That Grape Juice Top 5: Things We Want From Christina Aguilera’s New Album Era

Published: Monday 14th Jun 2021 by Sam

Christina Aguilera is said to be on the cusp of a comeback.

As reported, a producer working with the vocal supernova revealed that her new album is due this year.

The as-yet-untitled set will serve as the follow-up to 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Liberation’ and also will be her first body of work since signing on to Roc Nation management.

Recent times have seen Xtina tease both English and Latin albums, so it’s not immediately clear what format her return will take on.

However, what’s for sure is that we’re all sorts of excited.

So, with the countdown officially on, join us below as we unpack That Grape Juice Top 5: Things We Want From Christina Aguilera’s New Album Era…

More Uptempos

Xtina has proven herself one of modern music’s most versatile chanteuses – showing her capabilities across genres such as Pop, R&B, Jazz, and more.

And while she’s blessed us with a steady flow of uptempos in recent years (#JusticeForYOURBODY), those gratingly have been the tracks that have gone the most neglected when it comes to single choices and general push.

For a woman who has packed dancefloors with bodacious bops such as ‘Dirrty’ and garnered praise from the fiercest critics with hard-hitters such as ‘Fighter,’ it’d be great to see her pick up the BPM again.

Especially after the year the world has had.


More Music Videos

Content flow is undeniably the way forward in today’s music industry.

Gratingly, Christina’s last few album cycles have suffered from the dreaded “two videos and move on” melee that seems rife for established acts that aren’t necessarily selling like yesteryear.

Yours truly will always point to indie workhorses like the Dawn Richard’s and Tinashe’s of the world who pour out constant visual content to feed their projects – budget or no budget.

As such, we want to see a two-tone approach. So big videos alongside simplistic online geared content, savvy lyric videos, and the like.

In recent times, gems such as ‘Unless It’s With You,’ ‘Twice,’ and ‘Just A Fool’ could have all benefited from this.

Just keep the visuals coming regardless of the charts.



Often lists like the one you’re reading now can nitpick at all that’s gone awry in times of past.

Bucking that trend, we give props to Christina for more often than not having a vision when it comes to her album output.

We’d love to see this continue with the follow-up to the stellar ‘Liberation’ (which itself was a wise image and sonic pivot for her).

Over the years, we’ve seen Xtina serve up everything from the risqué to the throwback to the slick ‘n current. All in a cohesive and believable manner.

Rather than make the mistake of churning out a jukebox album of randomness (like so many others), we’re hopeful she follows her own lead and fleshes out another full-bodied project.

We’ll always anticipate her next musical metamorphosis.



Xtina has always had a knack for smart creative pairings. Whether that be nabbing a Nicki Minaj verse on ‘WooHoo’ way before everyone else, seeing Sia‘s magic (again ahead of others), or assembling an eclectic list of collaborators on her last album outing (GoldLink, Shenseea, Lewis Hamilton).

While we’d like to see such practice continue, we’d also welcome her cashing-in on her “Christina Aguilera” status. By that we mean go BIG. Call up the Cardi B‘s, Megan Thee Stallion‘s, Ed Sheeran‘s, and co.

In today’s streaming climate, she’ll thank herself (and us) for doing so.

P.S Let’s not forget that elusive Pink collab too.



Maintaining omnipresence in the mediascape assists the optics of “success.” Especially in today’s age. Just ask the Dua Lipa’s of the world – who are just as perceivably successful for their chart placements as they are for churning out an endless stream of videos and booking any and every stage to sell their music.

Frustratingly, with veterans such as Xtina, there tends to be an aversion to pounding the promotional pavement in this way. Almost a “been there, done that” mindset, with the sole focus of entire music projects being to plug a residency or tour.

In many ways, we get it. That is where most established acts make their moolah. So, in the absence of scene-leading sales, they limit the “free” promo and adopt more of a “come see me on the road if you want to see me at all” approach.

Yet, we can’t help but think of acts such as Madonna who manage to do it all. Album campaigns like those mounted for latter-day offerings ‘Music,’ ‘Hard Candy,’ and ‘Rebel Heart’ all clearly understood the assignment and the end result. An aggressive push for one component directly benefited the other. A mindset and manner of movement that sees Madge remain one of the biggest touring acts into her 60s.

It’s a textbook template Xtina could benefit from adopting for her next musical adventure.


Do you agree with our points? What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Farrahs Luggage June 14, 2021

    Iyanla: “Does that sound like something you want?”

    TGJ: “Yes.”

    Iyanla: “Well let me tell you….you’ll never get it.”

    TGJ: 🥺

  2. eric June 14, 2021

    It’s simple. Revert to everything she did before Bionic. Before the rise of Gaga, Christina never tried too hard to think out the box (unless you count the visuals for “Can’t Hold Us Down”). After Gaga, her visuals and styling became unnecessarily dramatic in an attempt to keep up and stand out. She knows what she did for Stripped and Back to Basics. Just do it again. Don’t overthink it.

    • Farrahs Luggage June 14, 2021

      The damage is done. She could come back with a banging album produced by Max Martin and MikeWillMadeIt and have a song with Ariana Grande the sh*t would still not touch ANY chart. But back to your comment, Christina has been trying too hard ever since stripped. The dirrrty video was her trying her hardest to upstage Britney by being more provocative. Christina’s entire career is determined on what other female artists are doing, and that’s why granny has yet to find her sound at the age of 40.

      • Pls June 14, 2021

        Calling somebody Granny because they’re 40? Gtfoh! At least she’s made an impact on the music scene and people still know her for her voice. What’s your impact darling?? Nothing

      • Farrahs Luggage June 14, 2021

        What impact has Xtina made? Her entire career has been based off of what other popular female artists are doing. She is not creative or revolutionary and she has no vocal control. I’m shocked she still has a voice left after screaming for 40 years. Get over it. In the pop world, at 40, you’re a granny. I stan Britney and Beyonce, but they’re approaching granny status too. Nicki has been granny status since 2018…before she was even 40…because her music is so tired

      • Pls June 14, 2021

        Gworl you really are Dumb….she’s had no impact but youve been writing essays in this here comment section for a post about her …no impact tho right ? Lmao the jokes write themselves dayum

      • Petrichor June 19, 2021

        You are right.

        CorrecTina has often under utilized her dormant revolutionary vision by showing pop rivals how their latest hits SHOULD be done.

        A waste of talent.

    • DioraCouture June 14, 2021

      THIS is pretty much the way i see it…..

      i don’t need her to do no forced collabs…

      and WHO is Arianna Grande to be considered someone to boost Christina’s presence??? If it weren’t for Christina, i don’t think Ariana would have been heralded as the next big thing (which, to me, she isn’t)….

      I don’t think she needs to do any (or many) collabs in orde to sell more…. she should go go back to the stripped and B2B eras….hell, i would even venture on to include the first album and Mi reflejo thrown in as well.

      People don’t seem to realize or remember that Mi Reflejo is allegedly the HIGHEST SELLING spanish album…EVER…… i don’t think even Shakira has that…. (but i don’t run numbers, so don’t hold me to that)

      • Farrahs Luggage June 14, 2021

        So now you’re saying Christina Aguilera is responsible for Ariana Grande’s career?! CHIIIIIIIIILE!!! Ariana Grande singlehandedly saved Lady GaGa’s career with “Rain On Me”…and Lady GaGa was MUCH bigger than Christina ever was at her peak. So if GaGa relied on Ari, you don’t think Xtina needs the same help?

        I cannot at this foolishness chiiiiile. Stop acting like Christina Aguilera is legendary. She is a screaming goat whose entire career is based off of what other popular singers are doing.

      • DioraCouture June 15, 2021


        let’s be clear first off: i am not one of these trolls on here that spew nonsense. So show a little fukkin respect.

        SECONDLY, you must learn how to read… what i said that without Christina, Ariana would not have been heralded as the next big thing… I am in no way saying that any person is responsible for the next person’s success. I am not bashing Ariana’s artistry or success. my comment was more geared towards MY DESIRE to not have collabs like the authors suggested…..

        AND, whether you like it or not, Christina has been in the industry for over 20 years.

  3. Wh🍑RE of Babylon🍌 June 14, 2021

    Her new album is inspired by 70s blues, soul music so I have a feeling back to basic 2.0 is on the way.

    • Petrichor June 19, 2021

      A rock album has her name on it.

      Could use that “intentional” rasp.

      Except live oversinging tires her.

  4. Electra Abundance-Evangelista June 14, 2021

    No one gives a damn about Christina Aguilera. She hasn’t been popping since 2005.

    • truthtea June 14, 2021

      Yet, here you are!

    • Dianna Tolmay June 15, 2021

      Granny my word you should be born again too sing like Christina aguilera, the old she gets the more powerful her voice gets. And she is the queen of music no one can sing like her she is the greatest of all time

  5. 1988 June 14, 2021

    Farrah Dirty Luggage 🛅 😂

  6. Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 June 14, 2021

    All I want is a damn BOP lol 🎶 Christina with an 80’s /early 90’s sound would be amazing ❤️ She be trying too hard 🤣 GWORL, just make a bonafide smash 💯 I’m trying to figure out what she’s been trying to say with her music for like 10+ damn years! 😂 Sing a HIT, how about that ✅ And if the pen is on dry, pass it 🖊 🤣 Love her voice and talent! Call Kandi and Kelly Price lmaooooooooo ☎️

    • Wh🍑RE of Babylon🍌 June 14, 2021

      I love her disco song telepathy! What a hidden gem! It would be nice if she put some 80s disco, funk elements in her new album.

      • Keith June 14, 2021

        Telepathy WAS delicious, wasn’t it?

      • Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 June 14, 2021

        But what do I know? I’m just Fancy CLOWN 🤡

    • Hmmm June 14, 2021

      Telepathy is EVERYTHING!!!

  7. Scarlett June 14, 2021

    I remember TGJ asked random people on the street about Christina Aguilera, and this white gurl said “I LOVED HER…..WHEN SHE WAS HOT……. IN THE 90S”
    That was LEGENDARY

  8. James June 14, 2021

    Christina needs to release a mixture of Stripped and Back to Basics. Release an album with some uptempos and of course ballads but not make it too cheesy like the last album. She doesn’t need to do too many collabs. If Christina wants a hit she needs to reinvent and work with Top Producers and writers and work with an artist who is currently hot.

    • Farrahs Luggage June 14, 2021

      The only HIT Christina will be getting is when her a*zz hit the seat at her local cafeteria, or when her a*zz hits the seat at her local doctors office for me botched juvaderm lip fillers. But a hit on the charts? That won’t ever happen again.

    • Mildred June 14, 2021

      Deluded af. Christina is now in her 40’s. The chances of her having a hit are slim to none. Real talk , not even being shady. She wasted her hit making years confusing the record buying public with her inconsistent sound and image. She should just stick to Vegas if we being honest.

      • Farrahs Luggage June 14, 2021

        THAT PART! She is DONE! She wasted her best years by taking time off, sitting in a chair that spins around, and then making music that makes no sense and has no cohesion in her discography. Xtina is DONE! Vegas won’t even be lucrative for her longterm because she’s confused so much of her fanbase. She won’t have a the type of success Britney did in Vegas. Christina is more of a…cafeteria vocal coach, than a showstopper these days.

  9. WRTW? June 15, 2021

    At this point she waited too long, years ago she had chance after chance but never did anything with it. Music and the culture has change and she’s a relic of the past

  10. J June 15, 2021

    I was a stan for the longest but after 4 underpromoted albums (Bionic, Burlesque, Lotus, Liberation) I am not holding my breath anymore. Idk why y’all think she will do the right thing and do a traditional rollout with good pop music and multiple videos cause I can’t see it.

    She literally had an instant smash with “Let There Be Love” for example. And what did she do with it? Release a half assed DIY video way after the buzz of the album died. And she was snatched!

    She didn’t even perform “Your Body” properly once during the roll out! And don’t get me started on that video!! 😡

    She dropped the Bionic tour, didn’t do s*** for Burlesque, and we were lucky we got a “second” video for Liberation after that half assed “Accelerate” visual.

    I hate to be overly critical but IDK who she thinks will buy this new album.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 15, 2021


  11. Fufu June 15, 2021

    Nobody asked but i’ve been on this site since 2008. ive watched them all come and go!
    Back to CA, she definitely could have done better. There’s a time right about the late 2000s when she went ghost. The Katys, Gagas. Riris took over the pop scene. Her name doesnt even pop up when you think late 2000/early 2010s hits catalogue. Shes from Beyonce’s time but Yonce never let the gjrls breathe. Album after album. And thats how she still has a musical career. For someone my generation Christina didnt give me enough music to be a fan, so im pretty darn sure the kids don’t even know her. Her corefan base are ppl in their mid to late 30s and those folks aint gonna stream her music enuff to score her hits.

  12. FMcL June 15, 2021

    Please unpin this post, its not pin worthy and I keep missing new stories

  13. Whammy June 15, 2021

    Waste of a write-up. Your fantasies will never come true. Christina hasn’t been in-demand since the 2000’s. With that being said, she’s still relevant to an extent and keeps a check. Her popstar years are well behind her, and the quicker her 5 stans come to term with that, the better off they’ll be.

  14. Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 15, 2021

    Christina is a BO$$. Y’all höes could never 💯

  15. Jake June 15, 2021

    The reason why Christina’s last 3 albums under performed is due mainly to a lack of proper promotion and not releasing quality singles with music videos. BIONIC was the downfall, everyone said she was copying Lady GaGa which made no sense. She released that album and the wrong time. Christina should have released an album that was similar to Stripped. after Back to Basics. She gives up too quickly. The large gaps between albums also affected her chances, because the general public loses interest quickly. You have to strike while hot! She had a couple collabs that she was featured on — such hits like Moves Like Jagger, Feel this Moment and Say Something with a Great Big World which she won her sixth Grammy for. She needs to go back to the Stripped formula work with hot producers and have them produce some quality music and release big budget music videos but we may not get this. She might have had a chance if she had released Unless it’s with You as a single from Liberation. Christina needs to collab with someone that’s hot at the moment because she won’t get a hit by herself, this is not the early 2000’s. Never say never though!

    • Petrichor June 19, 2021

      Unless It’s With You as 1st single ✔ That song could have been that year’s wedding go-to (for commitmentphobes & cheaters who popped the question to apologize lol) + a serious Song Of The Year contender if promoted with an 1-800-flowers campaign. That song alone coulda helped Lib. sell. Yet, she went for a tribal glittee lip filler & cant-tell-me-what-to-do (her downfall) screamathon that proved impossible live.

  16. Petrichor June 19, 2021

    ❤ DebuTina, LatinTina, Xtina, and Baby Jane. Other Tinas not really.

    Her issue besides ALL the above?

    Too cheap to hire hot producers, too egotistical to accept help, and too stubborn to chase mainstream wins.

    Surprised RCA hasn’t dropped her.

    Blackmailing ’em (and justifying 4 successive flops) with her debut and sophomore’s successes is unfair.

    Kids spared her a Glitter moment.

  17. Lisa July 17, 2021

    Beautiful advice. She just needs to stay out there. She is looking to sell out both Hollywood Bowl shows this weekend.

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