Tina Knowles Lawson Defends Beyonce: “No Matter What My Daughter Does, She Is Scrutinized & Torn Apart!”

Published: Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 by Sam

Beyonce has long been an advocate for equality and justice. A trajectory that continued today when she used the enormity of her platform to condemn the shocking killing of innocent protestors by officials in Nigeria.

The star also shared that she and her BeyGood charity had already been working directly with entities in on the ground in Lagos to end the terror caused by controversial police division, SARS.

Still, despite her efforts, select corners have been critiquing the singer’s every word, move, and more.

Well, her Mom Tina Knowles Lawson is having none of it.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a lengthy and impassioned message for her daughter’s detractors. See what she had to say below…

Good Morning , I am deeply saddened by the events that happened last night in Lagos! When people lost their lives and were beaten and abused. I understand the injustices that have been going on in Nigeria, it sickens me. SARS came to my attention last week and immediately I posted about it! I had not heard of it before as I have not been following closely Instagram as much as I usually do due to some serious personal family challenges. As a result I have been mostly posting funny things to try to make people smile.

After researching on line I understood that SARS (a special task force supposedly to stop crime) were abusing their power and harassing young people. Very much like what we have been protesting for , here in America. Everyday we are disproportionatly stoped harassed jailed and sometimes killed ! These senseless killings of our black men and women! The brutal treatment of our people by law enforcement ! No knock warrants etc. Of course I guess much of the public does not think we have personal problems in our family . We are supposed to be super human and not have loss, or health issues or personal problems because our sole purpose is supposed to be of service and humility and take as much abuse from the haters as they choose to put on us. No matter what my daughter does she is scrutinized and torn apart! She Makes a record and uses all African artist, producers, writers. She is criticized because She didn’t get artist from every country in Africa there are 52 countries! Then she makes a film that by the way she doesn’t profit a penny off of, because she spent every penny in the budget on making something that celebrates our heritage!

What profiting off of you did she do? She made art!! She is an artist! That is what artist do. She is not your political leader and not your whipping board. They saw a 30 second trailer and critics and couch activist attacked! !!! yes I said it and I meant it! They came out and did their usual thing about her being a culture vulture and saying some of the most ugly and vile things about her that were totally not true and insults galore.

Someone that was on the last project who BTW is in constant contact with her team decided that instead of contacting her team and asking her to post to assist in spreading the word . I am appalled that They would get on social media and do it !! Why not ask the people you are dealing with all the time????? On her team!! I don’t understand that !!! I am sure at the time she was not thinking straight because of the trauma that the country was facing but come on!!!!!! I have had enough of the hating and am personally tired of the attacks. And it is disgusting how people sit behind a computer and talk crap all day and many of them do absolutely nothing else ! It is so easy to post ! Don’t get me wrong posting is very important that’s why I do it every day about social issues. It spreads the word and that is important But everybody has a right to activate in their own way. If we do us , and focus on what WE can do and not expect Beyonce to do exactly what she is told when you tell her to do it! Then we would get it done better.

When I made my post it was not about any group of people and certainly not the Nigerian People ! Only the attackers and haters that no matter what she does you feel entitled to bully someone and take credit for bullying her into making a by a statement !! By the way many people are just posting today because it has gone to the next level after last nights tragic events. Are you critics attacking them? Sorry if I offended anyone just trying to make a statement for change and asking for help ! I was not talking to you ! Those comments were for the rude attackers that rudely ,constantly come for us in a vile and abusive way ! Trying to bully and shame us into submission just like the oppressors. We not your whipping board . I am not here for it! You do not run me and bully me I will fight back. You don’t take credit for bullying her to post ! I pray everyday for Nigeria and all countries that are being abused and murdered for the color of our skin!!! I would do anything to help but stop with the abuse and stop trying to make Her your spokesperson and shaming people for doing things in their own way!!!!

We continue to commend Beyonce’s efforts to affect change across the globe. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Nigeria.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ugghh October 21, 2020

    Tina… stfu

    • I Hate Haters October 21, 2020

      YOU stfu you ugly ho. i bet youre just one of those loudmouths attacking bey. go succ a dicc and get a life

    • Andrew October 21, 2020

      Exactly! Agreed! Beyoncé power over the years grew with her silence and poor f#cks given budget. So Tina should just do the same.

  2. Beylover October 21, 2020

    Beyoncé doesn’t respond to NOTHING!
    I hope she keeps it that way….. Let these girls wear out their fingers typing up these disgruntled messages Beyoncé will never read!

    • Your Name October 21, 2020

      Beyonce doesn’t respond directly, correct but she knows exactly what people are saying about her. She’s human AND she’s a perfectionist – so she cares as well. Being mysterious has always been her brand but you better believe she will respond in her music or in some other shape, form or fashion. She knew exactly what Yvette and Mrs Tina would post. Those are her thoughts as well.

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2020

        Lol. Beyonce is not that clever.

  3. Erica October 21, 2020

    Ugh get away with me with this

  4. Pat October 21, 2020

    Lol calm down lady. She doesn’t catch half the scrutiny the greats like mj Whitney Janet Mariah received

  5. Tella Gal October 21, 2020

    But she is supposed to be Beysus right?

    Everrrrybodys Queen?

  6. FAF October 21, 2020

    Girl welcome to fame u want everyone to kiss her ass she got where she is by ppl mainly her fans bashing other black female artists

    25 years later u crying shut up

    Where was u at when her cheating daddy was paying stations not to play torn by letoya and she still went platinum

    • FAF October 21, 2020

      They even bashing ppl out before her like brandy Janet etc

      Do u speak out then ? If there were no brandy Monica aaliyah there would be no Beyonce levels of achievement they laid that ground work of a CrossOver black female pop Idol

      • FAF the F** October 21, 2020

        Shut the f*** up. Beyonce isn’t responsible for what her stans say on the f****** internet. Bey has shown nothing but respect for those who came before her. You sound bothered.

      • Dee Brazzel October 21, 2020

        No offense or disrespect to anyone. But I see Aaliyah’s name used alot nowadays out of context. Aaliyah didn’t pave the way for Bey. Beyonce and Aaliyah were out at the same time. They were young ladies in the industry simultaneously. I never saw them as competition because they had unique musical artistry. They were fans of each other. Plus I’d seen what they did to Whitney & Mariah, as well as Brandy & Monica…who were constantly presented as rivals. All these ladies should be respected for their contributions…🎵🎶💝💖🏆👑💐

      • FAF October 21, 2020

        Make me ugly

        She got dragged and had to issue a statement today and u and her fans will deal

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2020

        Wrong. Aaliyah and beyonce were not out at the same time. Aaliyah debuted in 1994. Destiny’s child debut in 1997 and beyonce didn’t go solo until 2003. Aaliyah most certainly paved the way for her. Get your facts straight.

    • Chase October 21, 2020

      omg did he really try to stop Torn from being played on the radio? If so that explains its underperformance never was sure why it didn’t do as good as it could’ve THAT SONG WAS GOOD!!

  7. tyty October 21, 2020

    Hold up so Tiwa savage had access to beyonce and her team but she on the internet acting brand new when beyonce was a phone call away? Chile talk about clout chasing and embarrassing. Beyonce likes to do things privately she has been that way for years. What is posting hashtags going to do? The fact we now are impressed more impressed with performance activism instead of real action just shows you how low humans have sunk. People are happy with hashtags because it doesn’t require much just a like and repost. To use the Nigerian tragedy as a gotcha moment to score petty victorious against beyonce is pathetic. Y’all act like Beyonce isn’t God but the internet been on fire all because she didn’t post a hashtag on Instagram? Either admit Beyonce is that Head b**** or stfu and stop expecting miracles from her.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(drink my diva cup ☕️ October 21, 2020

      Straight facts! 💁🏼‍♂️👍🏻

  8. Hmmm… October 21, 2020

    When she says something, she’s doing it for attention, being opportunistic blah blah. When she doesn’t, she doesn’t care, is selfish, and she’s still opportunistic. If you are somebody who REALLY believes in doing the right thing, you would know that projecting the image of doing the right thing, is not a requirement. Imagine complaining that Beyoncé, a famous singer (who you hold more responsible than your politicians) who informs herself and has provided more jobs, contributed to more disaster relief, and sent more people to college than you will in your entire lifetime, didn’t take the time to inform you, someone who doesn’t plan to do ANYTHING with the knowledge but hit “retweet”. Lmao, how you mad that you didn’t get information you don’t plan to do use??? You’re not about to get on the front line to advocate on behalf of this cause you claim to care about. Maybe you should try to matter first, and then you’ll be worth informing.

    • Danny Bey October 21, 2020


  9. #WAP October 21, 2020

    Tina, stop. Every celebrity deals with being scrutinized

    • Danny Bey October 21, 2020

      Your point?

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2020

        Point is Tina needs to STFU and quit whining, every celebrity gets scrutinized. Are you slow?

      • Danny Bey October 21, 2020

        Your mama is slow. Doesn’t mean it needs to be the norm or accepted. Celebrities are still human beings idiot a$$

  10. Naïme October 21, 2020

    Can she shut up ?

    Her daughter is wrongly whorshipped by the termit hive and every people on the indistry kiss her ass.

    Beyoncé is responsible for her downfall. Period.

    She choose business over art.

    • Fancy BISH October 21, 2020

      @Naïme the stinky, we don’t need your kind on this black blogsite.

      • Naïme October 21, 2020

        My kind is outcharting the fu** out of your dirty ass on a daily basis.

        You missed your bus Fancy Sh!t. Go in the garbage you call a home, and let the real Fancy Bish comes back.

      • Fancy BISH October 21, 2020

        Look here ms Arab don’t you have a bomb to drop off and kill innocent people like your kind do on a daily you vile trash. I AM THE REAL FANCY NOW, SO GET USED TO IT!

    • Naïme October 22, 2020

      B****, not even the devil could have came up with that lie. Stop being so petty, ignorant and stupid. Well I am going to make it shorter : stop existing :).

  11. Fancy BISH October 21, 2020

    Beyonce is never about equality and justice that line made me laugh, maybe it’s karma for get other artist blacklisted. She makes statements to make people argue over political topics then she backs off once she has used it as a platform to promote her flop albums.

    • Fancy BISH October 21, 2020

      @Fancy CLARK, you really need to STFU and find a life! Coward 🤣

  12. Tamar+Her October 21, 2020

    Your h** daughter is a has been irrelevant MESS!

    Don’t nobody cares about her anymore. She’s done as a current pop girl. Old and TIRED.

  13. ratedxxx October 21, 2020

    Maybe if your daughter wasn’t fraud, always stealing somebody’s else idea’s

    Only pretend to be black when she’s selling something.

    • Gag Order October 22, 2020

      You sad person..you hate Beyoncé so much but yet again here you are..you have no idea what she has done..what have you done about SARS??? Exactly nothing

  14. #6KYONCE October 21, 2020

    Lmaoooooo tina gurl, just stop 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  15. Gavinluvsbeyonce October 21, 2020

    Why is this pressure all on me? B-E-Y-O-N-C-E 🐝

  16. POPS+Muva October 21, 2020

    I just feel like in 2020 Beyonce is not as big as she once was. Her time definitely came up and her power isn’t the same. Look at her sales from recent projects and chart performance.

  17. Misty Knight October 21, 2020

    “our black men and women” (from a non-U.S. country)

    So, the Knowles do own slaves.

  18. menudi October 21, 2020

    Tina is like Cardi! Shut the F up already! Rich people always complaining!

    • POPS+Muva October 21, 2020

      keep cardi outta this sitation. tina always running her mouth

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2020

        That bird cardi is always clucking her beak too, so they both do need to STFU.

  19. Flopyonce October 21, 2020

    We all know your daughter is illiterate, but will she EVER speak for herself? No matter what your daughter does, she will also always be a washed up FLOP who gave birth to very ugly children

  20. Cold War October 21, 2020

    Tacky Tina. Sit!

  21. Dee Brazzel October 21, 2020

    No offense or disrespect to anyone. But I see Aaliyah’s name used alot nowadays out of context. Aaliyah didn’t pave the way for Bey. Beyonce and Aaliyah were out at the same time. They were young ladies in the industry simultaneously. I never saw them as competition because they had unique musical artistry. They were fans of each other. Plus I’d seen what they did to Whitney & Mariah, as well as Brandy & Monica…who were constantly presented as rivals. All these ladies should be respected for their contributions…🎵🎶💝💖🏆👑💐

    • FAF October 21, 2020

      No they literally weren’t

      Aaliyah debut album dropped 5 years before destinys child

      She grew up on aaliyah

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2020

        Exactly. Someone needs to do their homework.

  22. Marilyn October 21, 2020

    Yes it bothers me a lot when they say negative bad things about Beyoncé when she does so much but I realize we got mean and nasty people in this world and they are the haters and God will handle them! I’m so happy Beyoncé got a strong mother Tina who knows her daughter worth, keep doing what you do Beyoncé and her mom . I support you,May God bless and keep you always

  23. Anne October 21, 2020

    Sadly, her comments will not help because so many people are heartless, judgmental haters. You do something…they say you are just seeking attention or not doing enough; you do nothing…they say you are self-centered and careless. You can’t win with some people. But at least she got her thoughts off of her chest.

  24. we hate blllacc nn whyytee ……the party October 21, 2020

    dear Tina
    our party worship nobody but GoD sorry if you feel your child should be worshiped like God but that is a sin,,,

    • we hate blllacc nn whyytee ……the party October 21, 2020

      again Dear Tina:

      our party worship nobody but GOD sorry if you feel your child should be worshiped like GOD but that is a sin,

  25. Moose’s Wig October 21, 2020

    Who appointed B as the cultural spokesperson for a community and a generation? If she wants to really be a spokesperson, use some of the millions she has and take public speaking lessons. She sounds illiterate, and very dense

    • Flopyonce October 21, 2020

      Drag that afghan hound looking heffa lololololololol

  26. REESE October 21, 2020

    Tina absolutely right!! Why the f*** do we need Beyonce or any other celeb athlete etc. to make a post about an issue?! Are they gonna drop their weapons and stop killing innocent people bcuz ‘B’ posted her opinion?! Are you people crazy even if you dont like her why is she obligated to post?

    Its nothing wrong with being inspired by someone but damn these people not y’all saviors. They can only do so much!! Wasting time calling her out when you can take that time to keep bringing awareness to the issue!!

  27. Sandra October 22, 2020

    Love or hate Matthew Knowles, he never tried to be famous. Tina is alway out her showing out and being the mouth piece that no one asked for.
    She never uses this energy to keep her daughters out a order fans in line when they are harassing and bullying people, but wants violins and sympathy when her daughter is being chastised for having a whole film and visual about a country that is under attack.
    Beyoncé, Solange and Tina know that her daughter has mental control over people. If they don’t get awareness or education from anywhere else, at least let it be from her.

  28. UHoesFunny October 22, 2020

    You all are so phucking dumb lmfaooo. Beyonce can careless what any of you think. She’s gonna do what she thinks is best at the end of the day. All the while you all sit at home broke, fat, and ugly. Sitting in that same spot. Keep typing in these comments. She’ll never hear about it. That’s all ya got 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Cold War October 22, 2020

      care less* are two difference words. did you attend the same school as beyonce? cute.

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