Cardi B Reacts To Teyana Taylor’s Retirement: “I Hate That She Feels How She Feels”

Published: Saturday 5th Dec 2020 by Sam

Teyana Taylor sent shockwaves through the industry and her fanbase yesterday when she revealed that she’s retiring.

As reported, she relayed that she felt under appreciated and was fed up of being overlooked.

In the time since, there’s been an outpouring of support for Taylor.

And Cardi B is the latest to express her sentiments.

Full story below…

The rapper, who is good friends with the ‘How You Want It?’ singer, said:

“If you know me then you know Teyana Taylor’s album it’s my favorite of 2020.I swear she really got the best album this year.I hate that she feels how she feels cause she sooo talented and the music is soo good.”

Do you agree with Cardi?

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Def Jam]

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  1. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) December 5, 2020

    I thought Tamar & Nicki said the same thing about retirement but both of them are coming back like a boomerang 💅🏿💅🏿 Just a bunch of attention seeking hos💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️ Fake s****** or fake divorce is coming soon

    • Andrew December 5, 2020

      Kanye ruined her career

  2. Clarks0o0ñ December 5, 2020

    Teyana thinks too highly of her self

    Just because u got Elton John and lauryn hill on your songs doesnt mean people will stream or buy, neither does it mean the songs are good.

    Everything about teyana seems forced , even her marriage to her husband looks so forced.

    • Erica December 5, 2020

      But the songs are good very good

    • Uh December 5, 2020

      B**** stfu ur faves flopping so hard as of late you literally have 0 room to talk lool

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 5, 2020

        My faves discography did 2.2 billion streams in 202

        Teyana discography did 179 million streams in 2020

        Honey I have enough room to talk.

      • Uh December 6, 2020

        Yadayada Meanwhile no tour flop album obvious and very corny pr stunt of a “relationship” shawns better of with Bieber at least he can get Shawn a hit, but also let’s be real lol…..jbs shawns type regardless🤷🏾‍♀️😂

      • XYZ December 6, 2020

        Are you 14? Like seriously, who cares how many streams your fave has? Those are mit your accolades

  3. Nicky December 5, 2020

    Girl STFU

    Teyana Taylor is ironically your friend. Of course she has great music because she’s your friend 😂

    I’ve said this long before and I’ll say it again. Teyana is not a star and never will be.

    She doesn’t have IT. Think of all the hot female stars. They either can dance really well. Can sing really well. Or do both. And look the part.

    Teyana is average/below average in all departments.

    She really thought Elton John was really going to give her credibility. Lmao. People gas this girl up and she really thinks she’s the s h I t

    • Gag Order December 5, 2020

      One should think highly of themselves in the cutthroat music world..y’all know so damn much but your life only exists on this dumbass blog lmao

  4. Nicky December 5, 2020

    Teyana Taylor = Camicky Cabelly

    People gassed them up
    No Grammy Nominations for 2021
    Flop album
    Forced Relationship
    Both are not cute with male type bodies.
    Both rely on men to get by
    Both can’t sing
    Both need features to get press and attention

    • Nicky December 5, 2020

      Both thought Elton John were going to give them credibility. Lol. Elton may have dementia

    • Detruth December 5, 2020

      Well she is a pretty good dancer she just never amassed a large following.

  5. Towanda Braxton December 5, 2020

    Teyana wants her ass kissed and ego stroked. Cardi if you love her so much put her on a song🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Pat December 5, 2020

      Now ur speaking. Put her on if you’re that into her

      • Detruth December 5, 2020

        I agree same with normani. So many ppl in the industry was singing her praises but nobody put her on their songs 🤔

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 5, 2020

        Any time they put normani on a song, it flops

      • Flopmilla December 5, 2020

        And camicky flops all by herself how many flop singles does she have at this point? 😂😂😂 like 11? Poor flop

  6. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez December 5, 2020

    She next?

    • Clarks0o0ñ December 5, 2020

      Cardi is safe

      She still has 1 or 2 album left in her before she starts flopping

  7. Toto December 5, 2020

    She should really take the direction Kanye was giving when he put her in the Fade video. She’s really good at acting/ being fit/ dancing. Everybody can’t be Beyonce, some of y’all gotta be Janet and be ok with that.

    • Pussie December 5, 2020

      And what the f*** does that mean? Janet sold over 100 million records and has 10 #1’s. Even her last album debuted at #1. You tried it h**.

      • HELLOKITTY December 5, 2020

        @Pussie – Preach that -ish!

  8. Jam December 5, 2020

    The music industry is so hard, it’s becoming apparent on a select few really truly make money off of their careers. Being a POC, especially a black woman is just even harder.

  9. My Opinion December 5, 2020

    Talents like Teyana need the resources of a big record company and a huge budget to polish her look, her sound, her presentation, and glossy mass marketing. She’s not a natural born star, but the right investment and personal commitment/work ethic could’ve molded her into one.

  10. ME Vs You December 6, 2020

    The problem is they let people like Cardi in the industry.

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