T.I. Defends DaBaby’s Homophobic Rant By Comparing It to Lil Nas X’s Videos

Published: Monday 26th Jul 2021 by Rashad

‘Rockstar’ rapper DaBaby has been rocking headlines since his showing at the ‘Rolling Loud’ concert festival Sunday night (July 25) saw him relay commentary deemed homophobic.

As reported here, the GRAMMY nominee’s (born Jonathan Kirk) name was sent to trending status on social media after he made insensitive statements on stage about people with HIV and men who ‘suck d*ck,’ dodged a shoe being thrown at him, and even brought out Tory Lanez minutes after Megan Thee Stallion finished performing.

With his shocking words continuing to make their rounds, many – including fellow celebs – are weighing in on the hoopla.  Among them is fellow rapper T.I., who is now making headlines for issuing a statement somewhat defending Kirk.

See what he said inside:

Early Monday (July 26), T.I. (born Clifford Harris) entered the chat to suggest DaBaby should be able to express his views on homosexuality (regardless of how controversial) the same way Lil Nas X – an openly gay performer – can express his views on the topic.

In the now-deleted tweet above, Harris sent fans into a frenzy when he stated:

“If Lil Nas X can kick his sh*t in peace…so should dababy. #equality”

After a backlash ensued, Harris took to Instagram live to elaborate on his stance.  Despite spending the first half of the video praising members of the LGBT community for their willingness to live in their truths unapologetically” (seen above), Harris expressed that the sexually suggestive content of artists like Lil Nas X and Cardi B (via her hit ‘WAP’) was not to his liking and unsuitable for children (see: 3:43 mark).

When it came to DaBaby, the ‘Whatever You Like‘ hitmaker said:

“If homosexual have more rights than heterosexual people, just say that. Let that be the law,” he voiced before admonishing the ‘fake hoopla’ around DaBaby’s comments and later stating, “If you have Lil Nas X video and him living his truth, you’re going to have people like DaBaby speaking their truth. There’s nothing wrong with any of it. It’s all honesty and everyone living in their truth.”

Watch the video in full below:

[photo courtesy:  Getty Images/AP Images/WireImage/Instagram]

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  1. KittyPurrz July 26, 2021

    Who cares!! All 3 of these nigglets are garbage!!

  2. XYZ July 26, 2021

    Not suitable for children? Why does everything have to be suitable for children? Take care of your kids and don’t let them listen to this music. With that being said – Not suitable for children – T.I. have you listened to your music?!

    • Paulo July 26, 2021

      No he hasn’t he was too busy tryna peep thru his own daughter’s p**** hole. Creep!

    • Hmm July 26, 2021

      Because a lot of black people are allowing tv and entertainment to help raise their kids. They turn on the tv and plop the kids in front of it while they get on the phone or whatever else. Very few parents are taking the time to put in the energy required to raise well rounded morally grounded kids.

  3. Paulo July 26, 2021

    Why isn’t this moron “living his truth” behind bars for being an abuser of women quietly and away from social media? Shut the f*** up idiot

  4. J July 26, 2021

    I wanna see a scene with all three of them 😛🍆💦

    • Oops… July 26, 2021

      Alright Marilyn Mon-h**…lol.
      I’m starting to think she is running this account as well 😂

  5. eric July 26, 2021

    DaBaby isn’t living his truth. It’s a whole lie to criticize people with STDs and addiction when you promote a fast life of promiscuity and drugs in your music. And TI is in serious trouble for r***, sexual abuse, drugging, kidnapping, false imprisonment, intimidation, assault, and harassment, so he shouldn’t even be talking.

  6. Clayne July 26, 2021

    And then this idiot comes in and puts his two cents in…

    TI really needs to stop talking, texting, interjecting.

    Someone living their truth doesn’t equate to someone putting down a community(ies) of people.

    But back to daBaby… stop supporting him, his music ain’t even that good!!

  7. Pat July 26, 2021

    They really hate the gays almost as much as the caucasians hate them

  8. ChaCha July 26, 2021

    TI is living his truth and being honest. What is wrong with that? Why are people in these comments calling him hateful and telling him to stfu? Yall are dumb and emotional. Yall want only certain people to talk and yall want ppl to agree with yall, otherwise they are canceled. Get a life, people.

  9. 🍀❤️ July 26, 2021

    He should be the last!!!…

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