unable to donate, click the links below to learn how you too can support.


Share with everyone you know


Like those listed below and share on your platforms

Feminist Coalition
Diaspora Rising
Enough Is Enough
Global Citizen

Through my financial support of the Feminist Coalition, I am happy that we have been able to cover costs for protestors with urgent medical care needs, to provide food to so many, and to cover the expenses of emergency shelter for those left homeless and legal fees for those arrested. We are also assisting with transportation and telecom needs.

Still, the need is GREAT and requires each and every one of us. TOGETHER WITH ALL OF OUR COLLECTIVE EFFORTS WE CAN BRING ABOUT A CHANGE.

To my African Brothers and Sisters — I hear you and I see you!



Beautifully said.

Tidbit: Afrobeats superstar Yemi Alade opened up to That Grape Juice about what it was like working with Queen Bey on ‘Black Is King’ and the project’s importance. Check it out…

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  1. Beylover October 31, 2020

    Beyoncé is ALWAYS 2-3 steps ahead of everyone. Just because she doesn’t run to Instagram or Twitter to let us know her every move doesn’t mean her ears aren’t to the street! It’s great that’s she has become more vocal but, I hope she doesn’t let “social media” pressure her to cave in everytime a world crisis happens!

    • Datred23 October 31, 2020

      Rihanna has already done this and was worldwide she had presidential leaders donating pledges of millions and billions she is the true philanthropist she also visited and played soccer with A group of African village children and taught them in school . She built hospitals in the Caribbean no one is doing it like her !

      • Beylover October 31, 2020

        Ummmm ok…. Not sure what that had to do with Beyoncé! 🙄

      • Klutch October 31, 2020

        Um it had a lot to do with Beyoncé since you said she’s always 2-3 steps ahead of everybody. Datred23 just served your a$$ facts!! 😂😂😂

  2. Nicky October 31, 2020

    A true Queen Indeed

    This is why Camicky the Clown will never be the Beyonce of 5H

    She’s literally LaTavia at best. Guess that’s why Beyonce handpicked Normani as the true leader.

    • Navy Gravy October 31, 2020

      There is no Beyonce of 5th Harmony, hell they’ll be lucky if they can even squeeze out a Michelle and I’m being nice. Stop comparing those 5H girls haven’t been singing nearly long enough.

    • HavanaONana October 31, 2020

      Who is Normanly? I never heard of that man

  3. QUEENDOM October 31, 2020

    A true QUEEN, if she retires I wouldn’t be mad, because y’all run her through the mud and then have ya hand out. Any way God bless Beyoncé

  4. K.B. October 31, 2020

    Beyonce is dead, she was definitely involved with child tracking/killing..Truth will be revealed in 2021.

  5. Robin October 31, 2020

    Because she got dragged the last time for not been honest. She was told to take a chapter from Rihanna book when it comes to activism

    Beyoncé also need to ask her mum to stay off social media she is embracing and turning into a troll.

  6. #WAP October 31, 2020

    Is she pregnant again? That pic is giving me maternity realness. “Jay, you are not the father.”

  7. Jamie October 31, 2020

    Beyonce has been celebrating her African heritage for over a decade. Even as a child, Mrs Tina had her wearing Nigerian Geles. She has been wearing Nigerian Ankara print for years even before others started doing it. She was clowned and called tacky for these fashions and even her braids throughout her career. She did African homage in Run the World Video, Grown Woman Video, flew out dancers, visited Nelson Mandela, Sung Nigerian’s National Anthem, visited Lagos, Egypt, and more. She’s human and is helping so many. Her Mum even spoke about their elderly relatives. Sometimes you get so busy with real life you forget to check social media. She has done so much for the diaspora and continent on the low. From her Hurricane katrina homes, hbcu scholarships, c**** relief, supporting trayvon martins family, attending blm protest, coachella singing lift every voice, hiring black professionals in her company parkwood, dancers, bands and more. Give ha respect!!!! She’s a mother of 3 little ones!!! Still trying to employ black creatives!!

  8. Keith October 31, 2020

    I am glad to hear of Beyoncé’s philanthropic endeavors. This is a good look and will hopefully inspire her peers to be more intentional…even if it’s not always public.

  9. True October 31, 2020

    Chiiiiiilllllld wasn’t Beyonce just as white as J Lol and Shakeria????

    Now Beyonce looks as if she is a few shades lighter than Kelly

    Beyonce pick a color please colorist

  10. wehate…bbll n whyy..the party October 31, 2020

    go back to Africa then and stay

  11. Kevon November 1, 2020

    Here comes fakeyonce again … what she going to do for them. We not in the movie lion king …she gonna just go to the country and do what put the president out .hahah girl its not in the lion king

  12. Fancy BISH November 1, 2020

    What a hot mess.

  13. Ratedxxx November 2, 2020

    Now she gives a fugg about Africa..
    This dumb bish trying to prove she ain’t fake as heck…

    Other celebrities been using their power to help Africa for decades

    Now here she come.acting as usual she’s the first to care..
    Go sit down somewhere you fraud

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