From The Vault: Destiny’s Child – ‘Lose My Breath’

Published: Sunday 15th Nov 2020 by Joe

16 years ago today, the ladies of Destiny’s Child released their final album as a group.

The aptly-titled ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ saw the stars kick it together one more time before pursuing their flourishing solo runs.

Today’s From The Vault pick is its high-octane lead single ‘Lose My Breath.’ Can y’all keep up?

‘Breath’ was produced by the great Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and was written by DC alongside Sean Garrett. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z also has a songwriting credit on the track.

Lyrically, the ladies make clear to a potential bae that he had to put his money where his mouth is and rise to the occasion before it’s too late.

The single was yet another success for our faves, charting inside the Top 3 in the US and the UK at #3 and #2 respectively. It peaked inside the Top 5 in most of the countries was released in. How’s that for a comeback?!

Marc Klasfeld directed the song’s visual, which saw three different versions of the group – backed by an army of dancers – battling it out in these streets. It was a darker and grittier vibe for the girls, one that proved successful as it remains to this day a fan favorite. The video was nominated at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards in the Best Dance Video but lost to Missy Elliott and Ciara’s ‘Lose Control.’ 


Though ‘Destiny Fulfilled’ and its accompanying tour served as parting gifts, the era wasn’t the last we saw of the collective, thankfully. Kelly and Michelle made a high-profile appearance during Beyoncé’s 2013 Super Bowl performance, they each have been featured on one another’s albums, and not more than two short years ago, the trio took the stage of Coachella where Beyoncé headlined, leaving the world thirsty for more.

The fact that they’ve never actually ruled out the possibility of reuniting for a substantial reunion also gives us hope that there might be some activity in the future. Hopefully in the near future.

In the meantime, we’ll keep jamming to this track.

Destiny’s Child, we’re ready when you are.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diabetes UNBOTHERED November 15, 2020

    This was round the time bey started to realize she was Out Dancing All the background dancers and needed to find new talent. Bey Axe all the original dancers during this era and replaced them completely for the B’day era. Old dancers must be so jealous of Ashley Everett.

    Poor Them

    • i hate whhyyte n blackk bicthess November 15, 2020

      original ??????? hahahahahaha she cant just pay the original choreographers either..

      hahahaha mtv picked missy cuz mtv knew beyonce was a ripp off thief copycat…just like taylor won..kanye was wrong.. mtv knew she just ripped off the original dancers

      here she admits to stealing with chicago playbook in hand

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 15, 2020

    Remember that lose my breath tribute, When teairra mari Thinks she’s the next Beyoncé and was leading Other two girls Rihanna and amerie 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Fancy BISH November 15, 2020

      I hollered when I read this lmaoooooo 😂

    • i hate whhyyte n blackk bicthess November 15, 2020

      rihannna has proven to have way more hits then beyonce and sell more product
      thats why thiefyonce hates rhianna

  3. Gee November 15, 2020

    JayZ actually wrote the hook on lose my breath. The album Destiny Fulfilled is Destiny’s Child best album in my opinion. However I have never been a fan of this song.

    • Trose November 16, 2020

      Really? Not a fan of this song?!! This song was a MOMENT. A comeback high octane dance affair if I’ve ever seen one! The definition of a comeback single should have this single right next to it in the dictionary cause baby dark child pulled out the stops on this one!! The girls were not playing!

      • I am the Mf’kn Clout!!! November 16, 2020

        @Trose: Facts!!!

  4. Tori November 15, 2020

    Undoubtedly their best song for me. Terribly underrated and overlooked, even by them. Surprising that they didn’t take advantage of the drum line they had for 2013 Superbowl or Coachella to give the ultimate live performance and dance break.

    • Trose November 16, 2020

      No lies Told. This is def one of those singles that should’ve went number 1 under appreciated indeed!

  5. Keyshia November 15, 2020

    This song made me realize how versatile kellys voice is. Its amazing to me how she can sound like beyonce but beyonce cant sound like her. Alot of ppl dont know that, sometimes its kelly youre listening to and not beyonce.

    • Andrew November 16, 2020

      Exactly. I switched positions from Kelly to Beyoncé on this song.

  6. Kyle November 16, 2020

    The fact that Michelle smacks the other michelle around 0.27….,I will forver stan!

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