Dionne Warwick Says She ‘Doesn’t Know Yet’ If Toni Braxton & Mariah Carey are Icons: ‘I’ll Have to Give It Some Thought’

Published: Friday 23rd Apr 2021 by Rashad

If there’s anything new and old school fans of Dionne Warwick know, it’s that she doesn’t bite her tongue.

Just two years ago, that very outspokenness landed the music legend in hot water with critics after she took to press to say Beyonce was not an icon (as we reported here).  This week, she’s back in the same territory for sharing a controversial opinion about two other beloved R&B/Pop songstresses: Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton.

See what she said that has the singers’ beloved fan groups – #Lambs and #ToniTigers respectively – in an uproar:

Start at the 1:41 mark:

Taking to our friends at TrueExclusives earlier this week (as seen above), the 80-year-old – one of music history’s most revered female songstresses – was quizzed on who she thought could follow in her legendary footsteps (namely among 90’s divas).  When asked about the likes of GRAMMY winners Mary J. Blige and Brandy, Warwick said both had what it takes to become icons – praising the former for her growth and the latter for her amazing vocals and talent.

When quizzed about Mariah Carey’s iconic status, however, Dionne – after hesitation – revealed:

“I don’t know. I don’t know her that well. I love her music. She writes incredibly well. ‘Hero’ happens to be one of my favorite songs that she wrote. I’d have to give that one thought.”

The name “Toni Braxton” evoked a similar response from the ‘Walk on By’ singer.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s something that Toni would want; if that where she feels she’s heading. I think she’s enjoying her status as a recording artist. I enjoy watching and hearing her. I don’t know if it’s something she wishes to accomplish or not. That’s another one I’ll have to give thought to.”


Needless to say, Carey and Braxton fans erupted in the comments of the video.  Where do you stand on Warwick’s statements?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Flopyonce April 23, 2021

    Fat flop singer Mariah ain’t no icon.
    She’s only semi important on Xmas. That’s not enough to be considered an icon.

    • Andre Covington April 23, 2021

      Oh shut up….whoever you are…she has a 30 year career behind her full of hits..something your fat ass could only dream of doing. GTFOH..

      • Flopyonce April 23, 2021

        She’s a fat irrelevant flop. Deal.
        Heard Santa clause is hiring. She would fit the role with all her weight.

  2. Karen the Lebanese Queen April 23, 2021

    Ok this crypt keeper is outta line.
    Mariah is a legend.
    She literally RUNS CHRISTMAS

    I wouldn’t consider Dionne a legend. She hasn’t had impact on THIS generation of music, maybe the previous
    A legend will always impact the industry and not by shade or talking s***.

    • Len75 April 23, 2021

      How can a person who cannot sing a lick comment on anyone being iconic…Come on lady, I liked a song or two of yours only because I grew up hearing it, but you barely can hold a note Ms. Warwick!!!

  3. Pu$$yPop$tre$$ April 23, 2021

    this reminds me of when aretha was interviewed and asked about alicia keys. aretha said “she’s a great songwriter, young producer.” no mention of vocals at all.

    i love these old shady bats. dionne said zilch about mariah toni or mary vocals lol!!!

  4. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) April 23, 2021

    This old witch dont s h I t for sure. No taste coz all of her taste buds are tasteless and 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿 Halloween is coming and she’s gonna get y’all. Little kids are running away from her🤳🏿🤳🏿🤳🏿

  5. Danny Bey April 23, 2021

    The gag is Mariah and Toni are both more iconic than this mudrat. Dementia is kicking in.

  6. Moose’s Wig April 23, 2021

    With all due respect Ms.Warwick , bitçh, I know you’re lying speaking about MC like that. Go to sit in the back patio with a pack of menthols and enjoy life. 🙄

  7. Meme April 23, 2021

    She old, I expect memory loss and ridiculous behavior.

  8. True Tea April 23, 2021

    Mariah & Toni’s style of music is more similar to Dionne compared to Mary J & Brandy, which has a little more Hip-Hop Influences especially Mary J.

    Maybe she no longer have a taste for sappy ballads. Honestly I rather listen to Brandy & Mary J. So I can’t be mad, lol However I feel all those women are Icons. Give those ladies their flowers while they’re alive. Artists like them are a dying breed in modern music.

  9. Delonjo D Barber April 23, 2021

    After well over 60 years in the business and well over 50 years as a STAR, Ms. Warwick knows how to play the game to get press. She’s ruffling delicate feathers on purpose. See…LOOK!

  10. I hate whyyt n blcc April 23, 2021

    Tony gave mariah them grammys… Again tony gave mariah those grammys.

    Shout out to tony matolla for cutting ✂️✂️✂️✂️ and the b**** off…

    • I hate whyyt n blcc April 23, 2021

      And Mathew knowles

      You know Beyonce copycat thief. Copycat grammys…can’t sing like Whitney Houston

      SHOUT OUT to matty and his new baby mom and son…

    • Tr April 23, 2021

      Tony? Dumb ho it’s tommy

      • Iwhyyyte n bllacc bitchezz April 23, 2021

        Boring ass B**** I don’t have to spell s*** correct..on TGJ

        …we know its Tommy take stick out ya ass ..its not that deep

  11. Marcus Dillard April 23, 2021

    I stop listening to Dionne opinions when she tried to shade Beyonce (THE QUEEN OF MUSIC)

    • I hate whyyt n blcc April 23, 2021

      She knows she copycat queen

      • Carlos April 23, 2021


    • Tr April 23, 2021

      Beyoncé isn’t the Queen of Music 😂

  12. FAF April 23, 2021

    She has a touch of dementia don’t mind her…

    And I feel like she is was gonna be shady to brandy but then she realizes how much Whitney loved her

  13. Suzette April 23, 2021

    Dionne is always talking s*** and throwing shade. I hardly consider her a legend. I know maybe one of her songs? She’s no Aretha, Gladys, Diana or even Patti. They’re the real legends.

  14. Your Name April 23, 2021

    Dionne ain’t been relevant since her psychic hotline in ‘85.

  15. Carlos April 23, 2021

    Well jay z girl def ain’t no icon or legend! But I’d say Mariah n Toni are both icons. And old doesn’t necessarily equates icon or legend Ms Warwick!

  16. Miss Thang (Shayla Queen 👑) April 23, 2021

    “Why do you have to be a heartbreaker? When I was being what you want me to be!” 🎶🤣🤳🏽


  17. Pat April 23, 2021

    She probably sees Mariah as a watered down Whitney. Mariah is iconic tho

  18. Damn April 23, 2021

    As if she was the one to decide for everyone Lmao. Bye Granny

  19. #TheTruth April 23, 2021

    This whole legend thing is pathetic.
    Who is she to valid someone’s title and what not ?
    Mariah has accomplished way more than her, no shade, just facts.

    That title thing is very American and subject to anyone and everyone’s interpretation.

  20. Facts R Facts April 23, 2021

    There’s a difference between “Icon” and “Legend.”

    Toni Braxton is a “Legend.” I agree with Dionne there, But Mother Mariah is THE Icon.

    No disrespect to Dionne and her resume, but she is NOT an ICON. Outside of her being related to Whitney, and her duets, what do we know her for?

  21. Big bootie April 23, 2021

    Dionnes music hasn’t stood the test of time. I would say Mariah is more legendary than her. Regardless of what Dionne accomplished in the 60’s and 70’s, she is only known for being shady on twitter these days. Ask anyone born in the 70’s and up to name a Dionne Warwick song and they’ll be stumped. Perhaps they’d say That’s What Friends Are For. She isn’t revered like our other legends, including theee MARIAH CAREY. Whitney > Dionne’s non-singing ass any day.

  22. Roberta FlackSabbath April 23, 2021

    Dionne CON ARTIST Wardick ripped of the LGBT community by stealing from her AIIDS charity. When that ran out, she started a psychic hotline.

    Tragic pig-nosed chokewhore will only have two pallbearers at her funeral cuz there’s only two handles on a trash can.

  23. Mr Openyonated April 23, 2021

    Dionne is not even in rotation like a lot of the greats of her time. She is constantly in the spotlight for things like this chopping down someone else’s status. If she keeps it up it’s what she is going to be remembered by the most by the generation that is keeping musical artist relevant.

  24. 1988 April 23, 2021

    I must say this about the humble one with the iconic hand written signature! 💕

    Mary J. Blige has always been an Hip Hop and Soul ICON since her groundbreaking, iconic and legendary debut Whats the 411? My Life sealed the deal of excellence. 💯❤️. There is no question she is iconic. You have to understand hip hop music and it’s undeniable influence on culture to understand Queen Mary’s impact. She’s like Nas, Biggie and Jay Z. She means that much to hip hop culture and forever changed R&B/Hip Hop radio. And we adore her impact forever, Dionne. She captured our hearts and soul from “I just had to let you know, so I had to sing it…. because for you boy I don’t know….the wayyyyyyyy…..❤️ 👑


  25. Bernadine Lloyd April 23, 2021

    One thing for sure…Toni and Mariah is better than her and I’m old school!!

    • 1988 April 23, 2021

      Mariah Carey is an icon. On every period. How is she not is the real question. 19 No. 1 Billboard Hot 💯 songs (most of which she co-wrote) is iconic in itself. Her vocal range speaks for itself. 😂 Let Mariah Carey walk in that room while they discuss if she is iconic. Her iconic presence will give them the answer. Lol

  26. Jake April 23, 2021

    MARIAH CAREY? Girl did you fall on your head? She’s thinking like the typical american thinking about america, we love Dionne but to be fair Mariah (and also Toni) have broken barriers where people have never heard the name Dionne Warwick. DONT PLAY GRAMMA

  27. Nippian April 23, 2021

    The argument here is LEGEND versus ICON.

    In my opinion Mariah is an ICON. Her and Whitney changed the game completely for R&B singers and the heights one can reach. Whitney is probably an ICON a couple times over.

    Brandy is a LEGEND.

    Mary J. Blige is.. a singer.

    Toni Braxton is a LEGEND.

    One who never gets credit is Vanessa Williams…a legend. She was a triple threat! Broadway, Movie Star, Television, Platinum Recording Artist. She had the potential to be an ICON but she chose family instead and slowed her career down. Wise choice. Most of the ICON’s we love led pretty sad lives.

  28. Percival April 23, 2021

    Yet more proof that Got2BReal was part documentary and part vision from the future…..’cause they already did an episode YEARS ago with Ms Dionne calling out the young heffas.

    They also called out Beonyourwaytojailforplagarizing-ce and that’s gospel, can I have an AMEN?

  29. Ravi April 23, 2021

    Girl sit down somewhere. Toni and Mariah are undeniable Icons. I would go as far as saying Mariah is a legend

  30. Roberta FlackSabbath April 23, 2021

    Pig-nosed hag stole from the A***/H** charity she co-found. A classic con-artist, she followed it up with Dionne’s Psychic Friends phone-line.

    Both of her #1 hits are duets/quartets. A charity stunt (with the much more talented Gladys Knight, Elton John and Stevie Wonder) and decent duet with the Spinners.

  31. Roderick K Bryant April 24, 2021

    This is what passes for music journalism nowdays: say an older artists said something derogatory about a younger singer, then sit back and watch the vitriol fly. The fact is that each of them, Mariah, Toni, and Dionne are icons in their own right, they don’t need to garner any new fans…

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