Boosie Defends DaBaby From ‘Homophobic’ Backlash By Slamming Lil Nas X

Published: Wednesday 28th Jul 2021 by Rashad

‘Zoom’ rapper Boosie Badazz is no stranger to zooming to the top of Twitter’s trending tally for problematic statements about women, the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

In the past, he’s faced backlash for slamming modern day cartoons for ‘making kids gay,’ openly criticizing basketball star Dwyane Wade for ‘allowing’ his daughter, Zaya, to come out as transgender, and so much more.

Now, he’s ruffling feathers again – this time in defense of his ‘Period‘ co-star DaBaby.  Look inside to see what he’s said that has people up-in-arms.


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As has been extensively reported, DaBaby has been dominating news cycles since Sunday (July 25) for slamming ‘men who suck d*ck in parking lots’ and people living with HIV during a live performance at the Rolling Loud concert festival.

In addition to the droves of social media commenters who have taken to social media to reprimand his insensivitity, fellow celebrities – like Dua Lipa and Elton John – have also publicly chastised the GRAMMY nominee for his controversial stance.

Yet, despite the hundreds of thousands of tweets targeted at the 29-year-old, some are stepping up in his defense.  Not long after T.I. earned a thumbs down for claiming DaBaby’s homophobic remarks were him ‘living in his truth’ (as we reported here), Boosie has stepped up to do the same.  Also like T.I., Boosie has unexpectedly dragged GRAMMY-winning, openly gay singer-rapper Lil Nas X into the equation.

“Lil Nas X said he wanna perform naked on stage for charity. You don’t fuck with him like you fuck with DaBaby,” he stated in the video seen above. “Be even-sided. You don’t feel that’s disrespect? Going dance naked. You don’t think that’s disrespect in front of boys who tryna be straight? It’s totally disrespect.” 

That’s not all he said.

“If I’m at an awards and he go up there naked, I’m gonna drag his ass off stage and beat his ass,” he continued, speaking hypothetically. “You let a n***a dance naked in front your children, you a mothafuckin’ crazy mothafucka. Or you like dick, too.” 

As of time reported, LNX has not responded to the Badazz commentary.

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  1. Perfection is so… mhph 💅🏾 July 28, 2021

    Wasn’t dababy doing interviews and performances in nothing but a diaper at one point? Right. Try again. Grown man still trying to get his Instagram account back. A GROWN MAN

    • Perfection is so mhph 💅🏾 July 28, 2021

      Also, what straight man has to “try and be straight?” He gay be who you are

      • BoyBye2.0 July 28, 2021

        try to be straight? someone is in the DL and upset that Lil nas x is winning being himself without any shame and their BIG MAD.

  2. Gina from Martin July 28, 2021

    These ugly n***** be so mad..
    I can assure u.. no gay n**** wants YOU. YOURE HIDEOUS

  3. eric July 28, 2021

    Young boys shouldn’t be looking up to either one of them.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 July 28, 2021


  4. Know It July 28, 2021

    this the same man that had his sons haves with prostitutes at 12?

  5. Know It July 28, 2021

    This the same man that had his sons have s** with prostitutes at 12? & it’s not disrespectful for women to be naked on stage…only disrespect once it’s men lol

  6. Truth July 28, 2021

    Girl… why don’t you and Da Baby come suck my dik


  7. Tori July 28, 2021

    The last part of his statement made sense but got lost in the fact that he gifted his son with prostitutes. Yes, a grown man should not be dancing in front of children naked ‘for charity’ but should prostitutes, sir? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❗Now, that beginning statement also through me. If grown men are trying to be straight and they’re watching LNX roll around looking like a roach in a frying pan and they get turned on, they’ve already lost the battle 🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  8. Haterz Gon’ Hate July 28, 2021

    Harpo who dis man???? 🧐🧐🧐 These “men” out here defending Dababy clutchin’ their butts all insecure and defensive about gay men like hurt dogs hollerin at they own shadow. FFS get an education 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. stan July 28, 2021

    who tf cares what “boosie” has to say tbh

    • Rob July 28, 2021

      Precisely – not sure why TGJ are constantly giving these entities the time of day over the matter.

  10. Are You Kidding Me? July 28, 2021

    If B**** don’t hush.

  11. Bawboh July 29, 2021

    Why does anyone give Boosie an opportunity to even let his moosh mouth b******* get out to the general public. He’s trash. His rhymes are trash and he’s a worthless midget malcontent f*** stick. He deserves no venue and his opinion isn’t news, it’s tabloid fodder. He needs to go crawl under a rock, curl up, and just die. He knows ain’t no one listening to his music anymore, so he tries to stay relevant by being a divisive homophobe, instead of bringing people together. He’s a proto-fascistic, soft as a feather, no good punk. Iron Mike proved that already.

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