Christina Aguilera Dishes On TWO New Albums In New Interview

Published: Monday 19th Jul 2021 by Ryan

Christina Aguilera is getting candid.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, the ‘Dirrty’ singer dished on her two new albums and gave some new insights into the creation of them.

Her words below…

On the Spanish album:

“The last time I did a Spanish record was when I was baby Christina — ‘Mi Reflejo.’ It was such a beautiful moment for me to pay tribute to my roots on my father’s side — he’s from Ecuador — and ever since I’ve been wanting to do another one. So it’s really 20 years overdue, except now I’m kind of glad it was so long because I’ve been able to come back and dig deeper into some of my personal stories regarding my dad. I’ve always had a very estranged relationship with him, and I’m kind of touching on that.”

On the English album:

“Totally different feel. I’m working with producers and writers that I’ve been a big fan of for a long time. One in particular is Joseph Angel — he wrote ‘Love on the Brain’ for Rihanna. But all the writers come from such a deep, heartfelt place. It’s not about us trying to fit a mold; it’s a grown perspective that embodies everything I’ve experienced in this business and on a personal level. I made a lot of changes over quarantine — new people, new support team. The experience helped you realize who your ride-or-dies are. I’m in a really happy place, and I’ve never been able to fully say that.”

The news comes after Aguilera revealed she was working on two new albums earlier this year. After the revelation, her producer went on to share that her new album will be out this year (as we reported here).

Aguilera’s interview comes after she blazed her show at the Hollywood Bowl, where she performed such hits as ‘Fighter,’ ‘The Voice Within,’ and ‘Twice’ from her ‘Liberation’ album (watch her performance here).

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  1. King B July 19, 2021

    I’m ready for new music from this queen! Let’s go xtina!!!

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) July 19, 2021

    She had been saying that since 2013….. smh… she shelved her album blonde in 2016, then recorded the lukewarm liberation….. hopefully this time is for real 💅🏿

    • S H A D I S M July 19, 2021

      Me thinks Frank Ocean beating her to the punch, by naming HIS album Blond, dissuaded her naming hers so.

  3. S H A D I S M July 19, 2021

    Thing is, Miss Xtina, you can’t scream every song like your dad’s beating you. Shade aside, that voice of yours—known to throw Fach voice type connoisseurs for a loop—shines in its lyric frequencies. Somebody plz reassure her that we CAN hear her. 💋

    • Slick July 19, 2021

      Scream like your dad is beating you…Lmmfao stoopid😂
      Seriously tho she’s got amazing vocals. Let’s hope her material is good.

      • S H A D I S M July 19, 2021

        I had to. 😊 Xtina has 1 issue (besides breath control): she sings high notes like a man while her instrument is feminine by design. She has a flute in her throat & she blows it like it’s a sax… hence vocal fatigue & cracks live. Save Me From Myself, I’m OK, and the start/end of The Voice Within are where her voice sits comfortably NATURALLY, yet she insists on GMO shouty tones. K, that was my TED talk 😁

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