Hot 100: Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Don’t Stop’ Becomes Her 7th Top 40 Hit

Published: Saturday 17th Oct 2020 by Rashad

All ahead of her highly anticipated debut studio album, Megan Thee Stallion has proven herself to be a hit-making machine.

Beyond enjoying a history-making chart-topper with the success of Cardi B‘s ‘WAP’ (as we reported here), even the Houston bred Rap diva’s ventures as song driver have been rolling up to the Hot 100’s upper rankings.

Case in point? Her latest single ‘Don’t Stop.’

Details inside:

Unveiled October 2 alongside an ‘Alice in Wonderland’-inspired music video directed by Colin Tilley, Meg’s ‘Don’t Stop’ – which features Young Thug – was released among a smorgasbord of new music including tunes from the likes of Mariah Carey, BLACKPINK, Bryson Tiller, Dua Lipa, 21 Savage, and more (as we reported here).

Far from lost in the fray, the Buddah Bless-produced ‘Stop’ started on this week’s Hot 100 at #30 and ranked as the highest Hot 100 debut among all female acts this week.

What’s more, its promising premiere not only marks the second highest Hot 100 debut of her career as a leader (following the #28 start of ‘Girls in the Hood’) but also comes as her seventh overall top 40 hit on that tally – fifth this year alone.

Click here to see who else rocked the Hot 100 courtesy of this week’s ‘Chart Check.’

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  1. Bettie Clayton October 17, 2020


  2. #WAP October 17, 2020

    Out of the female rappers, Cardi is my fave, BUT, when you look at the stats, Megan is winning more than cardi, Nicki, Doja, etc. why? Because meg is independent and owns her masters, and already has TWO#1 hits….with no major label! Nicki may have the most hot 100 songs entries, but she does NOT own her masters (look it up – she and drake had the same deal. And drake rushed to get out of his deal because of it). So while I don’t like this song, I congratulate Megan on all of her success and her organic rise. And her organic body. 💅🏾

    • Mona scott October 17, 2020

      True, I’m glad ppl can acknowledge that.

    • King+of+Kingz October 17, 2020

      Meg is not independent she’s still signed to a label ,1500 entertainment owned by Carl Crawford and she does not own her masters & is stuck in a 360 deal she was tryna get out of after roc nation pointed it out to her. Megan has had more of an organic rise then Cardi & actually writes her own raps, no matter how much some of her stuff sounds the same.

      • #WAP October 17, 2020

        Which is an independent label like eOne. Meg is her own boss. Carl isn’t in control as much as you think. Meg owns her masters (which is huge)

      • King+of+Kingz October 17, 2020

        Meg is def not her own boss & doesn’t own her own masters, if that was the case she would’ve have had to take the label to court just to be able to release music

      • Danny Bey October 17, 2020

        How was Cardi’s rise not organic? Just because it was fast doesn’t mean it wasn’t organic

      • King+of+Kingz October 17, 2020

        Ummm cuz Cardi was on a whole reality show for multiple seasons, has ghostwriters (notice Pardison’s name is in all her songwriting credits), had a huge following from her comedy videos, and signed to a major label that was paying for radio play & blogs to push/promote her

    • SNF October 18, 2020

      You have no clue what youre talking about… it sounds good but its not accurate… And as much as I love Meg all her songs are the same. Its like one long song. Its great that she writes her own stuff but I think she wouldn’t benefit from collaborating with other writers for her work…

      • FAF October 18, 2020

        How is megan winning
        Without an album

        Eps aren’t albums.

        Loading an ep wit songs that have a bunch of views so it gets a certification is not the same as having a debut album sell 375k physical copies in a week

        No one is winning more than nicki. Year 12 two #1s in 6 weeks . As an OLD artist. 37 years old . Everyone said she was over .

    • DC October 18, 2020

      She wasn’t winning when she complained about that contract so

  3. King+of+Kingz October 17, 2020

    With all the promo she did with SNL, the YouTube countdown & all the press from the shooting & a bigger budget video premiere along side the song this honestly should’ve debuted higher. She’s gonna have to switch it up if she wants longevity.

  4. ESSENCEOFSEAN October 18, 2020


    Cardi B did two seasons of LHHNY and didn’t promote any of her mixtape music on the show and she was already popular before even getting on LHHNY! So stop saying she used that reality show to promote her music! Because she didn’t.

    Ghostwriter ish is old and weak! Seeing she wrote the bulk of her work and has admitted to having co-writers such as PARDISON aka JORDAN THORPE!

    “BE CAREFUL” literally samples TWO songs! One by Lauryn Hill and the original song Lauryn sampled from! By law you must get credit! Hence why you see many names including Lauryn in the credits!

    Megan is not independent nor does she own her masters. She’s doing big things and I applaud her! But stop downing Cardi to up Megan! Cause Cardi actually has smash hits n on a global scale! So thank Cardi and Beyoncé for helping Megan! Cause it’s been a struggle for her still to surpass Doja Cat in numbers.

  5. Shayla Queen 👑 October 18, 2020

    Issa BOP! I have not stopped bumping it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Shayla Queen 👑 October 18, 2020

    Work it, biiiiiiiiitch

  7. DC October 18, 2020

    Will fall off next week she’s already in th 100s on iTunes with the song

    • POPS+Muva October 18, 2020

      It will most likely. I’m not feeling this song

  8. VINO October 18, 2020


    • POPS+Muva October 18, 2020


  9. POPS+Muva October 18, 2020

    her IG popularity somehow does not translate into sales. her following loves her on social media but not on the billboard charts. It does not reflect the support. this song will fall into the 85’s and 90’s next week charts. Beyonce and Cardi gave her number 1’s

    • DC October 18, 2020

      Agree wap Is her most streamed song so those that say she helped cardi not

  10. Silly October 19, 2020

    The song is weak it is disgusting young teenager shouldn’t Have you listened to this what kind of music are they making nowadays it is not professional music is disgusting

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