Chart Check [Billboard 200]: Mariah Carey’s ‘The Rarities’ Debuted With Sales Of…

Published: Saturday 17th Oct 2020 by Rashad

October 2 brought with it a packaged celebration of Mariah Carey‘s 30 hit-filled years in the music industry courtesy of ‘The Rarities’ – a career-spanning compilation album of unreleased material to share with her legion of devoted fans (affectionately called “Lambs”).

An accompanying musical piece to her long-awaited memoir, ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’ (which opened to rave reviews and sales as we reported here), ‘The Rarities’ – which not only featured some never-before-heard tunes from her prized vault but also never-before-heard mixes of previous released hits – was kicked off by the Lauryn Hill-assisted gem ‘Save the Day.’ .

The highly anticipated set was previously forecasted by industry analysts to land Carey her latest top 20 hit on the Billboard 200 thanks to first-week sales of 21,000 units (as we reported here).

While the final count reveals she surpassed their expectations on the sales front, the effort’s first-week Billboard placement was more than ten rungs below their projections.

See what we mean inside:

Mariah Carey’s ‘The Rarities’

First-Week Sales (SPS):  21,500 units

First-Week Sales (Pure): 14,800 units

First-Week Billboard 200 Placement: #31

Among the eight compilation albums she’s released over the past 30 years (including greatest hits sets), ‘Rarities’ is her fourth to impact the Billboard 200’s top 40.  It follows the #29 peak of 2015’s ‘#1 to Infinity.’

Look below to see who joins her in the top 40 on this week’s ‘TGJ Chart Check: Billboard 200.’

Billboard 200 This Week

Click here to stream ‘The Rarities.’

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  1. #WAP October 17, 2020

    Better than I expected.

  2. Lmfao_Hoe October 17, 2020

    Sells should no longer matter. The album is pure beauty and my God her Tokyo Tour vocals are so heavenly like ain’t nobody seeing her or Whitney from their primes and onwards

  3. Your Name October 17, 2020

    Those are good numbers for a project full of old b sides that wasn’t promoted

  4. QUEENDOM October 18, 2020

    At this point sales don’t matter, I’m glad she released this to the world. This is her legacy

  5. Adrian October 18, 2020

    This album is really a masterpiece. So happy to see her getting her flowers while she’s here!

  6. J October 18, 2020

    A Flop

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 18, 2020

      Like your life

      • J October 18, 2020

        Wish you were aborted 😿 annoying ass b****

    • lil garbaj October 22, 2020

      shutup moronnAss

  7. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(drink my diva cup ☕️) October 18, 2020

    Gag me gag me more, gag me gag me more…

  8. Justafan October 18, 2020

    the fact that it did more pure sales than most in the top spots says alot…streaming ruined the charts

    • Shayla Queen 👑 October 18, 2020


      • J October 18, 2020

        Still a flop. Mariah was promoting this for months and she’s out here doing Tinashe numbers 😿😿😿😿

      • Theman October 18, 2020

        This is a compilation album, with no lead single. It sold more than some actual albums. This is good for a compilation album. She didn’t promote this that much. Hater.

  9. #WAP October 18, 2020

    BREAKING NEWS: lady Gaga confirmed to be a complete flop as “911” fails to debut on the billboard hot 100 after a high budget video and performance ‼️😂

  10. Peter October 18, 2020

    There was something missing..

  11. kiki October 18, 2020

    I mean its a album full of non hit b side song. not bad for song that were never meant to see a real album. ICON living!

  12. Who Cares October 19, 2020

    Billboard isn’t even interesting at this point its filled with a bunch of crappy acts due to streaming

  13. FMcL October 19, 2020


    Lets give it 20 years and see how Tinashe’s B-side album release does on the charts…

  14. Rodrigo Veiga October 19, 2020

    I love Mariah Carey and no one can take her crown, talent and awards, haters can just try but they never will.

  15. DLOC October 24, 2020

    I bought my copy pre order on amazon, but I’m embarrassed to say the lambs did not come thru, again! I can’t understand it, MC has 8 million followers, and only 21,500 first week sales?? Can’t blame the quality, it’s a good album. Can’t blame promotion, as Mariah has been everywhere on social media. I blame the lambs😥

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