New Video: H.E.R. – ‘Damage’

Published: Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 by Sam

H.E.R. has delivered new single ‘Damage.’

The hotly anticipated track arrives as the rising star and multi-GRAMMY winner gears up to serve as the musical guest on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. 

And it’s a special episode, because it’s being hosted by none other than Adele – whose use of the show as the vehicle for her “comeback” has the industry talking in earnest.

In the here and now, watch H.E.R. shine in her latest musical chapter below…

A bop that knocks! The video, while stripped back and performance-leaning, works.

That Grape Juice caught up with H.E.R. recently an she shared that her long-awaited album (as in album-album) is on the way. Check out the chat:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ October 21, 2020

    Another talented black chic who deserves the hype you guys keep wasting on flopmani

    • Petunia October 21, 2020

      Wtf are you talking about?

      HER is a Grammy award winning artist who has yet to even release a formal album.

      Stop using other artists to tear Normani down. Get a f****** life hater.

      • Nicky October 21, 2020

        Drag it Petunia!

        Hahahaha. Everyone drags that low IQ imbecile on a daily

        Nothing new 🤣🤣

  2. Nicky October 21, 2020

    All the R&B and rap girls are crushing Camicky Cabelly

    Remember her pyscho fan says she was queen of Spotify?

    She opened with 80k SPS with inflated fake ticket sale bundles and Seniorita added last minute. >65% of album streams are Shawn’s Seniorita

    Meanwhile Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani killed her sales with 1/10th her budget
    No wonder the tour was canceled.

    • Clarks0o0ñ October 21, 2020

      Everybody u mentioned including Camila all have albums and singles out

      Normani has only 1 solo song that flopped after all the hype

  3. Petunia October 21, 2020

    It’s an okay song. She should have made her vocals a little more colorful to bring some life to the song.

  4. eric October 21, 2020

    I LOVE the music production on this, but I’m really tired of this vocal style most r&b women are doing. Gabby can actually sing if you go back and watch her belting as a child, so I don’t understand why she doesn’t sing out anymore. It’s always this slow, lazy, drawn out sort of mumble in every single song.

    • @monicadenise October 21, 2020

      she’s monotone and one-note. She peaked with Vol 2. Boring.

  5. Fast Persuader October 21, 2020

    Love her use of the sample ‘Making Love In The Rain’
    by Herb Alpert, Janet Jackson, Lisa Keith

    H.E.R. is sounding and looking GOODT! 🤩

    • Keith October 21, 2020

      I agree! Bought my copy…

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