Beyonce Announces Adidas x Ivy Park “Drip 2”

Published: Monday 19th Oct 2020 by Sam

Beyonce‘s Ivy Park x Adidas partnership launched in spectacular fashion earlier this year.

And now it’s time for Drip 2!

Details below…

Queen Bey and the sportswear giant are ready to sting once again and the drop is coming sooner than folk may think.

For, moments ago, both announced that the second instalment of their line will be arriving on October 30.


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DRIP 2 October 30

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With the first capsule selling out within minutes globally, it’s safe to expect ample excitement this go round too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(drink my diva cup ☕️) October 19, 2020

    Another ugly a-s-s sneaker 👟 we all knew it💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿

    • Cody+s October 19, 2020

      I see the haters always first in line to purchase and comment. That’s ok. DC3 4 Eva. Yo fave could nevaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

      • Shayla Queen 👑 October 19, 2020

        I see the broke b****** always first in line to defend an ugly ass sneaker they ass can never afford! Now b**** gone.

    • TToka October 20, 2020

      Lol🤣😂🤣😆😆U Funny as hell

  2. #6KYONCE October 19, 2020

    LMFAOOOOOOOO *laughs in Fenty

    • Clarks0o0ñ October 19, 2020


    • Gag Order October 19, 2020

      This is so stupid, you don’t have a business like wtf is funny? That you’re broke and claim not to like Beyoncé but on every post about her?? Also I’m pretty sure you can’t afford Fenty nor Ivy Park 🤣

  3. Uncle Clifford October 19, 2020

    I don’t believe those ugly pointed platform shell toe sneakers sold out in minutes. I live in a major city and never saw anyone wearing them or talking about them either. No one wears Ivy Park.

    • Aladdin thee Stallion October 19, 2020

      There are billions of people in the world. Your ratchet poor city in Mississippi doesn’t have 0.0001% of them. Stay PRESS!

      • Gag Order October 19, 2020

        Right person sounds so dumb I live in LA That’s millions of people who’s staring at everyone’s shoes that cross paths with? What a dumbo you’re obviously lying

  4. Tamar+Her October 19, 2020

    She’s SO tired and OLD!

    • Aladdin thee Stallion October 19, 2020

      Coming from the stan of a schizophrenic never was. Your flop fav should offed herself when she had the chance. The world would be a better place. Toni’s the real star.

  5. Pat October 19, 2020

    She’s at that weird place in her career where the market for her is drying up. She should disappear for three years and then come back with an album w strong vocals. Go into legendary status gracefully

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 19, 2020

      I agree with this statement whole heartedly. Bey only has opportunity for about 2, maybe 3 BIG LEMONADES left b4 she starts Making a Mockery out of her own career like Mariah has been doing for the past 10 Years.

      She’s losing her Youth since having the Twins, and been looking 5+ years older than she really is since IAMSF. EVERYTHING she does Artistically HAS to be NEXT LEVEL like no other artist. Sad to say but the Benchmark for bey is set super high and no-one ia going to Buy Beys Brand unless it’s Better than everything Everybody else is releasing among ALL Acts not just her immediate peers but the Cardi b’s too.

      Black is King is Proof, not even Otherside as epic as that song is or Already or Better as incredible as those 2 videos were is good enough.

      • #6KYONCE October 19, 2020

        Lmaooo why don’t you tell the truth fatso, roach is old and washed up because she’s run out of people to copy her ideas from lmfaoooo that lion king flop selling only 6k should tell you that but your dumb ass still thinks she sells albums lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 19, 2020

        And RIHANNA and NIKKI does sell albums????

        Maybe u should go Google the PURE SALES of ANTI & QUEEN. You don’t consider the SPS Sales of The Gift so u should not consider them for your FLOPPED Favs Either.

        Bey isn’t a Flop in my eyes until B7 flops. Bet u any amount B7 Outsells R9… Remember that time Rih pushed back ANTI so she wouldn’t have to compete with ADELE but only to end up competing with BEY 😂😬😂

        RIH SCHEDULED Career has still not recovered from LEMONADE 🍋

      • Big Birkin Beisha October 19, 2020

        Heart attack big neck having b**** let’s not forget how Fenty came in like a flood and WASHED Ivy Farts entire existence. Where’s House of Deadwrong….oops Derelonggone…. omg Dereon??? Zzzyonce will never be a fashion titan or diva like Rihanna. Let’s be verrrry MF clear cholesterol kween.

  6. Clarkson October 19, 2020

    Fashion isn’t her thing 💀

    No one looks to Beyonce for fashions. That’s why Ivy Park is struggling to make a splash.

    She needs to be focusing on all the L’s she’s taking from ChloexHalle flopping so hard 💀💀💀

    • Clarks0o0ñ October 19, 2020

      Pls this is not me

      I dont speak this way
      I dont drag chloe and halle cause they are talented and deserve the support flopmani is getting

      • Smooth Operator October 19, 2020

        Honest question Why are you always spitting hate on Normani?
        Chloe x Halle released 2 studio albums and 7 singles, the only single to impact billboard was Do it peaking at 63.
        Normani didn’t release any studio album and only released 5 singles. Of those 5, 3 entered the billboard hot 100 (Love Lies 7) (Dancing With a Stranger 7) (Motivation 33), yet you always try to attack Normani but not Chloe X Halle why mate?

  7. G-bby October 19, 2020

    ^^^ the haters have come out to play per usual

    23 years in the game and still keeping her foot on pressed b****** necks. Love to see it.

    • #6KYONCE October 19, 2020

      Lmaooo oh please, nobody is pressed over this 6k selling flop, its you roaches who still live in this fantasy world where shes still relevant lmfaoooooooo 😂😂😂

      • Gag Order October 19, 2020

        You keep telling yourself that lie! You have first week sales of an international collaboration album as your username..pressed is beyond for you. You are a deranged fan who is simply jealous that you haven’t followed your dreams. Now all you can do is bash her on this little site your life has to be miserable nobody is happy who goes around attacking and being negative for no reason at all. You’re pressed you’re mad and you will continue to be

    • Clarkson October 19, 2020

      Those cankles ain’t on nobodies neck sweetie.

      Just accept it. Beyonce is past her prime and looks desperate pandering to the younger generation who doesn’t care about her.

      Either release a good vocal album or prepare for retirement with a world tour here and there.

      Now wrap that around your thick cranium.

  8. Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 19, 2020

    im so dissapointed in the Bee Hive for putting bey in COMEBACK territory. Y’all let ALL beys side projects flop. Kinda a good thing tho cause Bey is Forced to REINVENT herself now more than Any other Entertainer. It will bey super hard tho since bey is looking more Haggard now than ever, 39 but can easily pass for 49.

    • Clarkson October 19, 2020

      But didn’t your dumb fat ass JUST say she looks 19💀💀💀

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED October 19, 2020

        That’s only when I SQUINT my eyes does she look 19. Bey ain’t looked her age since the BDAY era. First Noticed with the IF I WERE A BOY video and Later DIVA & HALO (27 looking 31) that Father Time wasn’t going to be Kind to Bey.

      • #6KYONC October 19, 2020

        Lmaooo right lmfaoooo, now its the roach hives fault she’s flopping and recycling the same shyt over and over again? lmfaoooooooo 😂💀

    • Big Birkin Beisha October 19, 2020

      That’s those Creole (white) genes catching up with her. Look at Tina. Even with 10000 surgeries and fifty leven rounds of Botox, she still looks like a soggy kneecap. Matthew Knwoles should have procreated with a melanated goddess like Kelly Rowland’s mom(RIP)☕️

      • Aiko❤️ October 19, 2020


  9. Big Birkin Beisha October 19, 2020

    Ivy Park is so low rate. Wasn’t she selling that s*** in Nene Leakes Swagg Boutique lmaoooo

    • Clarks0o0ñ October 19, 2020


      Damn, why are yall dragging ms. Bey

      She’s just trying to make some fashion coin

  10. Memphis_heat October 19, 2020

    Beyonce PLEASE!
    Leave fashion to the real gurls like RiRi…

  11. Bravo!! October 19, 2020

    I still haven’t seen nobody in Cali rocking ivy park sneakers or clothing

    • BOLD October 19, 2020

      Chicago either….

      • Shayla Queen 👑 October 19, 2020

        Or Planet Earth…

    • Gag Order October 19, 2020

      F****** liar in LA 2 stores actually sold the collab and had lines down the sidewalk and soldout! Just like it soldout online….what I don’t get is why haters are worried about how much she sold like you’re losing out on money or making money from doesn’t make this point y’all just post dumb negative s*** just to post and get responses idiots

  12. tyty October 19, 2020

    Nobody on this site can link or prove that Rihanna FASHION LINE is actually successful despite attempting to use her as some sort of weapon again Beyoncé. RIH herself pretends like her fashion line doesn’t exist. That’s kii but as usual folks on this site to stupid to notice the obvious.

  13. PB October 19, 2020

    You have to be absolutely miserable to hate on Beyoncé. Praying for you guys. It gets better. 😂 #Drip2

    • Flopyonce October 22, 2020

      Or maybe we just have good taste and don’t stan tackiness like the shîthive does.

      Beyoncé is a very ugly, old, fat and washed up FLOP

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