#AMAs: #Beyhive Slam Jennifer Lopez For “Copying” Beyonce’s 2014 GRAMMYs Performance

Published: Sunday 22nd Nov 2020 by Rashad

November 22 marked one of the biggest nights in music as the American Music Awards (AMAs) aired live on ABC. Hosted by Taraji P. Henson, the highly anticipated annual showing boasted performances by the likes of some of music’s biggest names including BTS, Megan Thee Stallion, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and more.

Among the night’s most talked about, however, was the high octane showing from Jennifer Lopez.  An AMA darling and regular performer, Lady Lopez rocked the house with an energetic showing of her latest Maluma-assisted cuts, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Pa Ti.’

And while her faithful fanbase, affectionately called #JLovers, rendered virtual standing O’s in response, another fanbase isn’t exactly echoing the sentiment.

See why inside;

Lopez may have blown the roof off the Microsoft Theater with the performance above at Sunday night’s American Music Awards (November 22), but some – namely members of Beyonce‘s beloved fan group the #Beyhive – were none-too-impressed.

Likening the showing to the ‘Drunk in Love’ diva’s performance of that very song at the 2014 GRAMMY Awards, the alleged likeness comes as the latest in a string of what some argue have been repeated offenses of ‘swagger-jacking’ on the part of J.Lo.

See some of the Twitter responses below:



See Beyonce’s 2014 GRAMMY performance below and see if you agree:

[photo source:  WireImages/AP Images/Getty Images]

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat November 22, 2020


  2. QUEENDOM November 22, 2020

    Baybeh Jlo copied it down to the hair length chile

  3. truthtea November 22, 2020

    Whatever! I lost count of how many artists Beyoncé ripped off and have sued her in the process!

    • Danny Bey November 23, 2020

      And she’s won every single time you miserable f**.

      • ..RiPOFFYONCe…..TUMBLEyonce…or Copycatyonce November 23, 2020

        thiefyonce is a ripp; off copycat thief she can write a book on stealing


        thiefyonce admits to stealing on youtube

      • me November 23, 2020

        just because someone wins a lawsuit doesn’t mean they are innocent of the crime.
        y’all are so naive.

    • Darkchildnana November 23, 2020

      That part plus let’s not act like Beyoncé never stole
      Jlo’s look at thé beginning of her solo career…don’t get me twisted Beyoncé is far more talented that jlo with that said I find quite ridiculous that they act like be never did that to other artists… and there’s nothing wrong with that !!!!

    • Danny Bey November 23, 2020

      If she would have legitimately “stolen” as much as y’all say, it would have been proven in court at least once and that’s never been the case. So try again you baldheaded hater

  4. Nicky November 23, 2020

    Dear J-Ho

    You are a joke. You copied Janet, Beyonce, Madonna and Britney.

    You can’t sing worth S***!

    You look good though! But We didn’t forget of your betrayal of Billionaire Rihanna.

    • #WAP November 23, 2020

      And remember she stole beats from Mariah

    • #WAP November 23, 2020

      This is just like Eva Longoria taking credit for Stacey Abraham’s success in the election in Georgia. Stop taking credit for what we do

    • Lmfao_Hoe November 23, 2020

      “ You look good though “ 😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Kevon November 23, 2020

      B**** stfu… u a lover fat f*** on your knees

  5. Are You Kidding Me? November 23, 2020

    Lip syncing in 2020? YIKES.Lip syncing in 2020? YIKES.

    Lonely is R&B with Spanish. Black people are the prototype. Rock. Soul. Funk. Country. We originate it all yet can’t sell in the genres we created. SMH.

    • #WAP November 23, 2020

      That part. We literally lay the foundation for everything and get zero credit. They look at us like we’re dumb and they’re superior, yet everything they do is a copy of ours.

      • D0p3B0ii November 23, 2020

        JLO laid the foundation out for Beyoncé lol without JLO would of never been a Beyoncé she would of still be in destiny child with the. Cheap outfits Tina was making lol

  6. #WAP November 23, 2020

    Jlo just stop making new music and perform the hits Ashanti song for you (allegedly). I’m embarrassed FOR you b****

    • We Are the Grandchildren of the Slaves You Couldn’t Kill November 23, 2020

      The culture vulture strikes again and these fools continue to give her a pass because she’s a “spicy Latina.” If any black artist was as talentless and fraudulent as her they would have been canceled but I digress.

    • D0p3B0ii November 23, 2020

      Like the hits Ashanti has now oh wait that’s right she’s a non factor and hasn’t been for decades. Have several seats.

  7. Truth Dot Com November 23, 2020

    Nevertheless, J Lo did it better.

    No shade 😘

    • We Are the Grandchildren of the Slaves You Couldn’t Kill November 23, 2020


  8. #WAP November 23, 2020

    Will this be the thing to finally ruin her nonexistent music career? She’s ripped off so many artists

  9. Roco November 23, 2020

    Jennifer Lopez won the performance. Hers was way more dynamic

  10. Lola bunny November 23, 2020

    It looks more like a tribute to Chicago the Broadway musical

  11. Jake November 23, 2020

    I’m Beyhive but even I know Beyoncé’s early career was def Jlo inspired. She even said to Frank one day « they hate when we go to their shows cause they know we gon steal »

  12. Ropeburn November 23, 2020

    I just know Beyonce old musty termite mound ain’t comin for anybody over stealing. They both theivin ass heffas. This ain’t nothing but Karma for all the times Beyonce was “inspired.”

    • We Are the Grandchildren of the Slaves You Couldn’t Kill November 23, 2020

      Beyonce doesn’t give a damn. It was just an observation made by viewers. So sit yo dumb ass down somewhere.

  13. We Are the Grandchildren of the Slaves You Couldn’t Kill November 23, 2020

    Are yall surprised? She hijacked Ashanti’s entire career.

    • D0p3B0ii November 23, 2020

      Ashanti wrote two songs for JLO and got paid for it so idk what career she hijacked from Ashanti. She’s a non factor. Where her music? Lol exactly #Haters
      #Stay Pressed

  14. Swifter2020 November 23, 2020

    We all know she ain’t got no artistry or voice. Her talent lies at mimicking people…Selena anyone.

    • D0p3B0ii November 23, 2020

      30 years in the game I beg to differ.

  15. Dina November 23, 2020

    Omg at some ppl throwing shades at Jlo . Well we all know beyonce copied her millions times back in the days . And wait jlo did it better . That performance was MINDBLOWING and she is 51 . Chill u haters she is here to stay .

  16. Liam November 23, 2020

    The performance was 🔥 I enjoyed it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. Bravo!! November 23, 2020

    Honestly, jlo chair performance was hotter than Beyonce

  18. Kevon November 23, 2020

    Jlo made theafyonce who she is today

  19. tyty November 23, 2020

    The only thing she can do good is copying, cause it’s not singing or dancing. Jlo should not be awarded for spending half her career in the industry stealing vocals from black artists. She is a joke and im glad she has been flopping consistently for years.

    • Kevon November 23, 2020

      You are a racist..shut it b****

      • tyty November 23, 2020

        You can’t make me shutup. So that leaves you in the same position you are in every other aspect of your life nowhere. Now f*** off my comments and take that untalented flop JLo with you and her bought award cause we all know She is an industry joke.

  20. Kevon November 23, 2020

    Countless times theafyonce stole jlo looks and style … jlo made her ….

  21. MissImpartial November 23, 2020

    Hello Beyoncé used Jlo as a blueprint when she started her solo career.

  22. Gee November 23, 2020

    The performance is a copy, and paste job. However no one should be surprised, Jlo has stolen from black culture, and artists for decades now and no one has made a big deal of it so I doubt that will change now.

  23. Jungkook November 23, 2020

    Just Google: Beyonce copies jlo on google and that is the answer. Poor beyhive looks like they are ignoring this .

  24. Angela Jackson November 23, 2020

    While I did enjoy Jlo’s performance on the 2020 VMA awards, I couldn’t help but have a racking sense of deja vu ( no pun intended). I mean the whole look and feel was that of Beyonce’s 2014 Grammy performance.
    I mean the outfit, the hair length, the wet look..I said if she start spinning, that’s it!( Thank God she didn’t). But they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery..so you can’t be too upset.

  25. Ratedxxx November 23, 2020

    Actually jlo been done that in her music video
    I’m glad”
    So her retarded stans needs to go sit somewhere..

    The bish is the biggest copycat in the world..

    And her dumb stans needs the fugg up

  26. eric November 23, 2020

    Jennifer and Beyonce have had similar looks over some years, but it doesn’t make Jennifer a culture vulture unless you think blonde hair, Bob Fosse, and a chair dance are all representative of black culture.

    Sunday night, Jennifer performed the same choreo from her music video for “Lonely”. No one made any Beyonce comparisons when the video debuted September 24, or after the 30+ chair dances Jennifer peformed last year on the “It’s My Party” tour. “Black is King” is a whole costume Beyonce wore one day and took off the next, but you’re worried about Jennifer.

    • Kixi November 24, 2020

      Bob Foose who is a legend was heavily inspired by Black culture and dance. He created a specific style of it that became his trademark but still steeped in Black culture.

    • “GG” November 23, 2020


  27. “GG” November 23, 2020

    I dont care because Jlo has done this many times to other artist

  28. Unnatural November 23, 2020

    Beyonce Queen copycat tho🙄

  29. Tamar+Her November 23, 2020

    Jlo’s body is natural unlike Beyoncé’s altered body (lipo, b*** lift, fat transfer, shots, nose jobs, lip fillers)

  30. NoLie November 23, 2020

    The Beyhive are some straight bullies it’s disgusting at this point & her silence makes her just as guilty smh

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