‘BET Presents The Encore’ Stars Debut ‘BluPrint’ EP [Listen]

Published: Wednesday 11th Aug 2021 by Sam

It’s showtime for the stars of ‘BET Presents The Encore.’

Viewers have been glued to the series, which unites notable names from 90s and 00s ensembles with the goal of creating a  supergroup.

Produced by reality royal Carlos King, the cast is comprised of: Aubrey O’Day (Danity Kane), Kiely Williams (3LW), Shamari DeVoe (Blaque), Pamela Long (Total), Irish & LeMisha Grinstead (702), Fallon & Felisha King Cherish), and Nivea (Soloist).

The ladies lived together and were given a limited window to form a cohesive group and establish their live gravitas by way of intense dance classes, vocal training, and much more.

Differences and division meant not all of the cast made it to the finish line.

However, those that did have lifted the lid on their freshly formed four-piece group – which goes by the name BluPrint.

Ahead of tonight’s finale, they’ve unleashed their self-titled EP.

Comprised of the six songs they worked on over the course of the season with Kosine and Elijah Blake, tracks featured include ‘Skeletons’ and ‘Birds Eye View.’

With the hard work complete, listen to ‘BluPrint’ below…

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  1. Credits August 11, 2021

    Was upset that Nivea left, it should be her instead of kiely. How come Pam is not in the photo with them?

    • E Jai August 11, 2021

      Pam not in the group….. she’s only a feature on the God song.Pam us not in the group….she’s only a feature on the God song.

  2. KeyLoLo August 11, 2021

    These songs are alright..I like them..they should make at least 2 videos but honestly I feel like all this is a waste of time esp if they aren’t “a group”..is this a one time thing or what? Will it be another EP from Bluprint?

    If another Encore is released it should be w the males from the 90s the ones that didn’t get the recognition they deserved…definently need Tevin Campbell, the bald short one from “Silk”, the only sane one from “Hi Five” the chunky faced dark one, throw Raz B on there as well, Teddy/Tweety whatever the skinny one name is from “Next”.who else? I just know the next one should be w men

    • NoFanNoStan August 11, 2021

      Encore would be too messy with 90’s male artist. You think these women had egos. No song would get done

    • eric August 11, 2021

      I wondered about a spinoff, but it was clear to me that the producers of this show weren’t too serious about their expectations of forming a supergroup. They cast people who they knew were coming into the house out of shape and nowhere near ready to dance and record in the time given to them. BET expected drama and that’s what they promoted like it was MTV’s Real World. They even had all the props ready like the KFC bucket Kiely pulled out, and they knew good and well those women weren’t going to wear the clothes that were brought in from the stylists – it was all for jokes. This show had too much fake stuff going on behind the scenes.

  3. Nicky August 11, 2021

    Is Camicky Cabelly replacing Nivea?

    I literally cannot stop laughing 😂

  4. Credits August 11, 2021

    The twins can sing! But we know shamari is a beast, she definitely could have shined a lot more on these tracks. ‘Say something’ and ‘birds eye view’ are the best in my opinion.

    • E Jai August 11, 2021

      I love Go Don’t Leave!

  5. NoFanNoStan August 11, 2021

    Love “Birds Eyes View” gives me nostalgia 2000/10’s vibes, which was way better lyrical content back then

  6. Miracle August 11, 2021

    Not feeling it

  7. stan August 11, 2021

    eh… i wanted them to win, but these songs aren’t it

  8. Marquan August 11, 2021

    its giving danity kane!!!yess

  9. marilyn monh-O-E (Da Real DIVA 👠) August 11, 2021

    Is that a joke??? I rather see some d I c k prints💅🏿

  10. Champ August 11, 2021

    It sounds like a bunch of unfinished demos to me. Considering the amount of women, time allotted and extra drama I guess it’s okay. I probably won’t listen again. Enjoyed the show though.

  11. eric August 11, 2021

    I think the vocals sound a bit shaky, like none of them warmed up well enough, and that’s the way it always looked on the show. I do however prefer this real singing over the nasal-heavy mumble style of singing from H.E.R., Summer, Sza, Jhene and them. I’m always having to shut the radio off, so this EP is very refreshing in that regard. My favorite song is Bird’s Eye View.

    • Truth August 11, 2021

      This comment, I love!!!


    • Credits August 11, 2021

      “Jhene and them”— 💯


  12. deb August 11, 2021

    it’s not on spotify

    • Hallay August 11, 2021

      It is

  13. Leo August 11, 2021

    There’s alot of twins vocals on every single song, eh its aight

    • Credits August 11, 2021

      It’s a cherish album for the most part.

  14. Keeping it real 💯💯 August 11, 2021

    Normani should be on the next season
    after her failing solo career.

  15. not cherished August 11, 2021

    its a NO

  16. T August 11, 2021

    I love it. The lineup turned out great too, with great vocalists and all great dancers. I hope they do a second season, strictly about working though and maybe adding a 5th member. Good job ladies, and #5 on itunes!

  17. Danyboo August 11, 2021

    I was only here for Nivea, what is this?

  18. Teazyi August 11, 2021


  19. Pat August 11, 2021

    All if them can perform and they aesthetically it works too.

  20. Andrea kinsey August 12, 2021

    The show was good but the Music is Better love them all where is Pam on photo

  21. Ace Blanks August 12, 2021

    I loooooove this EP!!!!! I literally thought about it all night and even in my sleep. They sound so good together! And I love how I can hear them all individually and imma tell you what they PUT ON A SHOW FOR THIS FINALE!!!!! Like they looked soooo great on stage and it was really good. I didn’t expect this at all. I’m so happy it’s only 4 of them and I’m happy with all 4 choices. Ppl say what they want about Kiely but she can perform!!!!!!! PERIOD nobody can take that away from her. She was meant for Girl Groups and I think she enjoys this one. And I like her voice. It may not be the strongest but I love her tone and it fits everyone else’s uniqueness in their own tones! Gonna play this EP OUT!! Just need some visuals now!!!

  22. Slim August 13, 2021

    Just because they not talking bout selling p….. degrading themselves or men some don’t wanna here it. Sad this ep is better than albums I’ve heard in years. They did a great job . Give these ladies their credit. All the songs are great and it hit number 1 on iTunes and #1 song skeletons. They got what it takes to go far . Let’s support females in a positive light instead of the ones teaching women to be independent , don’t need a man ,h….

  23. Slim August 13, 2021

    It was destined to be these four . The twins had it right except Audrey . Nice body of work just hope it gets recognized by the Grammies or award shows

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