Lost Foxy Brown and Lil Kim Collaboration ‘Enjoy Yourself’ Resurfaces

Published: Thursday 11th Mar 2021 by Ryan

A lost Foxy Brown and Lil Kim collaboration could finally see the light of day.

Full story below…

During an appearance on Fat Joe‘s Instagram Live this week, former Bad Boy producer Rashad Smith played a snippet of the unreleased track. Called ‘Enjoy Yourself,’ was reportedly set to appear on Foxy and Kim’s ill-fated joint album ‘Thelma and Louise’ back in 1997.

This was the first time that the song had ever been heard by a public audience. While the snippet only contains a verse from Foxy, in it she raps about a “dynamic duo.”

Joe asked if he could hear Kim’s verse, which lead Smith to respond by saying: “Soon come.”

‘Thelma and Louise’ never manifested and the reason remains unclear. However, Brown and Kim have been rivals for years.

Listen to a snippet of ‘Enjoy Yourself’ below…

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 March 11, 2021

    Y’all new rap höes can LEAVE now ⬅️

    • Pearline March 11, 2021

      For what? Kim is a bitter badly botched has been and Foxy is a deaf washed up mental case. They can stay where they are.

  2. Keyshia March 11, 2021

    Yessssss come on now, they need to do this like right now…..foxy x kim come one yall the streets need this

  3. Lou March 11, 2021

    Joe so messy lol

  4. Tori March 11, 2021

    Does he have the Lil Kim verse or not? Anybody can put Kim and Focy face on the cover of a Foxy song. Did they really collaborate or not?

  5. TheRealiest March 11, 2021

    FOXX BOOGIE!!!! Being as though Kim had writers (recent work clearly shows that) Foxxy was always the better of the two. She just couldn’t keep her ass out of trouble.

    • Mr RCW March 11, 2021

      I would have to agree

    • Brooklyn Fan March 12, 2021

      Foxy was the one who had writers, which is why she stopped putting out music when Jay-Z, AZ, and Nas stopped writing for her. Kim has consistently put out music, and her bars are still hot till this day. Biggie died and Kim’s career went to another level. Kim was always the better artist of the two, which is why Foxy tried to sound like Kim on her second album, not the other way around. Kim has always been the one that the streets (and Hollywood) checked for out of the two, and Foxy and her fans have always been bitter about it.

  6. Brooklyn Fan March 12, 2021

    Poor Foxy. She must be so mad. Fat Joe heard her verse and instantly started asking about the Kim verse. This is basically a summary of Foxy’s whole career. Foxy raps ghostwritten bars with all her heart, but the streets still only care about the Queen Bee Lil’ Kim.

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