Shakira Sells Her ENTIRE Publishing Catalog

Published: Wednesday 13th Jan 2021 by Rashad

It’s true:  ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ hitmaker Shakira has sold 100% of her music publishing rights – a treasure chest comprising 145 songs including global hits ‘Hips,’ ‘Whenever, Wherever,’ ‘Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),’ ‘She Wolf,’ and more.

Details inside:

One of the best-selling Latin artists of all time with over 80 million records sold and billions of views and listens accumulated on digital music streaming platforms, Shakira – a global phenom – has been topping the charts of countries around the world since the release of her 1991 debut album (recorded when she was just 13 years old).

The fruit of that pen has been acquired by Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited, the company announced Tuesday (January 12).

Merck Mercuriadis, Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited’s founder, took to press after the venture’s unveiling to say:

“One step at a time, this incredible woman from Colombia has evolved into one of the most famous and influential people in the world. What no one should ever take for granted is that she is one of the most serious and successful songwriters of the last 25 years, having written or co-written virtually every song she has ever recorded. She is a superb creator who has led the charge from what was massive physical success to now having bigger success in streaming than most of her contemporaries.

This is the result of her being a determined force of nature and having written songs the world is incredibly passionate about. It’s wonderful for us to welcome, Shakira, the Queen of Latin Music and much more, to the Hipgnosis family.”

Shakira shared her feelings on the business move as well:

“Being a songwriter is an accomplishment that I consider equal to and perhaps even greater than being a singer and an artist. At 8 years old—long before I sang—I wrote to make sense of the world. Each song is a reflection of the person I was at the time that I wrote it, but once a song is out in the world, it belongs not only to me but to those who appreciate it as well. I’m humbled that songwriting has given me the privilege of communicating with others, of being a part of something bigger than myself.

I know Hipgnosis will be a great home for my catalogue—and I’m so happy to partner with this company led by Merck, who truly values artists and their creations and is an ally to songwriters everywhere who care deeply about the continued life of their songs.”


The move follows Hipgnosis’ acquisition of catalogs from legendary acts Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac veteran Lindsey Buckingham, and producer/executive Jimmy Iovine.

As of time reported, the price tag associated with Shaki’s discography has not been disclosed but industry analysts believe it’s well into the “hundreds of millions.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Magii January 13, 2021

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  2. Shayla Queen 👑 January 13, 2021

    And there’s Trashy Ashy Bish who can’t even sell her p**** on the sidewalk for $5.

    • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 13, 2021

      Girl, why you worried about Fancy’s p****? Shouldn’t you be worried about saving that putrid face of urs when Trump is impeached again today? Priorities girl…

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 13, 2021

        You believe the impeachment hoax? 🤣🤣🤣 Impeached for WHAT?! 🤣🤣🤣

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 13, 2021

        Smh. I believe what my eyes witnessed on 1/6/2021. All them laughing emojis won’t stop what’s coming for Trump the Dump today.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 13, 2021

        You know what you saw and how it was portrayed on the news… dummy sheep. You don’t think for yourself at all, do you?

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 13, 2021

        On what policies of Biden’s made you vote for him?

      • Gworl Bye January 13, 2021

        He’s not trump. That was good enough for me.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 13, 2021

        That’s most people’s answer. So none of you even know what you’ve really voted for. How stupid.

  3. tyty January 13, 2021

    Either celebrities are super broke or something bizarre is going on she is the 6th or 7th celebrity to sell of her catalogue.

    • Meme January 13, 2021

      It makes a lot of of sense. Why on earth would one who is now approaching middle age and career has died down not want to sell their catalog for 100 million. I think at this point people just want to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 13, 2021

        Agreed. It makes more sense that way.

    • Holliewuudd January 13, 2021

      I agree like what gives. Me personally, I’d want my family to keep collecting those publishing checks for generations. Like it’s these artists lifes work. They probably get millions a year in royalties from them. To me, this isn’t a good investment even if it will give them a quick payday. Hell do these people not know how to invest??

    • J January 13, 2021

      Concerts won’t be coming back for a while, I think she sees the writings on the wall

  4. Nomeena January 13, 2021

    No idea what that means.

  5. HELLOKITTY January 14, 2021

    Wow, this appears to be a trend amongst artists in the industry. I wonder why.

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