City Girls Cover i-D / Share Their Aspirations: “We Are The IT Girls. We Could Be Made Into Anything”

Published: Monday 21st Jun 2021 by Ryan

The City Girls are getting candid.

For, the Hip-Hop duo covers the latest issue of I-D Magazine, where they adorn several chic outfits and give a revealing interview.

Within the feature, the ‘Act Up’ rappers dish on ‘City On Lock,’ shocking themselves, haters, and a career beyond music.

Peep pics and quotes inside:

On their album ‘City On Lock’:

JT: “It was supposed to be a fun mixtape that led us up into a serious album, but then Covid struck, and a lot of other tragedies happened in 2020, so it wasn’t a fun year. City On Lock got leaked, so we were like: it’s an album.”

On shocking themselves:

Yung Miami: “When I was like, ‘Pull it out, make it drip, put it straight up in my a**.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, why would I say that sh*t?’ ’Cause I don’t even have sex in my a**, for real [laughs]. Like, ‘Girl, why would you even rap and say that?’ That was a shocker.”

On the haters:

JT: “Man, lemme tell you something. Put this in the magazine. At this point, I don’t give a f**k what nobody think. Dead a**. These people gon’ make up what they gon’ make up anyway. They don’t know me. They d**n sure don’t know her. So I don’t care what they think. Twitter and the internet world have got out of control. Period. It’s out of control. People gave the internet an inch, and they done took a motherf****** mile. People doing things for tweets, viral moments, comments. It’s not even genuine hate no more.”

On a career beyond the music industry:

“We are the It girls. We could be made into anything. We could be made into movie stars. We could be made into fashion icons because we’re beautiful girls, and we’re trendsetters, and people love our lingo. People love us. I see us in movies, on runways. I see us on the cover of magazines. Everywhere.”

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: I-D / Gray Sorrenti]

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  1. Silla y June 21, 2021

    Tacky af but atleast they’re not two flops with 9 flop singles that missed billboard like a certain fat racist snow gorilla with a cancelled tour who attends racism classes lmaooooooooo

  2. Clarks0o00ñ June 21, 2021

    Atleast they have an album out.
    Unlike that ugly orangutan face bìtch called normani who has no album out 4 years after going solo

    The a** looking bìtch has only 1 solo song that tanked after all the hype and free promo from 65435677653333467880098765543235689977600087665443345677887554323456789008876666677908764432567899098776544455677 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter


    • UHoesFunny June 21, 2021

      I should’ve known your weird ass would hop online in the break of Dawn to spread hate. You’re such a fcking loser lol. You still mad that tht horse looking btch Cumilla is a has been? Let it go boo 🙃🤣🤣🤣🤣 her career was done before it ever started. You can quote the past payolas all ya want. Means nothing. That fat horse is DONE DONE 🐎🐎🐎🐎 back to her staple she goes. Smelly looking ass btch. I’m shocked Shawn still w her. She’s ugly and racist. I see why you’re mad. EXPOSED. Lifetime movie will NEVER drop 😂😂😂😂 I’ve been to the theaters 3x already. Still no signs of Cinderfella. No trailer 💀 No nothing. Yikes!

      • Clarks0o00ñ June 21, 2021

        Not u writing an essay nobody would read.

        Camila cabello’s discography has generated 700 million streams in 2021 so far, no new music released

        Camila has also cashed her check for staring in a Hollywood movie. 😌💅

        Camila is also the music supervisor for the soundtrack of the Cinderella movie. Another check 😌💅

        Normani on the other hand has been shelved by RCA records. 🤣

  3. Clarks0o00ñ June 21, 2021

    The last time a**-mani appeared on the billboard hot 100 was November 2019, let that sink in
    And they said she was the new beyonce 🤭

  4. Clarks0o00ñ June 21, 2021

    I’m so happy gorilla-mani’s mother’s càncèr is back.
    I hope she dìes this time around.
    We love to see it

    • D June 21, 2021

      That’s so evil.

  5. UHoesFunny June 21, 2021

    Lmaooooo!!! You’re crying and sobbing.
    2 top 10 hits
    3 top 40 hits
    Multiple Mag covers, nominations, awards, brand endorsements, etc. since going solo. No album out 💅🏽
    The slayage is sickening 🤒
    Do you love it?

    Of course racist whities are THREATENED by a Black Queen 🖤👑

    Meanwhile HORSE FACE 🐴

    First dropped by band mates
    Two flop albums
    Sophomore flopped HARD
    10 flopped solo singles
    Christmas song flop. Fell from charts HARD 💀
    Big nose. Horse face 🐴
    Gay boyfriend
    Racist fans
    Racist weekly shock therapy 💀⚡️⚡️
    7 ugly album covers
    Failed PR stunts
    Top pop girls don’t fück with her 😭😂😂😂
    NO SIGNS of lifetime movie 💀🍿🎥
    Damn girl…time to go back to the ranch 🐎
    You come for Normani, it indeed will cost ya. BIG TIME

  6. Clarks0o00ñ June 21, 2021

    Camila cabello networth- 14 million
    A****** networth- 3 million

    Camila can buy a****** as a pet and train her to be obedient like a house pet.

    Normani =nasty dirty a** looking bìtch.
    Black burnt charcoal bùtt . Ew 🤮🤢

  7. Clarks0o00ñ June 21, 2021

    Calling Camila racist is not a drag, we love her like that.
    We love our racist queen.
    Camila queen of racism but she still ended that baboon looking a** bìtch called normani.

    Normani = zoo animal.
    She belong in the jungle. She got flees and lice.
    A very ugly burnt dirty looking bìtch

    RCA has shelved the m*****.
    We love to see it
    All that Twitter hype and still no album out after 4 years of going solo. I cant wait for her to kìll herself next year.

  8. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) June 21, 2021

    Wow! They got some giant pepperoni pizza 🍕 b o o b s💅🏿 Got that good good🤳🏿

  9. Dc June 21, 2021

    They need to work on their dry ass performances they twerk harder on Instagram than on stage

  10. CityFlops June 21, 2021

    It’s amazing how culturally relevant they are yet they’re still flops.

  11. Farrahs Luggage June 21, 2021

    The “IT” girls???! 🤣😂 y’all know none of the songs from that last album charted right? Y’all know Twerkulator didn’t chart right? You have to have songs in the top 10 to say you’re the “IT” girls. Chiiiile. Throat bayyybeeeeeeeEEEEeee

    • Dc June 21, 2021

      It actually debuted at 51 hot 100 but fell off they didn’t even do a video that’s bad business now song falling off

  12. citygirl June 21, 2021

    my favs

  13. Slim June 21, 2021

    Here we go with the eye covering. Mess up a good picture doing what they must do. as they are told. Pay homage to who they worship. Smh. Couldn’t pay me to be a s**** . All the money and still owned by someone.told what to do, when and where. Smh

  14. UHoesFunny June 21, 2021

    Lmaooo! I’m living for how mad I got Camicky fans. Clark Duncan over here going haywire in the comment section 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 this post not even about Camicky. Nobody wants to talk about that fat smelly horse face looking btch so she(he) makes it her business to bring up that fat d***.

    • UHoesFunny June 21, 2021

      Fat dïke*

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  16. Oh na na June 24, 2021

    In the words of Khia “those ugly ass city girls” bout it girls.

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